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    posted a message on Getting Unit's Max Health/Energy

    Ah, I didn't realize that there was a Maximum Life option, Sorry stupid Question :(

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    posted a message on Getting Unit's Max Health/Energy

    Hey I am trying to get a unit's max health for a Dialog but I can't seem to get the Max health when the max health changes (Hero leveling Up) The only two options available are Default and Current and Default doesn't update to the "New Max Health" of the unit.

    Anyone know anyway around this? Or is their an easier way?

    Thanks :)

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    posted a message on I need help with ammo system based on item charge

    @LeinadNightSky: Go

    TBH it would just be easier to do the whole thing via triggers

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    posted a message on Can Someone Explain when...

    Thanks OneTwo :):):)

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    posted a message on Can Someone Explain when...

    Can anyone explain to me when in the editor, I should use the Launch Missile effect? For example If i wanted to make a rocket launcher type ability would I need it?

    And also what are the necessaries to make it work?

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    posted a message on Help with Ability.

    Alrighty, so bascially I am trying to make a grenade launcher type ability where you select an area (cursor ability??) and it first applys an initial damage of 60 followed by 3 sets of 15 damage (persistant??) Anyways I'm still kinda nooby at the editor and I can't set this up :( (The Ability doesn't even fire when I try it)

    From my understanding the ability should go like this:

    Rocket Launcher (Damage Initial)

    Amount: 60

    Rocket Launcher (Damage Persistent)

    Amount: 15

    Rocket Launcher (Persistent)

    Effect: Rocket Launcher (Damage Persistent) Period: 3, 3.0seconds

    Rocket Launcher (Set)

    Effect: Rocket Launcher (Persistent), Rocket Launcher (Damage Initial)

    Rocket Launcher (Search)

    Radius: 1.5 Effect: Rocket Launcher (Set)

    Rocket Launcher (Launch)

    Effect: Rocket Launcher (Search)

    Ability - Effect Target

    Effect: Rocket Launcher (Damage Initial) Effect Cursor: Rocket Launcher (Search)

    And then actors, the only one I had set up was the splat (events: abil.rocketlauncher.cursor create), I wanted to get the data down before I applied the visual effects

    So first the ability does the launch missile, which then checks the area for enemy units and then applies the search effect, which deals the initial damage and then the persistent which deals the damage a total of 3 times every 3 seconds...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :) I know I''m doing something wrong...The thing that I think is confusing me is the cursor stuff :(

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    posted a message on Create Item at Point??

    @Kueken531: Go

    Yeah, that was it; I made the item just forgot to set the field. Anyways everything works now, thanks for the help!

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    posted a message on Create Item at Point??

    It is probably a simple trigger/function that I have over looked. Anyways i need to create an item for a quest but the only option is to create an item in a unit's inventory :\ I want to create an item at a certain point where the hero then has to go.

    I have tried just creating the item as a unit but it does not allow units to pick it up :(

    Also just wondering if the unit manipulates item event is broken in the editor.

    Thank you!

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    posted a message on [Showcase Terrain] WOTK -War Of The 12 Kingdoms

    me like :)

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    posted a message on NotDeadYet (Co-Op Survival)

    Anyone have any thoughts? at all? would you play this map on Bnet?

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    posted a message on 1.4.11 Melee!

    Thats pretty funny, wouldn't be that hard to do either; if I have time ill give it a shot

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    posted a message on starwars battlefront 3

    I thought it was cancelled? Hopefully not and someone else takes on the project :)

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    posted a message on Exporting Data to new maps

    I don't think you can just copy/paste everything from the data editor from one map to another, I think you have to make a .mod file.

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    posted a message on NotDeadYet (Co-Op Survival)


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    posted a message on NotDeadYet (Co-Op Survival)


    NotDeadYet is a 8 player cooperative survival map which will have players fighting for their lives in a city infected with a deadly virus, which turns anyone insane. The city has fallen to pieces and special operations missions have already failed to show any results. You and your team were sent on a reconnaissance mission around the city, your drop ship was shot down stranding everyone in different parts around the is up to you to get yourself and your team out way or another. "It was suppose to be a quick one. Get in and get out, just a couple hours. Boy were we wrong"


    • 8 Player co-op survival mission.
    • 5 different classes, each with 9 unique abilities
    • Multiple ways of achieving victory.
    • Many secondary missions which centers around the main plot.
    • Huge emphasis on teamwork and personal management.
    • Multiple item and weapon types
    • Fully functional ammunition, inventory and skill tree systems.
    • Save/Load system, achievements and unlocks
    • Fully terrained urban city
    • Multiple enemy unit types and bosses
    • And much, much more!

    Map Progress

    • Terraining is about 70% done, just need to finish cluttering and detailing and add some minor adjustments
    • The ammo system and skill trees are all complete, still working on the inventory UI
    • One of the classes is mostly complete, just need to re-work a few abilities.
    • 2 Missions are finished, hoping to have at least 20 by release
    • A basic spawning system is set up, need to code more unit types as well as bosses
    • Most of the misc stuff is done, such as the Camera, achievements and Dialogues
    • I think asides from Data editing, the biggest time grabber is going to be balancing everything :|
    • Hoping for a late 2011 release of early 2012 (Assuming we are alive)
    • Starting to put together the first teaser/trailer, pictures should be up soon...



    - Coming Soon


    Coming Soon

    Other Information

    Contributing to the Project

    Most of this project is going to be done by me, but If anyone is willing I could use the help of a good data-editor (someone particularly skilled with actors) but it is not the end of the world If I have to struggle through it myself :)

    And if someone wants to maybe help with terrain that would be cool too. The Terrain is basically done but if anyone wanted to help clutter, detail, put their own spin on the terrain would be awesome!

    I am also going to be looking for Testers (Around 8?) as we begin to post Alpha/Beta Stage of things (Hopefully summer time?)

    Closing Notes

    Please everyone post any suggestions, criticism or any ideas that you have here. Everything you say is greatly appreciated and I would also just like to give everyone a big thank you for looking over this post!

    Thank!!!!!! You!!!!

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