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    posted a message on [TD] Starbenog 0.6

    @Schwick: Go Quite possibly the worst map I have played on Battle.Net. Seriously needs balancing as poison is single target, does less damage per hit than fire, and in the end, is forced to get a fire builder to even get kills because fire has splash and poison doesn't.

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    posted a message on [Library] Hero Selection v3.0.1 Final

    How well does this work on the edge of a map? Does it require space around the point to allow the units to be placed?


    • I would like to recommend some way of giving cloak detection to all the players when selecting heroes. Some units which may have permanent cloak, will be cloaked and invisible to the player till they select it. Nova for example.
    • Aircraft units are also not viewable as they are too high up. Any way to make them visible with the library?
    • Ban hero system? Would make a very nice system for games where people can ban heroes.
    • [Not sure if implemented already] Take turn hero selection. Each player picks there hero after the next, with a "Waiting for player to pick" dialog at the bottom till that person picks. Team 1 pick hero, team 2 pick hero, team 1 pick hero, team 2 pick hero.
    • Item shop version. Walk into a store, and you get your items you could buy laid out in front of you like a shop.

    This Library is amazing, I am quite surprised at how easy it is to simply select a hero, give it some text, and an icon and the rest is setup for you.

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