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    Hey all, I used to map on the original SC and I recently tried the editor in SCII and was super impressed with the degree in which you can customize every aspect of the game. I am a great level / story designer, effects and terrain creater, and I am decent at modifying and creating new units. Areas I currently struggle are cool dialog menus and complex triggers. After watching many tutorials by various players, mostly OneTwoSC, I feel I would make a good addition to a crew in need of map creation. However, I've seen a lot of complex map ideas, I would love to work with a team of mappers to recreate some of my favorite and most memorable maps from the original SC, such as Mole Hunt, Lava / Volcano Run, Cat and Mouse, Night of the Living Dead, and other various classic maps. I can be reached ingame @ Project.365, PM, or via this thread, hope to hear back from someone interested in grouping up.

    Thanks, Project41

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    Hey, I am attempting to recreate Mole Hunt from the original SC, after filling the map with Zerg Spires, I realize the graphical lag of the map is huge and was wondering if I could remove the animation and other nonessential data used in the Spires AKA "Dirt" if it would make the map playable. Thanks, can reach me @ Project.365 or reply in post, thanks.

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