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    posted a message on Color Overlay on Unit

    OK so I saw a video of that Touhou map and the creator found a way to put a color overlay on his units.

    Anyone know how I can go about doing this?  I need it for my Metal Slug map.


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    posted a message on Marine Vertical Aim Animation

    Sup guys I could use some help. I'm want to edit the model for the marine and add an animation where he aims directly up. How can I go about doing this?

    Can I use that autodesk model editor program? I don't know how to add animation sequences to a model with it >.> I'm a complete noob when it comes to model animation but if you can give me some pointers I think I can pull it off.

    Also, are custom models saved with the map file? So people don't have to download 3rd party mods?


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    posted a message on Multiplayer Map Tags

    There's sooo many single player maps and seemingly few multiplayer maps. Right now, trying to find a mutiplayer map through all the other single-player maps is difficult.
    Could you guys at sc2mapster add an optional multiplayer map tag to the already existing ones (ex Tower Defense, Minigame,e tc)? It'll make things waaay easier.

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    posted a message on SC2 AC130K MAP (Need help) +video

    I really like your idea so let me try and help you out as much as I can.
    It looks like you're setting up your abilities using triggers... you can also accomplish this using the data editor but its a little more difficult to pull off but I think it'll come out much smoother.

    A: Create a unit (ex Marauder) and give him the 140mm cannon, machine gun, etc abilities. Make sure you set up the actors and models for the effects (impact and launch) of the abilities and dont forget to create the unit/actor for the projectile itself. Create a trigger with an periodic event (say every .2 seconds) to keep moving that unit to a position underneath the camera. Bind your guns to the action "issue order to target point" and set the unit to the marauder, the abilities to the cannon abilities, and the target to the position of the mouse click.

    B: Like i said before... Try using the data editor to pull of those impact effects instead. Create an action actor with the nuke model and link it to the impact effect of the launch missile effect of the cannon's abilities. This should do the trick.

    C: I dont know how to do this without mouse clicks... There are actions to set mouse rotation on/off and set the mouse rotation pitch/yaw but I couldn't get it to work...

    D: I have no idea :D

    Good luck

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    posted a message on Galaxy Editor - Tech Demo Version 1

    any new progress on your map man? those custom abilities you made were AWESOME. some pretty skillful scripting.

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    posted a message on SC2 Small Game - Tetris
    Quote from Demonette: Go

    @vjeux: Go

    Do you know that there was somebody who had played Tetris with Supply Depots ingame ( without a mod )? Some people got to much time i think, but it's looking quite cool.

    Maybe there will be later also a mod to play Tetris with depots.


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    posted a message on Supply Depot Tetris v1.2


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    posted a message on Simple Flight Simulator

    pretty impressive there dude i think you're on to something. i see simulated aerial dogfights in the future.

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    posted a message on Supply Depot Tetris v1.2

    This is a mini-game map that I've spent a lot of time on.
    It's Tetris but with supply depots!
    And you'd think something simple like Tetris would be easy to make.
    But this map required over 3,000 lines of script!
    Has a line counter, next block window, and scoreboard.
    Has Hard and Soft Drop.
    Has 10 levels.
    Every level gets more difficult (of course).
    I plan on adding small intermissions between levels with some funny unit animations.
    Check it out and let me know what you think.



    Added rotating constraints. This should fix a lot of bugs.
    Added a scoreboard.
    Soft Drops will now occur the moment you push down S or Down Arrow.
    Point Formula:
    Single - 100 x Level
    Double - 300 x Level
    Triple - 500 x Level
    Tetris - 800 x Level
    Soft Drop - 1 Point per Level Dropped
    Hard Drop - 2 Points per Level Dropped

    Added Hard Drop and Slow Drop.
    Hard Drop will automatically place block in position.
    Slow Drop will increase the speed of the falling block while the bind is held down.
    Changed the Key Binds: Rotate=W or Up Arrow; Hard Drop=Spacebar; Slow Drop=Hold S or Down Arrow
    Now has 10 levels.
    Final Level difficulty greatly increased.
    Finished lines beyond line 10 will now properly be removed.
    Minor Bug Fixes

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