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    posted a message on Halo Wars, anybody?
    Quote from zeldarules28: Go

    Is anybody working on a halo wars kind of map? It might go aginst blizz policy if you use names and models from halo wars, but the gameplay, I mean. (You know, base slots, reactors, supply)...I was not a fan of it because sc2 is way better, but still. Just wondering.

    if you cant tell by my name, im a huge halowars fan :P i was in the process of creating a halo wars mod based on the 360 game without all the bugs/glitchs/unballances. i messed around with creating the same building proccesses but i have not had time to keep on going with it since school recently started. ill upload my maps with the building triggors if you want me to. i was also a bit worried about making it since it might go against blizzards policy, so i was just going to rename all the units and add a couple more. anyway p.m for the details if you want them.

    also, i would finish it, but creating the units takes waaaaayyy too long so if anyone is willing to do it for me i would create all the maps and triggors.

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    posted a message on KotE Mod

    hey sc2mapster!

    i recently created a new game mode for melee called King of the Earth. the objective of this game mode is to control nodes around the map that appear and dissappear. every second you hold a node will grant you 1 point. 500 points to win!

    also, after you have gained 120 points, you start gaining 100 minerals for each additional 15 seconds the nodes are held. alternatively you could just strait up kill your opponent while he scrambles for the nodes!

    anyways, i need feedback on this idea and any constructive comments are appreciated. (still awaiting approval if the link doesnt work)

    thanks :)

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    posted a message on [Contest] Minigame

    This is my submission based on the game Mine Sweeper. it doesnt look as fun as any of the other submissions or as complete, but oh well, it works and its based on a nice small game =)

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