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    Quote from Mozared: Go

    @Benjamin385: Go


    To be honest, as far as 'pointing you in the general direction', just load up a new map and start playing with stuff. You can change what stuff you're placing by changing the 'layer' function in the top bar, everything else should point itself out. Feel free to come back when you stumble upon any problems.

    Ok, Will Do and thanks for the welcome :)

    Quote from SockWizard: Go

    Reminds me. I just compared the wc3 triggers to starcraft2 triggers. My head exploded.

    But about you, Great to see another newbie here. Your the first one to join after me! Congrats!

    Thank you for the warm welcome :)

    Really appreciate it.

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    To Be Honest

    Not bad at all. You are better than me at the moment I can promise you that.

    I am still Learning so I think your work is EPIC! but others may disagree with me...

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    It would be nice to have a beginners guide to the editor...

    I bet other newbies to the galaxy editor would also agree...

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    Hey, Why did you get rid of those videos?

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    I am new here and I am looking for some advice to make some good/Great Starcraft 2 Maps I am a Newbie to the Galaxy Editor and the SC2 Editor. I am used to making maps with tools such as the UDK (Unreal Development Kit) and Unreal Ed.

    I am a visual person more than anything and I pick up mapping tools fast.

    If someone could help me with getting to know the Starcraft 2 editor or just point me in the general direction of its documentation. I would be grateful.

    Thanks, Benjamin385

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