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    posted a message on Aura - visual effects

    The way I would create a visual affect on the affect units would be as followed:

    Create a new model and just the model to an effect such as 'PsiDisruptorImpact.m3'

    Next go into the actors tab and create a new actor of type 'Model' and set the based on to 'Model Animation Style Continuous'

    • Find Art - Model and change it to the model your created prior
    • Open up Host+ and change the Subject to Alias then select _Unit
    • Next go to Hosting Site Operations+ and add an operation, making the value 'SOpAttachOrigin'.
    • Finally open up the events+. You want to create the following.
    ==== add event ====
    Msg Type: Actor Creation
    Source Name: Any
    Sub Name: Any
    ====== Message ======
    Msg Type: Animation Play
    Name: Customize > add slowaura > then select that
    Animation Properties: stand
    the rest stay the same
    ==== add event ====
    Msg Type: Behavior
    Source name: This will be the behavior that applies the debuff to the unit 
    sub name: Create
    ====== Message ======
    Msg Type: Create
    ==== add event ====
    Msg Type: Behavior
    Source name: Same as above
    sub name: Destroy
    ====== Message ======
    Msg Type: Destroy

    And to answer your other question you can create an event inside the actor of your unit to trigger an animation like a spellcast when it uses a specific ability. Dont have time to go into that as i have to run, but if you want more info will tell you later.

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    posted a message on Bnet Custom Game List's
    Quote from KiwiWarrior: Go

    i like to have things update so here it is as of 13/9 its changed abit Quote:

    You can use the attach. It will show as that little tab

    lol i pressed attach and now look at them LOOK AT THEM lmfao =X

    I believe they wont show up as a thumbnail if they are saved as a .BMP so just change em to .jpeg for em to show.

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    posted a message on What Music do you guys all like =P
    • Radiohead
    • Blur
    • Counting Crows
    • The national
    • Bon Ivor
    • Angus and Julia Stone

    Got a bunch more but you can see which genres I like :)

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    posted a message on Dungeon Keeper (Proof of Concept)

    Bringing back some nostalgia :P

    If you do decide to continue and complete this project will it be the verse mode like in DK2 so you could go against 3 or so other players or will you make a mini campaign :)

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    posted a message on omg sigh sea sigh

    Its because we are the boat people trying to invade NA servers :P

    So until the day we slip past their coast guard into their servers guess we are stuck being left behind.

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    posted a message on I wanna model! =D

    I now use blender after testing out 3dsmax. While 3dsmax is more powerful is easier to use, you cant beat the price of blender :)

    Blender is still powerful and can do most of the things other 3d modelling software can do, just take a few basic tutorials to learn the hotkeys as the layout is not very friendly. Blender also includes an in program painting tool so you can texture your model although its much better to unwrap it and take it over to photoshop / gimp.

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    posted a message on How to hide chat?

    @Siaon: Go

    Yes, on the right above the command box is a lil button with a person icon. Pressing that will open your friends list and you can chat that way.

    I haven't seen a way to disable chat messages (haven't really looked) but you can clear text messages (can set type to chat message). Make a loop to keep clearing it and you have some dodgy method of disabling chat.

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    posted a message on Anyway for Terrain to dup?

    @Victiln: Go

    Yep, after you press Ctrl+V you will notice that large whitish square.

    With that selected go to edit and u will find 2 controls that you need, Flip and Rotate. Self explanatory from there.

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    posted a message on Anyway for Terrain to dup?

    to duplicate any section of terrain simply:

    - Go to Terrain(f5)

    - Then you will notice that your mouse will have a lil icon around it (such as a square, circle etc) letting you do a specific task like raise terrain.

    - Simply press the esc button on your keyboard to get rid of this icon

    - Next drag your mouse around the area you wish to duplicate

    - Ctrl + C then Ctrl + V and you should have duplicated terrain

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    posted a message on Set rain to everywhere?

    In some game engines, people would simple create 1 rain emitter and just attach it so it follows the camera, giving the illusion that the rain is everywhere. This would also save alot of time and would run better then having 'x' amount of rain emitters placed everywhere in the map.

    Not sure how well it would work in sc2 but you never know.

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    posted a message on Doodad Footprints

    Animation - Remove Any doodads in the Target region

    Doing that will remove any doodad models in the target region but will leave the collision(footprint) there. So if you wanted to remove a fence to allow your unit to pass through, this action wont work.

    I don't think there is a way to remove a doodad footprint (could be wrong). Although there is ways around it such as converting the doodad to a unit, or removing the footprint from the doodad and putting a dynamic footprint underneath(unit).

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    posted a message on Strange Error (cosmetic?)

    (lets hope im on the right track :) )

    How big is your array 'PlayerAlive'. In your code pick each player, you calling every player space in the game and so if your array is to small it would spout an error. Change 'All players' to 'Active Players' (this only returns that player slots that are currently in use and/or try increasing your array size.

    If this didn't help, sorry

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    posted a message on Destorying a unit

    If you placed the rock using the editor it will be found in 'Value'. so after you have selected 'unit - kill', change the 'triggering unit' to ' value > Destructible Debris - 4x4'.

    If you used a trigger to make the rock, make a unit variable and set it to the rock you just created. Then call the variable in Unit - Kill.

            Timer - Elapsed time is 30.0 Game Time seconds
        Local Variables
            Unit - Kill Destructible Debris - 4x4 [29.00, 29.00]
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    posted a message on Get rid of the green path

    From memory cant you go into the data editor, locate the ability move then remove the ui - orders+.

    Reading the tooltip of ui - orders+

    "Order fields allow you to customize the appearance of the waypoint lines that show up when you queue orders"

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    posted a message on Music

    To disable the background music (ambience) go into the data editor and go to 'Terrain Texture Sets' and select the texture set that matches you map. In there you will find 'Ambience'. Change that to '(None)' and that will remove that pesky background music :P You could also set it to that defeat music you wanted to play if you don't want to use the trigger.

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