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    posted a message on [Contest] Screenshot Comics - Votes 1

    I thought the Kerrigan'ed one was hilarious, the Leeroy Jenkins one made me chuckle but i'm tired of Leeroy Jenkins. Also, the 72 queens one was funny too, he should have put a dreamy effect on the comic strip tho, to show he's in heaven. See but, Anyone who play SC1 or SC2 up to the "Ghost of the Past" Cinematic would understand Kerrigan'ed. Kerrigan'ed FTW!

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    posted a message on [Tutorial, Trigger, Semi-Beginner] How to make a Zergling Climb a Wall.
    Quote from AstralCV: Go

    Very awesome. Based on the title I was 90% sure it was gonna be zerglings with reaper packs ability

    Same thing with me, i thought "Just another person putting the jet pack or colossus wall climbing ability on a zergling". Skittles, i have been proven wrong, and this is a really cool way of making zerglings climb walls :D

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    posted a message on Voliar's Revenge
    Quote from Skoite: Go

    Thanks! The map will be released without being locked so anybody can look into it. I might make a tutorial on key parts that is needed.

    O.O are you crazy! Don't release without being locked, people will just steal your game! I say release it locked, and just make a tutorial on the battle system, and maybe the targeting system you had. Just don't release without being locked,that's like a death trap for it to be copied.

    On a lighter note, you really have a great map going on here, I'm really good at writing stories and creating characters. I'm not much of a coder or map maker but, If you need help developing the characters I'm your man. :P

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