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    Sounds to me like you'd pretty much have to make a new unit (corpse), then edit all the old units to spawn one when they die (or do it with triggers) assigned to player 0, neutral. The corpse unit would of course have to have no abilities, and in fact, not be able to move. Then you'd just have to have the cannibalize ability only target corpse units.

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    Wow, that bank looks impressive! I wish I had better hardware to really see that in game.

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    [Steal this idea]

    I was going to make a map like this, but then I realized that it was probably already made, given the influx of Third-Person-Shooter type maps. In case it hasn't, someone should feel free to make it, because I have already found other projects to work on.

    The idea is a map that combines both a normal RTS play style along with a Third or Pseudo-First Person Shooter style. Each team would have two players - the main player plays normally while his ally controls a hero in a Third-Person-Shooter style.

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