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    posted a message on Warcraft 3 Footman Frenzy In SC2!

    Here are some screenies!

    Direct link (Plus some I left out):,E1WkmGE,vUdaHsT,sivP5I1,8cmBfJS,Muc9JA6,klhp6N8,6ncIPMI,16moPrB#0

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    posted a message on Warcraft 3 Footman Frenzy In SC2!

    Thanks to Blizzard adding the WC3 assets, I have remade Footman Frenzy in SC2. A few things here and there are changed, but in general it is very similar. You can find the map in the US region, search for 'Footman Frenzy', it's the one with the footman frenzy text logo.

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    posted a message on Tofu Arena Closed Beta

    Count me in, and mention how you guys are planning to do this thing. You're not going to be able to accommodate all the players, so how will the selection work?

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    posted a message on WASD Movement - Animating Backwards Movement

    I am not usually a necromancer, but the way to do it is to loop via percentages. IE:
    Set animation time to 100%
    Set animation time to 99%
    Set animation time to 0%
    Play default animation

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    posted a message on Looking For a 3D Designer

    As the title says, I'm looking for a Art Designer to partner up on a map.
    Details on the project will be given on contact.

    Prior experience is not required, but preferred.

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    posted a message on Common Sense 101 (Team Recruitment Edition)

    This guide isn't really accurate. In fact, It's like reading one of the Twilight books - fictional and shitty. I don't bash tutorials, and try to give good and constructive feedback whenever I like something and want to help the creator improve it.

    I'm not going to go through the whole thing, but first off - let's start with the title.
    "Common sense"?
    There's no common sense about it. The factors are:

    Luck: If someone likes your theory, and happens to view the forum subsection while your post is still on the front page, THEY WILL JOIN.
    Description: Providing a decent description.

    "The Big Two" - Rename it to "The Big Four".
    -Data Editing (This one seems fair enough)
    -Level Design
    This is the MOST, MOST, MOST important part of any single game. How the hell did you put it under something that doesn't matter?

    Google these games:
    Neverwinter Nights
    Rest of the TES series
    Fallout series
    Halo series
    Fable series
    Zelda series (Although, arguably, this one is based on the Lore, a component you put under "The rest that don't really count")

    These are just from the top of my head!
    Do you really think that unless these games could have been so successful without beautiful level design and lore?
    The scripting plays an equal part in these games, but according to you, it's 3x as important as Lore and Level Design.

    "The Small Two" is also almost completely incorrect.
    In general games: Games would be nothing without art, so these two are equal to Lore, Code, "Data Editing" (More accurately stated as game balancing), and Level Design.

    In SC2, however, those are almost not important, since the game has its' own custom art assets.
    The thing is, you put art above Lore and Level Design, which is ridiculous.

    I have no idea who stickied it. It was obviously a mod, but what does that say about the professionalism of this site?
    Yes, I read the whole thing, but honestly it would be faster to rewrite this myself then show and explain each mistake.
    I recommend taking this down from a sticky - people may actually follow this guide.

    Also - I am an indie developer working with several friends on a java game. Each of us is specialized in one aspect (Which seems to be the only information this "guide" managed to get correct), so I'm not drawing straws here - It wasn't easy to find other people who were as interested in the project as me.

    This post certainly seems like a hammer to the head, but It's not. If Dogmai actually fixes the above, I'll go through the whole "guide".

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    posted a message on [Triggers] Implementing a Physics Engine

    There's also a trigger error, but I don't have enough time to investigate it.
    Love the sliding though.

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    posted a message on Tofu (Project TMA) Official Thread

    I'm going to try my best not to be an asshole, but here's what I think (It's bridled):
    I also think that you guys (dogmai and dryeyce), should read this post, as it's unbiased and gives constructive criticism (Although I felt that the main con should be stated aggressively, so you do not do that again).

    Criticism (Cons and how-to-fix):

    This is also based on what I've read on the first 3 posts of this thread, and on this page.
    The video was very confusing. The majority of what I saw involved psi storm, although I did see some spell that created a blue circle.
    The song was also ill-picked - It adds to the chaos because of the high-and-random notes.

    "Unique Game Modes"
    Team Deathmatch
    Team Survivial
    Bounty Hunters
    Capture the Flag
    FFA Phantom
    FFA Survival

    Under the title, I think that only Bomberman (Not really sure what It does, but it at least sounds unique), and FFA Phantom fit that category, excluding any others you will release. All of the others have been featured by hundreds of games many times, and I'm not only talking about SC2.

    I have nothing to say against or for the items and power-ups, since they have not been disclosed yet.

    In my opinion, the Rock/Paper/Scissors mechanic has worked out well for few games, but this is not a flaw. If you can get this to work, then, obviously, it will complement the game.

    Portals an GCD - Nothing new, and I see portals as a problem maker which would lead to frustration (I reccomend replacing them with ramps, because what happens if you're about to kill, and walk on a portal? No coming back for ten seconds, and even if you could, your enemy is gone or dead from another. The same goes for catching enemies, you are chasing them, they turn a corner.. And there are 2 portals.. Which do you pick? (This may not happen due to the level design, but the first still applies, and portals generally do not fit hero arenas).

    Why is the quick-shield a game feature? It seems to be more like an escape ability (Unless it took so much work as to call it a feature?)

    Heroes, (In my opinion) are oversized. I recommend lowering the scale by .2 - .4, dependent on the model.

    In the pyro video, I saw that the ability researching was done through very small "Buttons" (Not sure, couldn't see). If you're in a fight, and you gain a level, you have to click on that small section (Assuming that's what upgrades the abilities), and misclicking could potentially lose the fight for you.

    Create a custom dialog, and a custom message system. Not only will you be bringing in new features, SC2's system cuts off text very quickly.

    Change the colors for floating text dependent of the damage type (In the videos you have numbers spamming, and I couldn't tell where the damage stemmed from).

    I watched the other hero video, Morbius, and here's some feedback:

    Fix the numbers under each requirement, if you don't know how to do that, you're free to pm me @5pm - 9pm est (The reason I assume you don't know how to do that is because many map-makers have that bug in their maps, so don't worry - you're not the first, nor the last).

    "Water Globes", "Combo Points", "Swords", whatever you want to call them. They're (In my opinion) very overused. There are many unexplored fields with rogue-styled characters, and I recommend you find an alternative to combo points. I won't give out any ideas, because I'm using them in my map, but it only took me and my friend 2 hours of brainstorming to find a very good alternative.

    The abilities don't fit to him. Where does water go in conjunction with Zeratul?
    Dreyeyce, assuming you do have a degree in game design, why would you create water abilities and choose the Zeratul model?
    In every game, character actions should fit the model and the theme of the game.
    Zeratul is more suited to have stealth-based abilities, stemming around his blade and face-mask.


    The ui looks pretty damn good (Nothing unique though, but that's thanks to the hundreds of RPGs and Hero Arenas, both in WC3, SC-SC2, and independent games).
    The icons look good too.

    Main Cons:

    The pre-release was a bad choice. Had the presentation been better (Bad music choice, bad video orientation, you guys being very cocky (This is not in my opinion, many people feel similarly)), then people would be kinder to you.
    By creating all this fuss, you gave people an expectation (and a lot of speculation) about the map, and how good it's going to be.
    This is obviously NOT the case, as stated in the Cons and by the other 50 posts that feel the same way on this thread.
    There are also an EXTREME amount of poor game-design choices, and that is only from watching 3 2-minute videos and reading two posts.

    To fix the main cons, you should:
    1 - Fuck the release date, do what blizzard does. Don't announce any release date. People will criticize you for announcing the map (something NO game company or indie modders should do more then a month from release, but they still do), but people will criticize you MUCH MORE, if you release a game that doesn't live up to the advertising (Which you guys spent a LOT of time on, from convincing the mods to news your images periodically, to creating videos and this thread).
    2 - Stop acting cocky. You may be thinking, I don't act cocky, what is this guy saying?
    A few examples:
    Notably, in the video, near to the end, it says "Impressed?", and, quite frankly, I wasn't.
    The whole of post #113.
    I am sure that there are several more posts of that sort on this thread, but I am not going to go through and look for them, for my time and your pride.
    Act modest, and react kindly when people appreciate your map.

    That's pretty much it.

    Edit: Morbius has a blink bug

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    posted a message on How do you make text glow?

    You should've tried it out - yes.

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    posted a message on How do you make text glow?

    UI - Display text crawl for (All players) with title Title, text Text, and max duration 3.0 seconds (play Birth Sound once, and loop Type Sound as characters type)

    Makes it glow

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    posted a message on [Tutorial] String to Text

    Yes, I realize that this is impossible.
    I checked every function that text uses, and none of them do anything.

    Comparing text to text in order to create an ABC (If letter1 = a, then set stringLetter1 = a) does not work either, because it does not compare an actual value, but a link to a file, which obviously doesn't fit.

    Anyone who is intrested in using text as a condition simply do the following:
    Create a condition using any variable
    Leave the window, and change variable type to "text"
    Go back and you can now compare text, although it's mostly useless.

    Well, there's still a tutorial on how to make a shitty version of String2Text.

    Sorry if i got anyone's hopes up.

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    posted a message on [Tutorial] String to Text

    Wow.. I realize my mistake, my bad.
    No, grenegg, I was confused with the (game text for (entered chat string)).

    Looking for more ways.

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    posted a message on [Tutorial] String to Text

    @Mille25: Go

    Look man I haven't mapped in 8 months, this shit is blurry.

    Also, for some reason it didn't upload to last post, should upload here.

    Edit: Keuken, that may actually be beneficial.. back in wc3 they had maps where people had to do something or they were desynced, and now it is much easier to give people admin and vip statuses.

    Edit 2: Now I can get some sleep..

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    posted a message on [Tutorial] String to Text

    Ok, I found it.

    Download map below for the thing. You can see that it takes one argument of text and one of string.

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    posted a message on [Tutorial] String to Text

    Checking another native..

    Edit: You don't need T2S for giving people admin

    Edit 2: Ok I found one -

    Data Table - Save (Screen button 1) as "Value" in the Global data table
    Variable - Set Text = (Text of ("Value" from the Global data table) for 1)

    "Value" is a string, which can be read by text.
    00:00:02.19 Trigger Error in 'gt_S2TCore_Func': Could not get 'text' from parameter in 'UIDisplayMessage' (value: 65535)

    Still looking, chances are slim though.

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