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    Hi Prozaicmuze,

    Thnakyou for your tutorial about creating the uberlisk.

    I'm starting on SC2 mapping and custom unit creation and y tried to subtitute the spine crawlers of the Uberlisk to spore crawlers.

    It seems to work but the spore crawler missile doesn't show up. Other proble that I've noticed is that the spore crawlers only attack when the uberlisk is still.

    I have been checkin all the process and I couldn't find the solution. I believe it has to be something with the actors but I'm too noob to understand everything I do in unit customizing.


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    I found the problem:

    When you change any properties of the unit, lets say the life amount or the armor, the SC2 Galaxy Editor makes a copy of the unit automatically. The copy of the unit has the same name of the parent unit, but it doesn't have the actors and sounds linked.

    This is very annoying, I Hope Blizzard will correct this problem soon.


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    Hi all,

    I know this is a very known problem in SC2 editor. When you duplicate a unit, you have to link the actors and sounds too.

    I didn't duplicate any unit nor changed its name either. I just changed the damage amount some weapons do and when I test my map most of the ground units (Like Hydralisks, Marauders, Marines...) don't show the attack and attacking sounds.

    The actors and sounds are linked to the units properly. I didn't touch anything else but the damage amount of the weapons.

    Please, help.

    I don't want to remake the whole map again...

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