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    posted a message on 100 posts celebration!

    Well, it was a while ago, but I recently hit 100 posts. Therefore, here's my celebration thread! You can celebrate in any form you desire. Free round of your favourite drinkish thing is free. ;)

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    posted a message on [Challenge] Make a Protis Sniper and Academy

    For the emp - we can make spell that recharge the shields to full in area :D

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    posted a message on The quality of this website

    @Lindell86: Go

    Oh :D That's good, I wish you that you will continue making whole maps, I can't finish even one melee for a while now :P So, how long do you come to SC2M? You joined right as you seen that "hey, it's a cool place, I should join!" or you have been lurking(like a lurker :p) for a while now?

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    posted a message on So my site got hacked

    WTF is with his name? It means "sand dune?" :D

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    posted a message on The quality of this website

    Welcome to SC2Mapster! Awesome place indeed ;)
    Were you doing something specifically(triggers, terrain) in wc3?
    @progammer It's meant to be whaiting, you know, SC2Mapster is waiting for some better site, but there's no better etc ;D

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    posted a message on Bleach Hueco Mundo Remake

    I'm working on a remake of Hueco Mundo from Bleach, more precisely, part inside the dome. It's obviously not finished, many rocks to be placed and much work to be done, but if someone have some tips or feedback, or just an opinion of overall looks, post them :) Screenies in attachment.

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    posted a message on Are you a true sc2mapster? Find out here!

    Nice quiz :D I've received many data/trig questions, got an expert though 14/20 :D

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    posted a message on Weekly Terraining Exercise #47: Exercise lottery!

    I got #5 and #35 from my private lottery machine, "Under the mountains" and "The Tracks" :D

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    posted a message on Terraining Exercises: Global Information/Idea Thread

    Tree blend! WTE will be wrapped around mixing trees of every tileset together to create natural looking forest. You can make trees of one kind smaller and attach them to other trees, or change color, you can change every option in the doodad menu(the one that is showing up once you double-click a doodad). We can count in foliage(?) and other foresty doodads. Just tossing an idea, maybe someone will have some better ones that could use mine or to make mine clearer/simplier/more entertaining. :)

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    posted a message on NASA-Inspired Melee Maps

    Good luck with making your maps BoldlyGo :)

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    posted a message on Can you change terrain in game?

    I searched forums, found this: (about terrain deformation in-game)
    Click me!
    Gonna check for texture change in-game tutorial. Hope I helped :)

    Edit: found nothing about texture-replacing trigger, maybe you could do it via Data or Actors?

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    posted a message on Terran Tactics - Recruitment

    @TheAzureguy: Go

    Umm.. what video commentary or subtitles?You have not said a single word in it. And other than in-game dialog there's no subtitles. I'm not hating tho, correct me if i'm wrong and I could very well be. :)

    EDIT: Nevermind that, youtube turned subtitles down for some reason and I watched without captions.

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    posted a message on Rage of Storm 1v1

    Rage of Storm

    Rage of Storm 1v1

    Hello everyone :) I present to you 1v1 map of my doing, made with macro-playstyle intended. It's in Beta stage, cliffs and destructibles are already placed, but it lacks some texturing and doodading as of now. I had some symmetry problems, but I tried to preserve it as much as I could. If you can, please leave some feedback.
    Both of players have 6 bases where they can expand, plus additional 2 gold bases per player in middle. Fully 9 bases for one player.

    The map is not published anywhere now yet(it's in beta) but if it will - i'm from EU.

    If you want, you can jump to the end of this post and watch screenies first.

    Map size:

    Full:200 x 256
    Playable: 180 x 228

    3 Xel Naga Watchowers
    12 path-block Destructible Rocks, 4 blocking Expo placing
    No islands

    Gameplay details

    Attack route

    Main one is leading through the middle of the map, and is spotted by the watchtower in the center high ground area. Two more Xel'Nagas are by both sides, and they are watching two rich expansions. While two armys are battling on center region, it allows for counter attacks around the high ground areas, which are holding the watchtowers. Two golds are possible places where you can keep sizeable armys for counters. There are two more attack routes, at the far left and right sides of the map, but they need to be cleaned out of two sets of rocks before used. These two routes have none of the Xel'Naga watching them.

    On a side note: there is also hidden way around behind the Player's main platform. It'won't be used much, but who knows? :)

    Line of sight Blockers

    Used only on the rear of the rear side Third expansion and between forward and rear Third expansion lying on side of the map. While placing LOSBs I had mainly drop in mind, so no tricky hidden Starports for you. If you want to hid some building there, you have to drop-proxy or knock down Rocks.


    Taking naturals and thirds

    Every player starts with deciding which natural he want to take: safe standard one hidden behind main on the same platform, or more risky one, with wider entrances, closer to the enemy and with less vespene but rich in eight gold mineral patches. As third you can take the natural you didn't took, or you have 2 more available expansions on both sides. The forward one have 2 gold patches in the place of the standard ones and a rich vespene with more resources. The rear one have standard resources, but is much more far away from opponent, is less exposed to air attacks, and have two additional tight chokes to defend in with greater concave while the enemy is trapped between.

    If you want rich minerals/rich geyser

    There are addidtional two gold bases in the center of the map covered by the wachtowers(which placement is blocked by standard(2000) destructible debris) and two outside of their vision, though they are significantly less rich than inside gold expansions. Inside expos have more rich mineral patches and more rich vespene, outside have high yield resources too, but less in numbers. These 4 gold expansions can be taken by either player, they have got same distance to them. If you are deciding which you want to choose, you should keep in mind do you want to risk or not(inside or outside one) and from which side it will be safer to expand(ex. you took third at the right position with rich gas in mind, so you will take right outside gold expansion). While making this decision, you should also react to which base your opponent took.


    Backdoor Rocks

    Low-health(500) rocks are slowing down expanding to gold naturals, as well they are blocking the two entrances to way around the players' main. This way also leads to rear Third expansion. Standard rocks(2000) are blocking way from Main to forward Third expansion. It is not unaccesible though, as you always can go through rear Third expansion. To gain access to outside Gold expansion you have to break standard(2000) rocks, and if you want to go further and open a new attack route, you have to break one standard set of destructibles more.

    Tactics and strategies

    Proxy placement

    While scouting for proxys: I think that you already saw that your main starting building(CC, Nexus or Hatch) is very close to the Main base ramp, and you really need to have skills to miss passing worker. I elliminated early proxys by adding rocks on other paths, and I think you are safe from cannon rush and bunker rush (if you won't take risky gold natural ofc). You still need to scout for 2gates, 2rax or proxy Stargates, as they can be placed anywhere in the center area of the map and the gold Naturals early on.

    Walling off your Main/Natural

    If you want to wall your main off, you can do it either at the high ground, or low ground. High ground is safer, but if you are playing against the Zerg you can wall-off at the low ground between geysers and be ok until ranged units kick in. Even then though, you can protect it from the high ground with sieged tanks or collosi and the minerals&rocks are bonus obstacles for invading ground army.

    Scout/React on your opponent's movement

    It is very important to scout your opponent's moves on this map. It is a huge one when it comes to expansion's resources, so keeping up with them is also a usefull skill toi have. The places your enemy expand to are also important. If you know where he expanded, you can tell what his starategy could be(taking more minerals/gas heavy expansion).

    Map Theme

    The main map theme is a storm which once again destroyed the temples of the protoss discovered by terran scientist. I decorated only the two high ground areas in the middle(the are unpathingish) and added some trees/crystals/obelisks around. I hope i'll get some ideas soon and fill the map areas.

    Thank you very much for reading through :) I hope you liked it and will leave some feedback(if you didn't liked it leave feedback too). Have a nice day/night :)

    Link to Imageshack album:
    Link to TeamLiquid thread:
    Attaching screenies.

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    posted a message on Many Hands - 2

    Working on
    Edit: Done

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    posted a message on Weekly Terraining Exercise #42: Celebrate Good Times

    @SheogorathSC: Go

    Nice :) I like the templar disco arena :)

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