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    posted a message on [HERO ARENA] Smashcraft - Public Beta

    @thebaron87: Go

    The hotkeys take a short while to get used to; though if you're playing many other games, and not smashcraft all day (like you should be doing :3), you could easily be mixed up often, reverting to the former games you've played.

    NEVER make a game more easier than it should be. The fact that the a class/hero is so difficult to use is its selling point for many; people will try to master this hero, deem it as their own, and build a competitive connection to those with equally difficult heroes. On the other side of the spectrum, people will deem it pointless that their innate abilities don't match up to those around, while others will be crushed just as soon as they get the hand on things, causing them to /ragequit. Simply, a hero that takes a whole lot of skill to use, but causes massive amounts of damage, is badass; some will try, some will fail, and some will succeed. Making it easier for one portion of the players isn't going to satisfy the whole of the playerbase. It's very possible to make everyone happy, though it requires either a lot of intuition, or a lot of knowledge to create that effect. ;3

    A time limit is a viable option; as earlier stated, 5 minutes would be perfect for matches with a kiting healer, Sarina vs. Sarina, or Ezzerat vs. Ezzerat . Having the outcome based on remaining health will take out many of the mechanics and connotative ties to what makes a fighting game enjoyable in the end.

    Agreed about fog of war; It would definitely enhance gameplay and require more tactics to function. Randomness is a charm for players. Allowing them to choose will make them see how many maps there really are, increasing the need for more maps; there needs to be a sense of mystery, background, and certain aspects uncontrollable to stimulate the feel for the game. Allowing choice will have people wanting to choose what their abilities are as well ;3.

    @EchoedRequiem: Go

    About Sarina. One way to balance her is to allow a healing cap; however, that would cause disappointment for many people who seek to rely on healing (pretty much a foot to the face). Another way is to have many more abilities that work in different ways that require you to time them accordingly, pulling off chain heals; this would be a bit too complex and would require a lot of planning, however. Another way to balance her is to adjust her current heals to be more based on skill, than on healing output.

    Here's what I have in mind:

    Channeled Healing: Channeling is a horrible burden, in general, but to a healer who has nothing else to do but heal, channeling isn't a burden at all. To fix this, you could either make using other abilities more worth it, or you could make the ability work only out-of-combat. Instead of a channeling heal, you could have it be a bandage-type spell that is only maintainable on one ally at a time (not self).

    AoE Heal: Good, as long as there is a spell-cast time.

    Emergency Self-heal: Most medics use this as a self-heal in general, even when there is no control effect on them at all. Allowing it to heal only when a buff is canceled would balance it a lot more.

    Ultimate: Considering how each ability is, or is about to be, this ability pretty much is the most balanced ultimate for this hero.

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    posted a message on [HERO ARENA] Smashcraft - Public Beta

    @Mephs: Go

    Yes, and I've had a concept for a map like this for a few years now. I put it on hold for certain, personal reasons, and found out that you picked it up in the end. Coincidence or not, I knew it would come back eventually; now that it is back, I want to make sure it will be the best game it can be possible.

    I'm glad you picked up well on the melee attacks; I tried to do this with triggers back in WC3, and was unsuccessful (I was so inexperienced back then).

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    posted a message on [HERO ARENA] Smashcraft - Public Beta

    @Mephs: Go


    Once you show acceptance to those who challenge your personal way of doing things, you'll soon be able to see things in a logical, and then philosophical manner. A good thing I notice is how you retain your flow of ideas and creativity when you speak, keeping a neutral point of view, ignoring the need of taking a side (very good!).

    Pretty soon you'll be able to plan everything from the start like I do. ;3

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    posted a message on [HERO ARENA] Smashcraft - Public Beta

    @Mephs: Go

    Balance in correlation to what? Eachother? What about eachother? The damage? If so, how will changing the damage output of one class effect the others?

    You can build this game by feel, but you're going to have to try hard as hell not to try and define anything. Try to define something, and you have to deal with connotative definitions, and the effects of subconscious manipulative and psychological algorithms. Accept everything you come across, and this game will fall, although you will personally succeed

    Making this game, however, is going to have you thinking abstractly; anything else will bring the game into the ground. If you truly want to make this game the way you're going about it now, stop listening to everyone, and allow the game to flourish by your own intuition. The moment you listen to someone else, you'll kill this game, the same way many dead games out there have died.

    If you're ready to take the concept of games, life, and everything in your consciousness, then let me know.

    As of now, everyone is your enemy; the more it seems naught, the moreso it is. Once you can only see the best in everyone, and love the presence of human nature, you'll be the one progressing.

    This is your final warning.

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    posted a message on [HERO ARENA] Smashcraft - Public Beta

    @Mephs: Go

    If you have an overall concept for hero development, then what is it?

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    posted a message on [HERO ARENA] Smashcraft - Public Beta

    Adding more classes is going to be difficult if you don't have an overall concept. Having new concepts spawn off of spoofs, common ideals, and spontaneity, will only build up to turmoil in the end. I'm glad you picked the main 4 archetypes; the most common four-part concept map in many, many games.

    Unless you have an overall plan for hero development, taking ideas from other sources without filtering it for pre-balance will cause this game to crash eventually (whether it is frustration, laziness, or influx of complaints). Again, I've seen this in many, many, MANY games.

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    posted a message on [HERO ARENA] Smashcraft - Public Beta

    @Mephs: Go

    How does this relate to the core mechanics of the game, other than number crunching?

    The only conditional requirement is the caster's timing and attention, compared to damage classes who have to aim, time between two moving targets, and decide exactly how each ability will hit in correlation to the enemy's attention, timing, etc. In short, healing doesn't require as much skill, and therefor is deemed as OP. The only people who will have a say on this are people who are biased towards DPS or HPS, of which contain different connotative concepts; pointless to talk about either one in balance to eachother, unless you have someone with a pure point of view, or at least compare the viewpoints on each side of the bias spectrum.

    From much experience in comparing philosophical concepts between gameplay mechanics of games that only follow damage/healing formulas and/or require a movement/timing/real-time planning mechanic, for a game that only crunches numbers (follows damage/healing independently of any other mechanic), you need a sense of conditional balance: a concept that people will only be able to grasp intuitionally, causing many complaints, and changes in the wrong direction. I've seen this many, many times.

    Conditional balance is the tie between each ability, and the gameplay mechanics. Each ability has an individual conditional balance, and each ability in correlation to eachother has a conditional balance that is related to eachother's conditional balance. Individual conditional balance, based on a three-part concept map (the most common) is described as reaction, timing, and placement; each ability has at least one of these concepts. For example, an ability that causes direct damage on just a target, instantly, will only have individual conditional balance in timing; if it had to be aimed or had to be in melee range, it would be conditionally balanced between timing and placement; if you split the damage into direct + the rest of the damage when the target hits you or something, then the ability would be balanced evenly across each concept, regardless of number damage.

    Conditional Balance between each ability is a bit tricky, and is found only through philosophical concepts. The balance between each ability isn't the number, but the skill, and conditional balance between each ability as a whole. It's like trying to find a correlation between three or more variables, you would need a three-dimensional (or more) graph. Most people mistake this for how the numbers interact, which is true when individual conditional balance is met by the player through experience; experience is based on memorization, not solely skill. In order to achieve full conditional balance, you would need to balance healing and damage, first of all, which is what I'm trying to let you realize for the future of this game (or another game).

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    posted a message on [HERO ARENA] Smashcraft - Public Beta

    @Mephs: Go

    When you think 1 DPS class = 1, HPS class = 0, 3 is better than 2 when 3 DPS is against 2 DPS and 1 HPS.

    This is number crunching once more; the only thing deciding the battle is HPS vs. DPS, which is exactly what I'm talking about.

    You mustn't just think of situations through a DPS class, but a DPS with skill as a variable. Not always is someone going to dish out the maximum DPS possible, but with how healers are now, with instant target and clicks, the healer is always going to dish out the maximum HPS possible. Skill is reliant on the mechanics, not the numbers and formulas of the abilities.

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    posted a message on [HERO ARENA] Smashcraft - Public Beta

    After playing many games in which healing is a cornerstone, and a requirement to have any effectiveness, I've concluded that it's the mechanics, opposed to number crunching, that decided a balance between damage and healing.

    Since this game is about skill, and those without skill and proper timing fail, the only way to balance healing is to make it skill based as well, which seems a bit benign at first. Perhaps healing that only occurs on hit;

    Ex (using EQ2 ability formatting, as it's easier to understand):

    Target: Ally; Cast: 1.5 seconds; Reuse: 15 seconds; Duration: 30 seconds

    When target takes damage, this ability will cast Regrowth of the Void

    • Regenerates health equal to 25% of incoming damage plus 3% of the target's max health over 1 second
    • Lasts until 5 hits are taken


    Target: Enemy; No cast; Reuse: 10 seconds; Duration: 20 seconds

    When target takes damage, this ability will cast Void's Unforgiving Touch

    • Instantly regenerates 20 health to allies in an area of effect around the target

    As opposed to just clicking allies to heal then running away, you would have to wait for a condition, and time it well in order to succeed. You could even have abilities based completely on skill:

    Target: Enemy; No cast; Reuse: 3 seconds; No duration

    Does 10 damage to enemies in a frontal arch

    • If enemyt is killed by this attack, this ability will cast Void Reaper
    -Instantly restores 100% of max health of all allies currently on the field
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    posted a message on [HERO ARENA] Smashcraft - Public Beta

    I've been playing this for a while now, and I've concluded that it's a very fun map. Of course, before you get to where it's fun, it's only confusing as hell.

    Other than the amazing game mechanics, that have never been seen before, blatantly hit you in the face, the new button layout really makes you wonder what is going on.

    For new players, perhaps you could add a summary text, or color code it; all of the abilities look the same for a new player.

    There are constantly people who are just sitting there, trying to work out what each ability does, while they click aimlessly around, only to die. Many of them leave the game before even trying to figure out why everyone else knows what they're doing.

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    posted a message on Project Idea: 3-Class Combat System

    I believe there is a misconception here, brought upon by the thought of another (relate to the idea, then steer off slightly, followed by a push in the wrong direction, and a downward spiral; this, of course, is only in the concept of those who do not wish to take a side, nor defend their own rights towards this observation. Of course, being an observation, only an inference would claim it as otherwise. Is this an inference or not? Well, this isn't philosophy 101, nor is it of any primary importance as this notion is in parenthesis).

    A map based off of creativity has little conscious thought behind it, as abstraction is little understood by it. As we try to define what makes a good map, (or anything in general), we look to manipulate, control, and have shady mechanisms that only respond to the ideals of the users, and not the game itself. This is where most maps meet the deep end of the pool, and fail to reach the surface. The only way to save a map in this situation, is to show acceptance, and create the map in a new form, hoping that you don't drop, once again, to the manipulative stages (dropped down to the intuitive stages once again, you won't consciously think this).

    This is where there's a split in the path. You can either go about the new map logically, philosophically (the blend of logic and abstraction), and make connections towards the game, users, and everything around it; thus, creating a map that flows, and has a purpose. The other direction is towards the path of creativity once again, repeating the fall, and eventually arriving at this destination again.

    The point is, this isn't an idea of creativity, and I'm not at the stage of manipulating users for the benefit of creating a map that only corresponds to those who play it. This is a map of flow, and greater purpose; there are many connections towards a map with a concept like this (rock, paper, scissors), and adding a concept so basic will push the map making community as far as it will strive for, and beyond.

    By simply mentioning this idea, and these concepts, the community improves as a whole, and that is my goal.

    I never speak on my own behalf.


    I wish I could make this map in less than approximately 3 years, but fate does rest for those with the purpose to improve those around you.

    I do not wish to supervise this map; I just wish to observe its development, and add on to certain concepts, for the sake of everything else. (ideas based on creativity will have to be driven through certain stages to reach a better motive; usually, ideas are stomped out for the sake of the one who stomped it out. I am not one to crush ideas based on my opinion, of which usually happens.)

    For the sake of creativity, I did not expect this map to get far. But to challenge people with ideas is to get nowhere; to challenge people with a greater purpose is to lead. (I'm a horrible leader D:) This is why I offer the idea to anyone who is willing to accept.

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    posted a message on Project Idea: 3-Class Combat System

    I plan for this map to be one of those maps that has very little to learn, but a lot to master. Basically, this game will be like Warlocks/Archers/Boomerangers of WC3. With only 3 classes, the game will be easy to balance; each player will choose a non-hero class unit at the beginning of the game, and will have the option to change their class in-game. Auto attacking will be disabled, and the game will be ability-based.

    Glossary (For those who don't really know):

    • DoT: Damage over time. For example, an ability that does 1 damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds, instead of an ability that instantly does 4 damage.
    • AoE: Area of Effect. Multiple units within a specific area, instead of a single unit.

    The Classes

    Ranged Class (Mage):

    • Abilities: Long-ranged attacks, with minimal short-ranged abilities.
    • Stats: Average Speed, Low Health, Highest Shields (Shields will have certain uses, such as sacrificing for an ability).
    • Example Vitals: (no initial regeneration of vitals) 4 health, 12 shield.

    Melee Defensive Class (Knight):

    • Abilities: Mid-ranged attacks with damage based on survival.
    • Stats: Lowest Speed, Highest Health, Average Shields
    • Example Vitals: 12 health, 6 shield.

    Melee Offensive Class (Assassin):

    • Abilities: Close-range burst damage attacks, with tactical abilities.
    • Stats: Highest Speed, Average Health, Lowest Shields
    • Example Vitals: 6 health, 2 shield.

    Overall Concept: The classes are set up to have a weakness and a strength. A Mage will be best against an Assassin, with AoE DoT abilities as a fire-and-forget mechanic against chasing Assassins (with little survivability, the Assassin will die easily if null successful dodge); Mages will be ineffective versus a Knight, as DoTs will do little against high survivability, and the knight's shield Drain will be very effective against a Mage. An Assassin will be best against a Knight, as the Knight moves very slowly, and has little to kill the Assassin with. Two of the same class should be a fair fight (Assassin vs. Assassin wars would be very fun and challenging).

    Overall, if Mage was Rock, an Assassin would be Scissors, and the Knight would be Paper.

    Visually: Mage > Assassin > Knight > Mage

    Rough Abilities Map

    Abilities will work like this:

    • Generic abilities: Direct damage ranged and melee attacks with very little specialization in any area.
    • Counter abilities: Abilities that counter the mechanics of another class.
    • Special/Algorithmic abilities: Abilities that are best when utilized with the situation and timing.


    • Generics:
    1. Passive Melee Frontal with periodic damage (If you stand in front of a mage, you'll get hurt automatically)
    2. Dodgeable ranged attack (causes AoE damage and disappears on impact) that restores shield if it hits
    • Counter: Aimed Delayed AoE DoT (like psionic storm, but the ability happens shortly after casting; if an Assassin is hit, they're killed after duration ends)
    • Special: AoE Heal over Time; disables abilities while in effect


    • Generics:
    1. Melee Frontal that does moderate damage and stuns
    2. Projectile that does little damage
    • Counter: AoE Cone Shield Disable
    • Special:
    1. Passive buff that increases damage based on amount of health (more health gone = more damage)
    2. Offensive mode: Increases speed to be on par with Assassins, but causes health decay
    3. Defensive mode: Keeps slow speed, but allows health regeneration

    Assassin: (Energy System: Assassins, in order to prevent being overpowered, will have an energy system; about 10 energy, regenerating at 1 per second. Most abilities will cost 1 energy, and persistent abilities will have a persistent energy cost)

    • Generics: Each generic ability costs energy
    1. Melee frontal that does moderate damage
    2. Projectile that does little damage, but has short cooldown
    • Counter: Melee frontal that does severe damage to units with no current shield; no energy cost
    • Special:
    1. Channeled ability that instantly kills units in frontal AoE after a few seconds; no energy cost
    2. AoE root that drains all energy for a higher duration than channeled ability's cast time
    3. Invisibility that drains energy as it persist

    Why here?

    Unfortunately, I do not have much map creating experience, and it will take me a very long while to create a basic map like this. I request that someone takes my idea, and lets me observe and have a say in its development; the credit for the idea is up for grabs.

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