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    This offer has been retracted. I will finish the project after basic training. Moderators, please delete this thread.

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    @Selfcreation: Go

    Yes. It is a free computer game, or a $0.99 iPhone game.

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    Ah yes... I see a bit of confusion here... Ok. Battle for Wesnoth is a computer/iPhone game that I have no affiliation with whatsoever. I am trying to make a SC II mod that combines the gameplay of Wesnoth with the setting, lore, and units of StarCraft, Brood War, and StarCraft II. Here is the link to my channel, which has old-ish videos of my mod's gameplay: Drakken255

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    @DarcZaFire: Go

    Exactly how much of the Dark Protoss do you already have? Only the ones already in the game, or do you also have the ones provided on the Assets list? Because there are a few there.

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    @GlornII: Go

    Thank you for your advice. I did, however, fail to note the design outline I have placed is there to
    A: keep gameplay similar to Wesnoth, which is what the whole project is for, and
    B: make teams aware of the fact that the currently implemented systems are VERY complex (at least for me, anyway) and design changes might be very difficult to be properly made.

    For example, as of this post, the data changes I made, which create simply nothing more than visuals for the trigger-based combat, consisted of 102 new and modified actors, 80 new and modified effects, 9 new abilities, 13 new behaviors, and 37 new validators. Changing just one laser attack visual to a missile would involve deleting 1-3 old actors and the associated effect, creating the actors and effects for the new missile, then modifying up to 4 other effects to stay within the design conventions I am currently using.

    Bear in mind that I'm not asking the team to do it my way. It's no longer my project to make decisions for. I am merely trying to keep them from wasting vast amounts of time to reconfigure the triggers, data, and other things, just to redesign something as simple as which unit attacks first based on a new initiative value. And as you said, GlornII, the outline is more of what is needed to complete the mod.

    As for the agreement section, it's me being overly worried the developing team will take all credit for the whole project. For this reason, I will clarify:

    1. is required. That way I am at least known for the project's current progress. And this particular one isn't that hard at all.
    2. is not required, but highly recommended due to the reasons stated above.
    3. is required. It keeps the team from stealing credit from me.
    4. is required AT LEAST until I return from basic training AND find myself with the time to maintain it myself.
    5. is just a bit of dark humor.

    On a final note, I have these seemingly high standards set up because I've already seen a turn-based conversion fail (Final Fantasy Tactics-like), and I don't want to see another die like that.

    I know without a doubt this is a big project. (Try to recreate only the hexagonal movement, and you'll see what I mean.) I understand that many teams will not take this on because of that, but I am here posting this not to boss around a team because of laziness, but so the community can play what I know can be a great mod that I no longer have the ability to develop.

    Quote from GlornII: Go

    It would be helpful if you just handed them all of your update plans, in detail; and said "this is what the game was designed for."

    As for this, what do you mean?

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    Hello all,

    Smart Cookie Entertainment (in other words, I) am joining the Air Force and therefore do not have the time to see my first mod completed. I would like to turn it over to a team that can while I'm in basic training.

    Project Details:

    This mod, labelled WesCraft, is the conversion of real time strategy into turn based tactics. It is a mixture of Battle for Wesnoth's gameplay with the setting and lore of StarCraft, Brood War, and 2. Wesnoth focuses on hexagonal movement, movement slowed by terrain and halted by enemy unit's "area of control", turn based combat, chance to hit based on enemy maneuverability (determined by its current hex's type), and recruiting from "keeps". Income is via "villages" that are captured by placing units in their hex. Usually, a standard melee game is won by killing the enemy leader, which is the only one allowed to recruit from keeps. And the leader must be on the keep's hex to recruit. The following is a gameplay video of Battle for Wesnoth, so any team wishing to take this up knows generally what it's about:

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/aJWejVTspYQ?fs=1

    I also have a few alpha/beta gameplay videos of WesCraft in action on my channel: Drakken255

    In its current state, the game is playable, but it is only base gameplay.

    Gameplay Changes:

    • Units now always hit, and instead have a chance to critically hit.
    • Completely new units with new stats based on StarCraft lore.
    • Recruiting can now be done without the leader being on that base's keep. The leader must still be alive to recruit, however.
    • Units no longer slowed by terrain type and their compatibility with it. (Unit-terrain relation isn't planned, either.) Instead, terrain heights have been introduced.
    • This terrain height will provide advantages for a select few units that no longer have to be adjacent to their target to attack, but still must be within a certain range.
    • Units can no longer be moved to hexes blocked by any other unit(s). It is such in Wesnoth that a unit may if the blocking units are allies.
    • Forward bases can be captured to allow that player to recruit there. The capturer must occupy the "keep" of a base to capture. Players can capture enemy forward bases.
    • Houses, which are seen as the supply structures (supply depot, pylon, overlord), require ten points to capture. The occupying unit's health, rounded to the tenth, is subtracted from that when the unit first occupies it and then at the beginning of each turn it still occupies. This point reduction is calculated after expense and income are calculated.
    • Forward bases are captured the same way but with twenty points.

    What's Already Done

    • The entire movement system is completed.
    • The base combat system is completed.
    • The recruitment system is completed. The system is currently rigged to only recruit Terran units, no matter the selected race, but all main base and recruiting visuals are complete.
    • The teams & players system is completed, but may need work as StarCraft II has been patched since last Battle.net test. (Mainly game and variant options) Also, the ability to play 1v1 locally is completed.
    • The income & expense system is completed, but values currently used are placeholder and should be redesigned.
    • The turn system is completed.
    • The leveling system is completed but rigged to stop at level 2 (instead of 3) due to incomplete unit design.
    • The UI is almost completed.
    • Hexagonal spaces can be shown or hidden on a per-player basis, but there is a bug that delays hiding them by a second or two.
    • Data and associated visual effects completed for most Terran units.
    • There are likely things I am forgetting to put here.

    What's Left to Do

    • Resistances and displayed values are not implemented.
    • Chance to critically hit is implemented, but is not yet affected by anything.
    • Forward bases, their visuals, and the base capturing system are not yet implemented.
    • Chat frames must be moved to a better place than the middle of the screen.
    • All Terran units' values should be redesigned, but it's best not to deviate from the attack graphics, as most are already set up.
    • All Protoss and Zerg units must be designed, along with their attack graphics.
    • Special abilities and traits are somewhat outlined but not implemented. Traits might need to be redesigned to be more universal between races.
    • Conditions such as "Burned" not yet implemented.
    • Maps must be made for the mod.
    • AI has not even begun to be thought about, due to the fact that it must be trigger based.
    • There are likely things I am forgetting to put here.

    If you are interested

    This is my first mod, and everything in it aside from the current unit design has been done by me alone. Thus, I'm sorry, but I feel compelled to be overly protective of my work and so before any team can continue development, they must agree to a few things:

    1. The team MUST ensure that all maps made for this mod have the following words in the loading sceen:
      "Original Design: Smart Cookie Entertainment
      Finished By: {Team Name}"
    2. The team MUST keep their design faithful to my current design.
    3. The team CANNOT post in any place, including Battle.Net, the mod in it's current state under the team's name. They may, however, post it under the name of Smart Cookie Entertainment.
    4. The team MUST maintain the released mod, providing bug fixes, balance fixes, etc.
    5. (joke (sorta)) The team MUST be against SOPA due to the potential for the bill to destroy the mapping community.

    Now that we've gotten past me being paranoid, feel free to contact me if the legal stuff above didn't scare you. I really look forward to seeing this being enjoyed by the SC II community. By the way, the team that finishes this will have my utmost respect if they can get Husky to post a video of him playing it. XD

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    Guess I should have thought about that. XD Thanks.

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    I want to have a create unit effect that spawns a neutral unit whenever a unit with a certain behavior dies. I've figured out how to trigger the create effect from the behavior, but how can I create the unit for player 0 if there are no absolute values in the effect field "Spawn Owner - Value"? Should I just make the unit for the dead unit's owner then run a change owner effect on the created unit?

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    WOW did I get lucky! Most of my questions had to do with the editor, instead of the Mapster community, otherwise I would have failed. I wish I could devote more time for things like this, but I'm just too busy with work, finding a new job, and finding a college...

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    There is another way, but it isn't accurate unless many people play you map/mod. Read each player's banks, get the largest int, add 1, and write it to all banks. This will essentially update everyone's bank with a number that is at least somewhat near the correct number. If you ever want to find out, jump in a game, and open the bank afterwards.

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    So you want the Zerg ability Parasite from StarCraft but without the vision? Easy, although this is more data. Use the spider mine ability, but change the spider mine to not explode, for one, and then create a behavior that periodically runs a search for enemy units. When it finds one it will add a second behavior to the unit it found. Create an actor with the model as the blip. Create and event such that Behavior.On {Triggered a Trap} Create. Go to the hosting tab and change subject to _Selectable. This will attach the blip to any unit with the behavior. There should be an event in there already like ActorOrphan Destroy. If not, add that, or the blip will remain at the site of the unit's death. The problem with this is when the trap-triggering unit steps out of fog, the blip remains. I'll upload a map with this in a few minutes.

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    Here's Cave Johnson! (Since he mentioned it.) Look in the Barracks!

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    Quote from Mattlington: Go

    You need to make a new search area effect. Set the max thargets to 3. Can't remember most of the details but you should be able to work it out.

    He's on the right track. Create a Search Area effect, set the maximum targets to 3. Set the search effect to fire the effect the weapon fires. Then set the weapon effect to the search effect.

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    These testing positions require no experience in anything editor related. Can't edit data? Triggers don't suit you? Don't like tedious terraining? That's fine! All you need to play the world's first turn based StarCraft is literally your own copy of SC 2!

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    @Kueken531: Go

    Still didn't work. I was given a warning of "Invalid Host: Subject[]" meaning the subject wasn't supposed to be blank, so I put everything back. Like I said, it's less visible than I thought.

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