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    @Mozared: Go

    whats the new theme..... protoss temple ;) it would go perfect for the terraining im doing in my rpg

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    This is terrain from my up and coming RPG... no title... the premise... you control a unit of specialist that are searching for protoss tech and warping around the planet via warp crystal randomly... in each area before you proceed you must defeat a challenge. You are also being pursued by the honor guard who will kill yah for auir.... ooo.... working concept on the map doing some terraining.... this is one warp crystal nexus which is an ancient battle arena.... The boss is gonna be epic :)

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    OVERGROWTH is a 3 vs 3 vs 3 multiplayer co-op / RPG map. Each player controls a unique unit with special abilities. Each 3 player faction has a unique objective to complete in the game world.

    OVERGROWTH takes place on an abandoned colony that is over run by a parasitic plant that produced a virus that genetically altered the inhabitants of the world. The plant was originally developed by the F.E.D. as a bio weapon that was accidently released into the planets atmosphere when a F.E.D. cruiser crashed on the planet. Several specimens have also survived the impact and now are the only inhabitants of this outer fringe world.

    Terrain Type:






    The story line is coming soon... I got a lot of work to do. If you would like to test the beta version email me or add me on facebook @ [email protected]

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