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    posted a message on [2.0.4]Fix your map with "Override Player Option"

    thank you for this !

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    posted a message on Ability range

    the ability range indicators were broken on multi-level abilities in the past. THe most recent patch said something about range indicators working properly and I think it even gave some quick comment of instruction. I recommend checking the patch notes and trying again. I never fixed my ability ranges after the update but I do remember that it was mentioned. Sorry I cant help more. But at least point you in proper direction.

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    posted a message on * Add Duration time to behavior *

    Elaborating on Obatztrara's solution: make sure you use a switch effect as the final effect on the behavior. The switch case should be validated by the dummy behavior and "fallthrough" should be unchecked. Then set the default effect in the switch to kill the unit.

    When the first behavior duration ends it will run the switch effect. The switch will run the cases in order checking the validators on each case. The first validated case without fallthrough checked will end the switch. If none of the cases are validated, the default effect will process for the end of the switch.

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    posted a message on Night of the Dead : Spec Ops


    Our map name has changed!! The new name is

    "Night of the Dead Spec Ops"

    the old name was "NotD: Spec Ops". The colon (:) in the name was disabling replay saves.

    For the moment, both maps are still hosted on US server. The NotD named version will be removed from the server soon.

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    posted a message on WoW Model-Pack Requests


    Are there any death animations for any of the Trees? I downloaded a few of the tree packs and they only have stand animation. Is this because they dont have any death animation in wow or because you didnt export the animations.

    To be more specific, i am looking for tree models that have a "falling down" type animation. All the trees in sc2 only have fire/creep death and its not workable for what I need.


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    posted a message on Recording Replays Button

    Malkavian recently solved this problem on our map by removing "illegal" characters from the published map name.

    For example: Our map was published as "NotD: Spec Ops". The colon was an illegal character for replay names. We removed the colon (:) from the published name and now replay saving is enabled.

    I do not know anymore of the illegal character list but I will assume that ;, :, -, =, symbols , etc. are considered illegal.

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    posted a message on Night of the Dead : Spec Ops

    Park Rampage mode has been added, along with many new changes. Park Rampage will offer you a change of pace should you need to take a break from regular gameplay. As with fluffy hunt, select the mode from lobby before starting. Various achievements can be earned in this mode.

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    posted a message on Night of the Dead : Spec Ops

    we have added a new game mode called "FLUFFY HUNT" selectable by the host from the lobby screen. For those of you who played notd2 or notdso in war3 you should be familiar with the concept. You start and have 15 mins to explore the map and collect items and pick a position to defend. You will only be level 2 maximum during the actual fight. When the timer ends 30 slashers/devourers are released to kill you. Survive the fluffies and you earn special achievements related to them. There are 3 achievements for Fluffy Hunt Mode.

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    posted a message on Night of the Dead : Spec Ops

    @malkavianVision: Go

    we added a newbie mode in which marines are buffed, enemies are handicapped and achievements and xp gain are severely reduced. The purpose is to allow new players to survive longer and understand the game mechanics better.

    THE HOST OF THE GAME must type "-newbiemode" within the first minute of gameplay to initiate this mode. If successfully done you will see a yellow text message stating that newbie mode is on.

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    posted a message on [Outdated] SC2Layout Files: How to adjust them
    Quote from felixed: Go

    Is there any way to edit GameUI.SC2Layout or InventoryPanel.SC2Layout so that the inventory is open by default?

    This is the same question I have.

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    posted a message on Night of the Dead : Spec Ops

    If anyone can help with the following issues please speak up. Do you know anything about increasing the size of the default inventory and inventory container icons/buttons? Can't make item use transient. Can't resize the buttons to my knowledge. Stacking functions for items are completely awful and incomplete.

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    posted a message on Night of the Dead : Spec Ops

    Thank you for all of your feedback!! S3rius has pushed us to run some publicity for awhile now. We took our time polishing the map beyond its original public beta form and created a 2nd much more "informative" trailer before launching a PR campaign.

    The older trailer is a bit more action packed, the new trailer is much more informative. Please visit us in the sc2 channels on US and EU, or post on this thread, or post on our official bnet threads, and/or visit our forums.

    We DO read and internalize nearly every feedback we get from the community. However, be aware that our goal is EXTREME DIFFICULTY survival map, NOT cheeseball, easy to finish, solo map.

    -Please note that you can play alone with AI as allies. Add a medic in your lobby and he will have AI to use his skills (not items). Additionally you must learn his skills for him. All computer players have AI to follow the player designated as "primary leader". Use this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the map.

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    posted a message on Start listing things that annoy you about the editor and I'll give to Blizzard

    Data Editor:

    -tooltips on ALL fields, tooltips, tooltips, tooltips, tooltips... did i mention tooltips!?

    -learn ability and items are currently not able to be transient. Please fix this, they were transient capable in war3 and should be an easy fix.

    -the inventory system leaves MUCH to be desired: the hotkeyable slots in an inventory type ability are limited to 6 and should be higher limit, you cannot separate carry vs equip behaviors on items in the hotkeyable inven slots, the size of icons for both hotkey and container type item slots are not changeable, you cannot view the items in another player's hero inventory (hotkey slots), you can only view the items carried by another player's hero item container IF they have the same type of container, the triggers for inventory items are terrible and need MUCH help, why do they index items by the order they were picked up instead of by the slot they are occupying!?

    -did I mention tooltips for the data editor fields yet?

    -32 ability limit on units is too low, I used these up very very quickly. blizz mentioned a possible increase to this limit months ago but never followed through. the limit of 32 Command card icons is annoying but more reasonable since it is per CC not per unit.

    -actor events field needs copy paste support (not within one unit by right click copy/paste). Copy the entire events+ field from one unit to another like you can with 99% of other data editor fields.

    -allow us to change flags/attributes on units DURING game. For example a unit learns an ability that gives it large armor bonus, you cannot add the "armored" flag/attribute to it during game upon learning this ability.

    -did i mention tooltips on ALL fields in the data editor?

    -some basic descriptions for commonly used terms in the data editor. Example: what exactly is "source" vs "caster" vs "origin"!?

    -queue-able inventory manipulation that existed in war3. Currently if you queue your unit to pick up an item, drop another item, and pick up another item it will fail. Also, imagine that you have 6 inventory slots and 1 of them is a stackable item. You have 4 slots occupied and you que your unit to pickup an item and then pickup another item that will stack with an item you already have, and finally pick up another item. Your unit will pick up the first item and the 2nd item, which instantly stacks into your existing item stack but temporarily filled your 6th slot and causes the last order to pickup another item to be canceled. All of these things were possible in war3 using shift and queues.

    Other changes/requests: -increase max file size from 10.5 MB to something realistic like 30 MB. In war3 we had an 8 MB limit and the models/sounds/icons/textures etc were all of much lower quality/lower filesize formats which made 8 MB reasonable. We moved several years into the future and increased the data requirements/file formats for all these objects and you only gave us 2 more MB to use?????

    -CROSS REGION SUPPORT!!! MOST of the custom map communities are cross region groups of players who are now unable to play the games they love with their friends. It is simple solution, DISABLE ladder/league on a single global server for custom maps only.

    -Please pay more attention to the custom mapping community and less attention to the ladder players. The custom mappers have increased the lifetime of your previous games (sc, wc3) by at least 5 years each which earns you more money through continued sales of your games which became outdated. You announced the patch 1.2 changes and then spent 5 WEEKS internally and publicly testing the miniscule changes to ladder and implemented 0 additional map editor changes in that 5 weeks. This includes things you hinted that we would get such as playername to string, increased ability limits per unit, etc.

    P.S. thank you blizzard for suddenly acting like you care about custom mappers, and thank you for creating this thread and good luck with your project.

    P.S.S. Did i mention that the data editor needs TOOLTIPS ON ALL FIELDS!?

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    posted a message on [Info] Patch 1.2 Undocumented Changes

    <<quote 253836> - whenever an item is equipped, the behavior it grants does not disappear from the unit when the item is removed. <</quote>>

    this greatly concerned me, but I just tested and I do not have this issue.

    Are you talking about "equipped behavior" or "carry behavior" ? Are you talking about default index slots on an inventory ability (aka the hotkey slots) or do you mean slots inside a container which have "equip" enabled?

    the hotkey slots have always had no method to disable equip behaviors and hence i find them mostly useless.

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    posted a message on Unit reaquiring random target after each shot?

    @BorgDragon: Go

    ok i seem to have found a solution to this for melee attacks. The key components are a dmg response behavior and a behavior that periodically issues an attack order.

    I have attached a test map that implements it. Any customized things in the map are with editor prefix "TEST" so u can find all of them quickly. In the test map you have groups of marines surrounding abberrations and brutalisks. Try dancing the aberrations and it will work. Now try dancing the brutalisks (they dont have the following behaviors) and they will not dance. Once they acquire an attack target they stick with that target until it dies or they exhaust their chase range on their weapon.

    The following items must be created in the data editor: (1) Target Sort (1) Validator (3) effects (1 issue order, 1 search area, 1 apply behavior) (3) behaviors (all 3 buffs)

    In my example I use an aberration as the boss that will "dance" or always prioritize attacking someone that is attacking him.

    • First make a BEHAVIOR - "Attacking Aberration" that has short duration. I used 1.0 second.
    • Next make an apply behavior EFFECT - "Attacking Aberration (APPLY)" with behavior field set to "attacking aberration".
    • Next make another BEHAVIOR - "Mark Attackers" with combat dmg response chance = 1 and handled effect = "Attacking Aberration (APPLY)" and make sure the dmg response location is set to "defender".
    • Next make a unit compare behavior count type VALIDATOR - "Target is attacking aberration" and set the behavior to "Attacking Aberration" and the value to 1.
    • Next make a compare behavior type TARGET SORT - "Attacking Aberration". Set the behavior to "attacking aberration" and the value to 1.
    • Next make an issue order type EFFECT - "Attack the Attacker". Set the ability to attack. set the target+ to target unit and the unit+ to source unit. Also set the effect validator to the one you just created.
    • Next make a search area EFFECT - "Find Attackers". Set the Search Area+ fields to your desired radius and the effect to "Attack the Attacker" and the max count to 1. Now set the Target Sorts field to "Attacking Aberration" and TSDistance (or w/e additional sorts you desire). With request count and percentage set to 1.
    • Next make a buff BEHAVIOR - "Acquire Attacker". Set the periodic effect to your search area effect you just made. Set the period to w/e you desire, I used 0.5 secs.
    • Finally go to whatever units you want to have this "dancing" type AI and give them 2 behaviors: "Mark Attackers" and "Acquire Attacker".

    Additional Notes: You can give the "Acquire Attacker" behavior to any enemy units you want and they will dance as well if there is one of the boss units with "mark attackers" behavior in the fight. This is highly useful for using a large hp boss to make all the creeps on screen play monkey in the middle or hot potato if you so desire.

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