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    @Maknyuzz: Go

    We will be adding the 23rd Tower soon. Then the 1st boss (Wave #10) coming soon too. Also trying to figure out better early game mechanic.

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    Quote from AfroSama: Go

    The game was very fun. Still needs balance imo. Let's play it again tonight!

    Glad u liked it. We will do more balancing along the way. Meanwhile we'll need more people testing the map!!

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    [Baneling Marathon TD] - Official Thread

    This thread will be opened for feedback, suggestions, bugs, and balance issues.

    Gameplay video coming soon...



    Once upon a time, there was a happy Baneling Family living in an abundant and resourceful Baneling Island. Little was known about the island but wise men says the devil once step its foot to the islands and left its belongings, the Devil Fruit. There are many kind of Devil Fruit, some identified ones are Devil Fruit of Fat, Devil Fruit of Ninja, and Devil Fruit of Milk. Eating the fruit will grant its eaters some new powerful power and magically evolve them to a new form. However, the fruit was so delicious that you will forget who you are, who your friends are, who your parents are, you will forget everything... It was also said that the fruit eaters will be haunted by the devil for the rest of their life and the only thing they can do is run...

    One rainy day, a group of banelings got tired after a long hiking activities and they saw a bucket full of fruits. That was when the chaos begun. On that day, many banelings forgot who they are, and where they come from. The cute, little, green Banelings as we know it is now a haunted and grotesque Lings that care for nothing but themselves, hungry for nothing but power, and do nothing but got scared and run...

    Then comes the Terrans who looks at these scared Lings in the eye and have a pity on them. The Terrans still believe that the Lings can still be saved and there is a shred of humanity left within the Lings...


    • Objective: Last Man Standing
    • Suggested Players: 6 - 8
    • Team: 2 vs the world
    • Genre: Tower Defense
    • Features: 22 unique Towers, 9 waves of mobs (30 waves of mobs w/ 3 bosses will be coming soon)
    • At the beginning, you will choose game type and Baneling type. You will be allied with the player either next to you or accross you depending on your choice. The Baneling you chose will become your hero/runner and it will do nothing but got scared and run...
    • You are the Terrans that sides with one of the baneling and you have to do anything to keep your Baneling alive.
    • How to keep your Baneling alive as long as possible?
      • Train it at 48 Hour Fitness building to increase their Life, Shield, Energy, Armor, and Speed.
      • Build a building called Corbuzier's Chamber to cast protective magic, buff, and spells.
      • Build towers that heal your Baneling and keep it in the game.
      • Use your Baneling's Abilities at the right place and right time.
    • Training requires mineral$$, How to get mineral$$?
      • Complete as many laps as possible with your scared/running Baneling to get paycheck.
      • There will be mobs running around the island. Build attacking towers to kill them and reap the rewards.
      • Kill enemy's Runner/Baneling and reap the rewards.
      • There will be mineral patch in front of your territory, send mining droid to gather minerals.
    • To win the game, kill enemies' Runner/Baneling and be the last survivor. How to kill them?
      • Build the right towers at the right place, right time
      • Work together with your allies to protect each other Runner/Baneling and to kill enemies Runner/Baneling


    This map is not final but we feel it is fully playable and fun enough. We will provide updates, add new features, and be supporting it. We will be very thankful for your feedback and suggestions.


    v0.1 (10/29/2010):

    • Map released
    • Known Issues/Planned Fixes:
      • Terrain will get more polish in near future.
      • Only 3 Types of Lings available for selection. More will be added into the game.
      • Item bag/inventory is there but have not been used. We will implement item mechanic in the near future.
      • 30 waves of Mobs w/ 3 bosses are coming soon.


    We poured our heart and soul into this map. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we had fun making it. I'll see you guys on Battle.net 2.0 (Epic Fail Detected)!

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