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    Yea well its possible to get the carrier somewhat working with the setup you described but i seriously doubt you can stand against a tank/mech who knows what he is doing(i know since one game i was that tank who knew what he was doing and i raped 2 bc's with turret play over and over xD).

    If he is surrounded by creeps your drones dont focus fire jack while he rapes you with his weapon systems. You are slow as hell AND have less hp/shields than a mech/tank.

    Keep in mind everyone can purchase shield leeching stuff + regeneration so that is no advantage at all. also against a machinegun wielding tank turrets last mere seconds.

    Also for your setup you need a Battlecruiser but by the time t3 vehicles hit the field most of my games are over anyway.

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    Hi there. First i want to say i rather like your map and have played quite a few games on it. But sadly there are a few major balance-flaws in my eyes concerning the 5 different chassis-types, resulting in a big big loss of diversity, which i will try to adress in the oncoming wall of text.

    1.Raven/Science Vessel/Battlecruiser

    Alright i like the idea to be able to build yourself a summoner like vehicle with lots of drones doing the dirty work for you, healing Weapons and all that good stuff, but in reality you are just a freaking slow practice target floating around with zero offensive powers against enemy players thanks to random dronebehavior.

    This is where chassis-specific abilities could really help out.

    In this case it would be really helpful if the carrier had a build in weapon system that in itself does zero damage but whenever it targets an enemy all your drones/turrets attack it with 30% increased weapon speed.

    I also dont really understand why the carrier has less hp/shields than a mech considering it is even slower than a heavy armored tank. And really flying is no real advantage in your map since you can push your own creeps around and no one would try to escape through enemy creeps anyway.


    Ok lets start by looking at the available weapon choices for this one:

    Machine Guns:

    Soo all in all a fighter + machine guns is pretty much a suicidecommando cause to do damage you have to be in range of the enemy and with basically zero hp/shields, few armor slots and less weapon slots than a tank/mech you are screwed from the start.


    Cannons have the same problem as machine guns since most players i encounter dont take machine’s anyway -> you are in range of the enemy -> you die -> the end


    Alright that leaves rockets as the only reasonable choice you have but since many guys take rockets as well because they are afraid of close combat you cant micro jack and die after 2 salves from a thor/tank as lvl 4 fighter.

    So the problem is that in a game where everyone has potentially the same range as you but more hp/weapon slots/armor slots additional speed means nothing at all. Sure you can escape faster but if all you can do is escaping... well you get the idea. Also it is much harder to micro a flyer because he has to accelerate after stopping and if you order him to go somewhere he will slowly fly a pretty circle before doing what he is supposed to do resulting in deaths and sad pilots.

    My suggestion if you want to maintain the concept of hit&run for the fighter would be

    either give them +2 to sight and weapon-range

    or scrap invisibility as purchaseable ability and give it to the fighter only (since it is totally useless as of now course everyone can see the distortion where a stealthed enemy is) make it usable infight and allow you to fire while stealthed. It should drain energy pretty fast of course and after all it is counterable with probes.

    With one of these changes the fighter could become a micro-intensive but deadly sniper which would be rather fun to play in my book.


    He has the same problems as the fighter - speed doesn’t do too much for you. He has at least same hp as the mech but since a mech/tank has more weapons/shields you still get shredded.

    As special ability i dunno maybe he should take 20% less damage while moving or leave a firetrail i don`t really know right now xD You could also scrap purchaseable mines and give it to the scout, increase the deployment limit, that would give him a pretty nifty role at setting up traps and luring the enemy into them with his higher speed.


    Is one of the 2 strong guys right now. He is the ‘’I Kill U Before U Kill Me’’ guy with amazing offensive firepower but less hp than a tank.

    As special ability i dunno, after all i was mainly thinking about the sucky chassis :P


    Alright the tank is freaking amazing atm because he has a lot of hp enabling him to use the strongest weapon the machine gun effectively which turns him (in combination with heavy armor+repair kits) into a slow walking but unstoppable killing machine of doom.

    Special abilities yea i dunno you dont need one you are unstoppable harhar.

    So congratulations if you were able to read through all that i hope you take my feedback somewhat seriously since all i see right now are dominating tanks/mechs every game.

    If i ever try something different than a tank/mech against a 3 tank/mech team we lose -> the end.

    But all in all i still love your map so i hope it continues to grow in the future.

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