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    It is the art, that is how they get you. They own the art (Models/Textures) of the game, by posting a video you are making a derivitive work, which is how they can hold it on copyright grounds. It has nothing to do with the name etc ... anyone could potentially go trademark World of Starcraft today and if it wasn't already trademarked, then even with all of Blizzard/Activison's money and power, I doubt they would be successful at getting it revoked, simply because if you have that much money and you wanted the name, you should have trademarked it earlier.

    You are living my dream mate. Everything I do in the SC2 editor is simply to get noticed by a gaming company, such as Riot, Valve or Blizzard itself and make it as a game designer, this is simply because of one moment in time - back in late 2004 I gave Icefrog a Dota-like map engine, regardless how much my map sucked - it was the ideas behind the engine that were important - he used those ideas to further Dota along and now he is cashing in on it.

    There are many people like me that contributed to Dota over the years, and are missing out. Why should Icefrog get all the cash? All he was ever truly good at was seeing the potential in other people's work, and piecing it together like a jigsaw puzzle. Dota is merely a collection of derivitive works, nothing more ... Icefrog has never once been a good designer nor has he ever been transparent about anything ... this is a bad thing.

    This is the world of mod making ...

    Go for it mate, never forget who you are.

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    Ezera mate,

    You have two maps right?

    Phantom II (SEA) and 1 Million Ultralisks ... lets start with Map number 1.

    Phantom II was bloody awesome before you touched it ... short history lesson for anyone not on SEA ... you contacted Arminius, asked him for the source code to the map, added a bunch of retarded, unbalanced heroes and new units, added cheats for yourself, and published it under the same name!?

    Come the f.... on mate ... you are giving us SEA peeps a bad name. So you butchered the only decent map ever to come out of SEA, without adding any triggering yourself (with the exception of said cheats) and had the nerve, the nerve to call it your own. And then, you completely f'ed up your last upload with having 4 computer players who can't even play Phantom so no one even plays your map anymore on SEA ... everyone has gone back to Arminius's original map.

    The 1 Million Ultralisks is with out doubt the worst lag fest, unpolished map, I have ever came across. You only got people playing it because they thought it was an upgrade of 1 Million Zerglings which is an amazing map. You have huge bottle necks, in that map, nothing that makes it unique.

    Now, you really have the nerve to come on here asking if you can advertise in 1 Million Ultralisks ... seriously ... are you even from SEA or what!?

    I am ashamed you are my brother, seriously, learn more and make some really nice polished maps.

    For anyone who think's I am flaming him, read what I wrote carefully, and stay out of SEA Internal Affairs :)

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    This has been common practice in Activison RTS games since Dark Reign (1997), if you read the Dark Reign Map Construction Kit TOS they own all rights.

    I do not personally agree with this, but in practice, it is logical, because you are using their terrains, models, doodads etc, and this stops you selling the maps for money through a third party. They have already stated that you will be able to sell maps in the Marketplace, but this statement is just to basically stop you from selling maps via a third party.

    There has been cases where they have allowed a licence third party to sell maps (about 13 years ago), and Activision would take a cut of the profits. This would be the same in principle as the marketplace, where they basically allow you to licence your maps to sell it and take a cut of profits, however, you will be dictated to as to what % you receive, the same as Apple. In fact, it appears that Blizzard after the merger with Activision is going down Apples road of becoming a pain in the ass Dictatorship to work with.

    Starcraft / Warcraft / Dark Reign all thrived off user created content. The last thing they would want to do is piss off the content creators and have no new content made for the game. That being said, they have to stop people charging money for maps made with their tools, which is near impossible as any map protection would have to be written into the game, because as we know, digital files are all too easy to copy.

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