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    posted a message on Popular SC2 Map maker - recruit me

    Hi guys, I am the creator of the popular Starcraft2 map Evolves Classic. Here is a video I made of it in action:

    At this time, it is the 5th most popular custom SC2 map. I'm looking to get in on a more challenging or interesting project and something that is not so blatantly based on existing ideas. I'm a computer science student with a strong knowledge of programming, I have an excellent creative eye, and I know how to make a fun, enjoyable, popular map, as evidenced by my version of Evolves. I have a basic understanding of art assets(but it is far from my strong point) and am developing my understanding of complex SC2 map making. I am also an excellent scenario and dialog writer.

    Basically, I want to see who thinks I'd be a valued member of an existing team or who would want to join up with me. I think I'm more interested in joining a very cohesive team(team website, frequent contact, constantly improving our work), as opposed to helping someone make 1 map or helping someone develop 1 set of triggers or whatever.

    Anyway, I don't mean to toot my own horn, I just want people to be aware of my strengths so they can determine if I'm right for their group. Let me know if anyone is interested and please provide examples of past work/experience. Thanks a lot for reading this.

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    posted a message on Need logic help with buggy script

    Hi guys, I've set up the following script to control victory conditions in an evolves map I wrote. There is a separate trigger for each player's victory, this is the one for player 1. What happens is that when a player LOSES, the dialog will spam "playerblah was victorious!" hundreds of times until the player actually leaves the map. The trigger for losing does not appear to be faulty, as it is saying they were defeated and THEN the victory trigger spams.

    So anyway, the code is below. It's pretty self-explanatory, but I can explain it if it's needed. The issue is slightly complicated by the fact that the map can be played either ffa or 2v2. So, it needs to account for allies possibly still being alive. Thanks for any help.

    Victory Player 1
            Player - Player Any Player leaves the game with Any
        Local Variables
                    (Status of player 1) == Playing
                            (Player 1 treats player 2 as Enemy) == false
                            (Status of player 2) != Playing
                            (Player 1 treats player 3 as Enemy) == false
                            (Status of player 3) != Playing
                            (Player 1 treats player 4 as Enemy) == false
                            (Status of player 4) != Playing
            Game - End game in Victory for player 1 (Show dialogs, Show score screen)
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