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    Hi everyone,

    i am very unexperienced with the editor, but i already made some fun maps and they worked quite well.

    But now i want to create my own "Campaign". With the Starcraft 1 / Broodwar - Editor it was pretty easy to create an AI. Just create a new trigger, choose the affected player, set the condition to (for example) "always and choose the action: "Execute KI (for example "ZergMission 8 [medium attack/medium defence]) in Region".

    But i have no clue how to create such an AI with the SC2 Editor. I want to create a base for a player controlled by the computer and he shall start collecting ressources and build units on his own. And he shall also attack me and defend himself.

    How can I create such an AI? I would be very pleased if you could help me.

    Thanks a lot,


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