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    posted a message on Data Editor crashes (Sounds)

    Whenever I try to edit the sounds in the Data Editor, the Galaxy Editor completely crashes on me! Just clicking on a sound within a specific unit causes this. It affects every map I open, too. This really sucks because I'm trying to add some custom sounds to my FPS map, but it won't work. Does anybody have a solution? (PS I'm using a Mac, which I know isn't exactly ideal.)

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    posted a message on Traceline Z axis workaround/attachment point height

    I think I have an idea. You can use the action "Attach model to Unit" and select the center point of a unit, then get the height of that model and double that. I'm not sure if it would work, but I know that attaching a model to a unit works. Tell me if it works for you, I'll try it out.

    Edit: Turns out you can't get the height of an actor/model, so this won't work. :(

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