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    @CaliberMengsk: Go It was pretty low on popularity for me but ill give it a play or two when my friend comes on. Doesn't feel like a very "zerg friendly map" but ill still play it :P. Wont be till later tonight though, i have a family gathering to go to.

    Edit: Certainly deserves to be higher than most of these other maps lmao

    Edit2: I played the map with a friend (that sucks) and a one thing to note. The mineral and gas placements are pretty bad. My hatchery could not be placed at an optimal location for gas and minerals i would have to choose one, which increases the time for my drones to carry back minerals/gas. idk if the other minerals are mirrored the same way but it was very inconvenient. And actually annoying.

    I would upload the video but i messed up my build order and the person i vsd against sucked so it was a slaughter. Please please fix the minerals/gas though :] Ill upload a good replay soon

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    I for one like maps that require you to micro more than macro. In mass games i don’t really feel involved…. Imo ofcourse

    I was thinking of an arena game that takes place on some fresh uninhabited planet. Each player choose a basic species to start off as. example – Larvae, human, changling, etc. just basic units

    Each of those basic species start with a basic DNA strand that they can change at any time they like for better or for worse. I figure there would be 3 different DNA “classes” Passive, Ability, Mutation

    Passive, as the name suggests, are passive traits like movement speed increased, armor increase.

    Ability would give your unit, um well.., an ability lol

    Mutation would be where the fun is. Based on what combination of mutation strands you give your unit it would change or mutate into a different one.

    You equip the DNA strands like in a basic hero equipment manager. 4 slots for Mutation, 3-4 for passive, and 3-4 for ability or something like that.

    Say you equip your 4 mutation slots with “Clawx2, Wings, and Antennae” You become a Low flying Mutalisk using Claws for attacks.

    Not all mutations have to be “zerg like” either you could have mutations that are “Psionic veins” or something along those lines to introduce protoss-like units.

    Acquiring new DNA strands can be obtained from killing the other players. You can harvest their corpses for one of their DNA strands when you kill them. Or random creatures will spawn and be pinged around the planet wielding rarer and more powerful strands.

    Just an idea I’ve been throwing around. Feel free to use anything xP Spore/manySC1maps made me tink of this :P

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