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    There is a "Construction" actor that seems to be related, but I'm still working on how it actually does its thing. It triggers the animations when a "Build" ability is used. I'll get back to you as I learn more.

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    Is your flare ability an "Effect Target" ability?

    One way I did it was to create an ability of type "Effect Target". I had this ability have a "Launch Missile" effect which on impact triggered a "Create Persistent" effect. Still with me?

    For this last effect ("Create Persistent") I had the "Periodic Effects" field point to a "Create Unit" effect. I also set the "Search - Reveal Flags" and "Search - Reveal Radius" fields on the persistent effect to "Unfog" and "5" respectively.

    It was a whole lot more complicated than that, but it's a general idea, I hope it's kind-a helpful anyway.

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    Thanks! That solved MY issue. The ability is called "Build in Progress", but I bet that's what you meant. I was trying to make a Marine build a Viking. The Viking would show up and be controllable immediately without the 5 sec timer I had set for it. A quick peek at the abilities on the Viking and that was it. Thanks again!

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