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    posted a message on Issue's with the Leviathan Tentacle Weapon

    I dunno. Have no experience with that.
    It still puzzles me how only this weapon is like this. :/

    Still looking for help. If you know a solution, then let me know.

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    Okay. If you read my previous topic about the RPG-stuff, you would know that I listed the Tentacle-Weapon of the Leviathan as an issue.
    Since the damage doesn't increase with Level Ups, even though it is displayed on the screen that it has been increased.

    I found out that the problem does NOT lie within the Veterancy-system, but in the weapon itself.
    Neither Veterancy Level Ups nor Upgrades have any effects on the weapon!
    The effects are only getting displayed in the info-section (like decreased Attack Period or something like that), without them taking actual effect.

    I tried with Veterancy: The +x behind the damage-display should indicate that the damage has been increased.
    But when I look at the damage it causes to units, it remains the same and never increases.

    As for upgrades: I created an upgrade called "Adrenaline Tentacles", which is supposed to increase the attack speed of the Tentacle-attack.
    After looking closely at the Leviathan before and after the upgrade, I noticed that nothing changed.
    Yet in the tooltip for the Tentacle-weapon, the period is displayed as decreased by amount x.xx!

    The only kind of changes that seem to work with it, are the stats that the weapon STARTS OUT with.
    But upgrades of any kind won't take any actual effect, except for displaying them, it seems.

    Since I would really like the Leviathan to be one of the heroes of my next project. :(

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    posted a message on Getting started with RPG-stuff... Help requested!
    Quote from JakeCake26: Go

    Nothing is ever "basic stuff" with the galaxy-editor.

    If it's not possible in the data-editor, you can trigger the grow/level. Just make a trigger with event "Any Unit Gains a level"
    Create a switch with level of triggering unit, and the cases for each possible level for it (integer 1-xx).
    In each switch call the action "Send Actor-message", and select the message to be "Set Scale" or whatever it's called. And place in values for each switch/level. Also, this way in the switches, you can do a "Unit, add ability to unit" action, to add any abilities..

    now, all this is from the top of my head, so the names might be incorrect :O

    Actually, it works exactly like this. Thank you. :D

    Set the Actor-Scale of the Leviathan to 0.5
    Created a trigger, so that it runs whenever my Leviathan reaches a certain level.
    Then I set the scale to 0.75
    And then again with a later level to set the scale to 1.0

    Ability learn is all good so far as well.

    The only issue remaining are the WEAPONS!
    That only one weapon is displayed at a time.

    But I found out that it's not that one weapon is unaffected...
    ... it's because the Tentacle-Damage does NOT increase, for whatever reason!

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    posted a message on Getting started with RPG-stuff... Help requested!

    Okay. As for Ability Learning this was much more simple than I thought.
    There is even an 'Enable/Disable Ability' option there. Damn, I am blind! >.<

    But still, the "Growing as leveling up" and the "One weapon only affected" issue still remain.
    Still open for help. :)

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    posted a message on Getting started with RPG-stuff... Help requested!

    I should've known. ; Will do. :)

    Still can't figure out the other stuff tho. :(

    BTW: Lol at Santa Zeratul. :P

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    posted a message on Getting started with RPG-stuff... Help requested!

    Hi there everyone. :)

    I am experimenting with RPG-elements currently.
    While I got the level up system working, I need some help with other stuff.

    Here is a list that I wanna do but couldn't figure out how...
    Quote from B-Net forums...


    In my test map, I have the LEVIATHAN as my hero.

    The problem begins with the WEAPONS!

    Only the Bile Swarm is listed in the Info-Section.

    While the Leviathan can still use its Tentacles, it isn't affected by the Veterancy-effect and will always retain its default damage, range, etc.

    How can I make it that BOTH weapons can be levelled up and not just one?

    I am also not yet familiar with Ability-Unlocking.

    So when you reach a certain level, you also learn a new ability or something.

    My Leviathan is SMALL at the beginning. But it is supposed to grow bigger when it reaches certain levels.

    In other words: It matures, as it levels up.

    How can I do this?

    My last issue: ENEMY SKILLS

    Whenever my hero kills a boss or something, he can learn an ability from that boss unit.

    Again, how can I do this?

    I know it's probably the most basic stuff. But bear with me, I am learning...
    Thanks in advance for the help. :)

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    posted a message on Map Ideas Thread
    Quote from zeldarules28: Go

    @SuperYoshi: Go

    I actually started on something like that but didn't get far. You picked one of a few scenarios, for example "defend a reaper worker raid, defend MMM build, prevent expansion, etc" and then got tips displayed for the individual scenario.

    Well, that sounds like that what I had in mind.
    Please keep working on this.
    If it becomes too much for you alone, then try and get some more people to work with you.
    (If we would get some professionals like Day9 to help us out, that'd be great. :D)

    I truly believe that this is the kind of map that beginners can learn from. We need something like this IMO.

    Keep up the good work. :)

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    posted a message on Map Ideas Thread

    I was always thinking about a Melee Trainer.
    Where you can learn everything necessary to become a good Melee-player.

    ├Źn addition it would also include a TRAINING PROGRAM.
    It would feature various scenarios.
    - Getting buildings/units up ASAP.
    - Scouting and reading the opponent
    - Worker/Larva management
    - Multitasking
    etc. etc.

    Each training program would have different difficulty levels.
    So that the training scenarios won't get neither too easy nor too difficult for beginners and advanced players alike.
    And thus both sides can learn from it.

    As an optional special feat, I would also like to have some special scenarios, which are only about having fun.
    Like using hero units or something.

    And I am sure you might be thinking: "But Blizzard already included Challenges for that purpose!"
    Well, that's true. But it's mostly basic stuff.
    And the more advanced stuff is Terran only.

    This training program would be for ALL THREE RACES!
    And it would also include professional tactics and gameplay tips, going beyond the WoL challenges.

    What do you think? :)

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    posted a message on [Release] S-Y Tech Choice Mod

    The 4v4 map Extinction has been released with this mod, on EU servers!
    Search for the name 'S-Y Tech Choice - Extinction'!

    Also updated the first post. But I will say it here as well.

    They will screw up the game.

    And I have yet to figure out how to fix this issue! :(

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    posted a message on Spectator considered Active Player?
    Quote from zeldarules28: Go

    Run a loop and check player status. If the player status is 'playing' increment variable 'total_players' +1. Then when the same number of playersas 'total_players' have hit ready, your good to go. Maybe that will work?

    Tried it out and it doesn't work. Sorry. :(

    Man, such a complicated riddle...


    Maybe if you explain how your setting players to be observers such as in the lobby.

    Well, the player settings (Player, CPU, Spectator, etc.) are all determined in the lobby.
    The game works fine without specs and AI's tho.

    Tried "Controller of player" actions too. Still no success. :(

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    posted a message on Spectator considered Active Player?

    BUMP! Come on, help me plz. I am desperate. :(

    I tried it with 'Attribute Player Value' functions.
    And added a trigger that automatically increases the Variable 'Ready Count' by 1, if the Participant Role == Watcher or if the Controller Value == Computer.

    The main concept is:
    Each CPU player or watcher automatically increases the Variable 'Ready Count' by 1.
    Each human player need to hit READY to increase it.

    Once it matches the Number of Active Players, the game starts.

    But it doesn't work... :(
    Enlighten me, please!

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    posted a message on Spectator considered Active Player?

    Okay. I have found a bug!

    Long story short, I have a dialog for each player who is playing. If the Ready button is pressed, the Variable "Ready Count" is increased by 1.
    And once it matches the variable value of "Player Number" (which contains the number of all Active Players), the game will start.

    But the problem is that Spectators and Referees are apparently also considered Active Players. There is no dialog and thus no Ready Button for them.
    Once the playing players made their selection, the game still will not start.

    How can I fix this? How can I make this function ignore spectators and referees?
    Hope you can help me. ;

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    posted a message on [Release] S-Y Tech Choice Mod


    Detailed info now added.
    Hope it can help! :)

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    posted a message on [Release] S-Y Tech Choice Mod

    Hi there, folks.
    I finally released my mod for Melee maps.
    Currently only a Metalopolis version is out. But more will come. ;)

    I will post a download link later...
    Search for 'Tech Choice' and I am sure you will find it.

    WARNING: Currently no AI-player and Spectator support!!!
    If you play with either of those, it will screw up the game!

    In this mod you will be prompted to choose between various units and one hero-unit.
    Each unit has different abilities and upgrades.
    And each hero unit grants special upgrades and can also be deployed on the battlefield.
    But like the Mothership, each player can only have one on the field.

    Check the tooltips of the images for details.

    This is my first project, so bear with me.
    Hope you will enjoy it anyways...

    Map Info
    Sorry that I didn't write that from the start. But I didn't have the time... -_-;

    My mod basicly is a standard Melee-game, but with added options that you have to determine when the game starts.
    You will be prompted to choose between various units.
    Each unit has its own abilities and upgrades.

    On top of that you have to choose one hero unit.
    Each hero-unit has extraordinary abilities.
    But on top that, also grants special upgrades, not available by default.

    Here is a list of all the possible choices and heroes...

    - Firebat or Marauder
    Firebats grant the 'Incinerator Gauntlets' upgrade. And they can use stimpacks.
    Marauders grant the 'Concussive Shells' upgrade. But they can NO LONGER use stimpacks!!!

    - Ghost or Spectre
    Ghosts can use the Snipe ability and be upgraded to use Cloak.
    But the EMP Round has been REMOVED!!!
    Spectres can use the Ultrasonic Pulse and be upgraded to use Cloak.
    They also grant the 'Psionic Lash' upgrade!

    - Reaper or Diamondback or Predator
    Reapers can use the JetPack to jump up and down cliffs. Also grant the 'Nitro Packs' upgrade.
    Diamondbacks are mobile tanks that can also shoot on the move.
    Predators are robotic cats, outfitted with the Lighting Field ability.

    - Hellion or Vulture
    Hellions grant the 'Infernal Pre-Igniter' upgrade.
    Vultures can lay Spider Mines and grant the 'Replenishable Magazine' upgrade.

    - Thor or Goliath
    Thors grant the '250mm Strike Cannon' upgrade.
    Goliaths are cheaper and need less supply and have better Anti-Air capabilities.

    - Medivac or Medic/Dropship or Medic/Hercules
    Medivacs can load up units and heal friendly biological units.
    (Healing speed decreased to 1.5 life per 1 energy!!!)
    Medics are cheaper and less durable than Medivacs, but they come sooner and heal faster.
    (Retaining their healing speed of 3 life per 1 energy)
    The Special Ops Dropship is pretty much the same as the Medivac. Only that it can't heal and has a cargo space of 10 instead of 8.
    Hercules needs the Fusion Core and thus comes late.
    But it has high HP and massive cargo space, as well as the Rapid Drop ability.

    - Wraith or Banshee/Viking
    Banshees are good anti-ground units and can be upgraded to use cloak.
    Vikings are great anti-air units and can also transform into a ground walker and back.
    Wraiths can attack both ground and air units, without having to transform or something.
    And they can be upgraded to use Cloak.
    They don't have the great anti-ground/anti-air capabilties as Banshees/Vikings.
    But with the Wraith you have both anti-ground and anti-air in one unit and thus you need to pay less.

    - Raven or Science Vessels
    Both units are detectors.
    Ravens can use Auto-Turrets and Point Defense Drones and grant the Seeker Missile upgrade.
    Science Vessels can use the EMP Shockwave and grant the Irradiate upgrade.

    - Planetary Fortress or Perdition Turret
    The Planetary Fortess upgrade allows a Command Center to transform into a Planetary Fortress.
    It is outfitted with a very powerful Artillery-Cannon, but can no longer lift-off.
    Perdition Turrets are defensive flamethrower-turrets, that are burrowed if no enemies are nearby.

    - Tier 1 Hydralisk/Tier 2 Lurker or Tier 1 Roach/Tier 2 Hunter Killer
    If Hydras/Lurkers are chosen, the Hydralisk Den requires a Spawning Pool instead of a Lair and its button is moved to where the Roach Warren normally is.
    It also can be morphed into a Lurker Den, once you have a Lair.
    In addition to the 'Grooved Spines' from the Hydra Den, the Lurker Den has the 'Muscular Augments' upgrade (Speed upgrade for Hydras) and the 'Seismic Spines' upgrade (range upgrade for Lurkers).
    Hydras now have slower attack speed, but are available sooner and also have two upgrades instead of just one.
    They can also morph into Lurkers, once a Lurker Den is built.
    Lurkers can only attack while burrowed. But they don't require the Burrow-upgrade to burrow.

    Roaches grant the 'Glial Reconsitution' and 'Tunneling Claws' upgrades and have the 'Rapid Regeneration' ability.
    Hunter Killers are more powerful than Hydras and also attack faster and have more HP.
    But for the that, the Hydra Den requires a Lair to be built and it cannot morph into a Lurker Den then.
    (Means that Hunters only can have the 'Grooved Spines' upgrade)

    - Banelings or Scourges
    If Banelings are chosen, the Baneling Nest can be built with the usual upgrades.
    And thius Zerglings can morph into Banelings.
    If Scourges are chosen, you can build them. They require a Spire and don't grant any upgrades.
    But they hatch in pairs from a single larva!

    - Phoenixes or Scouts
    Phoenixes are mobile anti-air flyers and can use the 'Graviton Beam' ability, allowing them to lift and disable enemy ground units for a short time.
    Scouts have no special ability, but can attack both ground and air forces.
    They also grant to 'Apial Sensors' upgrade.
    But it increases their ATTACK RANGE by 2, unlike the original Apials that merely increased the sight range.

    can be built at Hero Compound (Advanced Construction)

    - Raynor (Marine)
    Raynor as Marine. He is more powerful than a regular Marine and can also use stimpacks.
    He grants the 'Combat Shield' upgrade for Marines.

    - Raynor (Sniper)
    Raynor with the Command Rifles. Can use the 'Penetrator Round' to deal heavy damage to all units in the target area.
    But it NO LONGER damages Structures!
    Also grants the 'Ocular Implants' upgrade for BOTH Ghosts and Spectres!

    - Tychus Findlay
    Bulky Marine-Scroundel, equipped with a Chaingun that not only fires rapidly, but also deals a little splash damage.
    Grants the 'G-4 Clusterbomb' upgrade for Reapers, as well as the 'Shredder Grenades' upgrade for himself.

    - Rory Swann
    Hero Marauder and engineer. Can use the 'Flaming Betty' ability, which is pretty much like the Auto-Turret.
    Grants the 'Tri-Lithium Power Cell' upgrade for Diamondbacks as well as the 'Nano-Repair' upgrade for Science Vessels.

    - Egon Stetman
    Heroic Healer. Is able to rapidly heal friendly units. Also equipped with the Selfix Armor, allowing him to regenerate his own life and energy rapidly when out of combat.
    Grants the 'Stabilizer Medpacks' upgrade for Medics, as well as the 'Regenerative Bio-Steel' upgrades, allowing vehicles and ships to recover life.

    - Gabriel Tosh
    Spectre Leader. Able to use Mindblast, Psy Shield and Consumption abilities.
    Spectres start out with Cloak, if Tosh and Spectres were chosen!
    He also grants the 'Nyx-Class Cloaking Module' upgrade for Spectres and 'Displacement Fields' upgrade for Wraiths.

    Nova Terra
    Dominion Elite Ghost. Able to use Psionic Radar, Snipe and Dominate Abilities.
    Ghosts start out with Cloak, if Nova and Ghosts were chosen!
    She also grants the 'Crius Suit' upgrade for Ghosts and 'Cross Spectrum Dampeners' for Banshees.

    Customized Thor, piloted by Tychus Findlay. Able to use Odin Barrage ability.
    Thors start out with the 250mm Strikes Cannon, if Odin and Thors were chosen!
    Grants the '330mm Barrage Cannon' upgrade for Thors and the 'Ares Class Targeting System' upgrade for Goliaths.

    can be built at Hatchery, Lair and Hive

    Moves slow and has slow attack speed. But its overwhelming power makes up for that.
    Grants the 'Hardened Claws' upgrade (all ground melee attacks do bonus damage against Armored) and 'Advanced Crawler Senses' upgrade (range upgrade for Spine Crawlers and Spore Crawlers).

    Gigantic Ultralisk. More powerful than a regular Ultralisk.
    Grants the 'Diamond Shells' upgrade (increasing Life Armor of all Zerg Ground Unit by 2) and 'Anabolic Synthesis' (Speed upgrade for Ultralisks)

    Collossal Zerg Flyer with some devastating attacks. Its Bile Swarm does Bonus Damage to Massive air units.
    Can use Bio-Stasis, Spawn Mutalisks and Spawn Brood Lords abilities and be upgraded to use Bio-Plasmid Discharge.
    The Mutalisks/Brood Lord spawn cost resources and have a cooldown, but they spawn several at once and even ignore supply conditions!!!
    Bio-Plasmid Discharge now does area damage!
    Grants 'Adrenaline Tentacles' upgrade for itself. (Increases attack speed of its Tentacle-attack)

    can be built at Gateway/Warpgate or Stargate

    - Karass
    Legendary Psionic Wielder. Faster than normal High Templars.
    Can use Psionic Storm and Plasma Surge abilities.
    High Templars start out with Amulet, if Karass is chosen!
    He also enables the 'Shield Regeneration' ability for Sentries, pretty much making them walking Shield Batteries!

    - Zeratul
    Dark Templar Prelate. Stronger than regular Dark Templars.
    Can use Viod Prison and can be upgraded to use Blink!
    He also allows Dark Templars to use Blink!

    - Urun
    Phoenix Admiral. Can also use the 'Graviton Beam' like regular Phoenixs.
    Grants the 'Ash Charger' upgrade for himself and Phoenixs, increasing the duration of the Graviton Beam.

    - Mohandar
    Dark Prelate. His Prismatic Beam needs less time to charge than the one from regular Void Rays.
    He grants the 'Prisma Energy Sigma' upgrade, decreasing the time needed to charge the Prismatic Beam for regular Void Rays.

    - Selendis
    High Executor, piloting a powerful carrier. She can hold more Interceptors than regular Carriers.
    Grants the 'Extended Carrier Capacity' upgrade, increasing the Interceptor-space of regular Carriers by 2!

    - Artanis
    Hierarch. He pilotes the Shield of Aiur, an even more powerful Mothership.
    In addition to the usual Mothership abilities, he is also outiftted with a Power Field, that can power Protoss buildings, as well as allowing Protoss units to be warped in below the Shield or Aiur.
    Plus, he can use the Planet Cracker, scorching the ground below, dealing massive damage.
    He can't move while using it and it also affects friendly units!!!

    So much for the options. Now go play and find your favourite selection.
    Enjoy! :)

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    posted a message on Looking for Map Testers (EU)

    Oh, sorry about that.
    Appreciate the criticism. ;)

    Well, it is a melee-mod for normal melee maps.
    Only that you're able to choose which units you wanna use beforehand, as well as choosing one hero-unit that you can deploy on the battlefield.
    Yeah, that's pretty much it. :)

    Thanks again for telling me. :)

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