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    Hi there. I just finished the terran and zerg campaigns, and I gotta tell you: Finally someone is working on a remake of SC1 campaigns, not single maps. I cannot tell you, how much I'm loving your commitment to this project and I'm eternally gratefull to all of you gus. Having said that, I really need to point out few bugs/improvements. Terran campaign: 1. It'd REALLY be better if the 4th mission TPP mode was optional. Seriously. I'm a die hard fan of sc1 campaign and for me this is kinda bad. Anyway, make some kind of minimap or something. I was quickly lost because the corridors look the same. And the place with camera change - I thought this was some kind of secret place, but this was actually necesity to advance. Change that. I was looking for an exit 10ish minutes simply because the camera angle do not show that there might be exit there. 2. Loose the valkyrie and medics... wait for brrod war... seriously. Lore-wise medics was UED creation. Same as the ships. 3. In the mission with flying buildings and attachements, control tower (the starport addon) doesn't attach itself fo starport when you land it. You have to make your own.

    Zerg campaign: 1. Queen's nest - which is infestor building - have infestor upgrades. Change broodling to be upgradeable, as it was in sc1. Also, queen model is kinda meh... 2. The parasite doesn't work. Broodlings last too long. 3. Loose orbital commands - you can't infest them. 4. Infestated command center dosn't produce infested marines, only scvs. 5. Loose lurkers and devourers. and ultralisk upgrade. Wait for broodwar. For the sake of lore. 6. TPP Kerrigan mission - make it optional, please. It was kinda fun, but I'd play the normal version any day over the TPP one. Also, minimap.

    Having said that, I wanted to emphasise on how much I am gratefull to you guys for creating this project. The cutscenes are great. Awesome music. The meeting of Jim and Sarah was epic win. Entire dialog is in new dimention now, when I see Kerrigans ass. Epic:) The temple on Aiur was astonishing. The terrains are great!

    This thing needs polishing, but for what it is right now? It's god damn awesome. Seriously, THANK YOU.

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