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    posted a message on Units in Range Matching Condition missing

    Sorry for the Bad Explain but my English still Sucks (: But I have more Problems now sorry that I came to you with so much Questions .

    Need more Triggers that I have in Warcraft 3 but can't find them in SC2

    Set Variable_Group[2] = (Random 1 units from Variable_Group[1])


    (Number of units in Variable_Group[2]) bigger then 0

    and at last

    How can I find the Trigger to do some DMG on the Enemy theres only a Trigger that Causes 100% and sonone but I wan't to write that in DMG Like 100Damage and so one.

    And the Screenshot that he Attached work so I need only Help with this Triggers .

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    posted a message on Units in Range Matching Condition missing

    Thanks for Help but I can't find It so right , I need It in a Variable

    The Warcraft 3 Trigger looks so .

    Set Variable [ 1 ] = (Units within 88.00 of Variable matching ((((Matching Unit) is a Building ) Ungleich True) and ((((Matching Unit) is a Air Unit) Ungleich True) and ((((Matching Unit) is dead) Ungleich True) and ((Matching Unit) Ungleich Variable)

    I need this for a Spell . Hope you can Help me Again or someone else and sorry I am not so good in Galaxy Editor .

    And my Next Question is I need (Number of Units in Variable[2]) > 0

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    posted a message on Units in Range Matching Condition missing

    Hey Guys .

    I have a Problem in the World Editor from Warcraft 3 was a function "Units in Range Matching Condition" but It isn't in Galaxy Editor. In Galaxy Editor there are only a bit Different functions like , "Units in Unit Group Matching Condition" and so on , but I need Units in Range did i miss something .

    Thanx for Help .

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    posted a message on StarCraft II - In-Game Cinematic/Machinima

    Very good work I liked it , but with some Voice It were 10Times better , but really good Job and good work that u can do something simaliar like that .

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    posted a message on Custom Map Tournament - THE Card Game

    Hey Guys I wanna play to but i don't have a Partner at this time . If someone needs a Partner just Sign us Up and PM me .

    I will try to do my best in the Map then ;)

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    posted a message on I just watched the most awesomest movie ever.

    My Sister watched it too , she said It was one of the best Movies and she was very Impressed . I gonna watch it tonight too and will Feedback then (:

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    posted a message on Starlock - Warlock remake

    Very good work played this Map in Warcraft3 very often. Hope to get a good Release (:

    If u can't Publish it on EU Servers I can do it for EU Servers If u wan't Only PM Me . But i think the Lava is too fast in the real Warlocks it was Slower I think .

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    posted a message on Science and Industry [Work in Progress]

    Looks really cool but I think you must Edit your Camera and Light Options so far because it doesn't look soo good . But really really Good work so far .

    The Idea is nice too , so I am waiting for your Map and hope It will be released soon .

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    posted a message on DotU Beta Sign Up

    I applied for Beta Tester . The only thing I thought is the Night I think its too Dark It doesn't look so Real but the rest is good .

    You can watch at my Map If you need some Info what i mean theres a Screenshot at Night .

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    posted a message on Real Life RPG

    Thanks for Feedback (:

    @Ash4meD More Terrain will come soon I try to Perfect this Bank then new Screens after that new Terrain (:

    @PersistentMemory Thnx for the good Feedback glad to hear that you are Impressived (:

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    posted a message on [Library] Hero Selection v3.0.1 Final

    Have a problem did all things like in the Guide , but the Folder , Triggers names and so on are all Broken there is no Letter . Idk what this is and why this is only for me and an Friend but thnx for Answers .

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    posted a message on Real Life RPG


    SC2Mapster / Maps Link will come Later . Forum: WIP

    Status: Development We try to get Weekly Updates like Screenshots Videos and so on .


    • A better Light System
    • Complete Terrain Details
    • Bank
    • Car Drive System
    • Rail System
    • Sex Selection
    • Inventory System
    • Save & Load
    • Custom Loading Screen
    • Camera Selection
    • Job System - This will take the longest Time i think.
    • Toll System
    • Streets
    • Better Chat System
    • Car Shop
    • Second and Thirt City
    • Minigames for Casinos
    • Meeting Points
    • Weather System
    • House System
    • Third Person Camera
    • More will come

    The Map will be Played by 10 Players , you can Drive on the Streets to the Next City or you can use the Train . The Train will only Drive to settet Times , and Cars can you buy in the Car Shop . And you can take or put your Money from the Bank at Every Cash Dispenser .

    You can work to get Money or you can Steal Money from the Bank . Jobs be Avaiable are:

    • Police Officer
    • Train Driver
    • Banker
    • Drug Dealer
    • House Seller
    • Car Seller

    More Jobs will come for Ideas , you can write that in this Thread and I will try to Implent them in the Map . Another future I have Planned is to have hes Own Home / House and you will get Everytime you Play on One of the Real Life RPG Maps you get a House in the Size you bought . A Third Person Camera is Planned and is next on the List .

    Im open for Every Idea you have so Post it here and I thought about it . Now One Alpha Screenshot from the Bank infront .

    bank The Lights and Terrain will be more cooler in the next Update .

    Map will only Made in Germany from me , if someone other is Interested at the End to Translate it , he can do it but before ask me .

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