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    Your problem is your 'event'. If I'm not mistaken, the "Any Unit Enters <Region>" event only works if a unit actually ENTERS that specific region. As in, walks/drives/flies into it. Not if it spawns there. For a Tower Defense map, I reckon you're probably best off to add the moving actions into the same triggers that are used to spawn the new mobs with.

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    Greetings folks!

    I joined the forums earlier 'today' (it's way past 12 here >.>), but I figured I might make a more proper introduction. My (nick)name is Mozared, and I've been a pretty avid Blizzard-enthousiast since the days of Warcraft 1. I never really got a chance to play Starcraft (1) online, but got into pretty much all other Blizzard games that have been released since then, both in single- and multiplayer. You might remember me from the Wc3campaigns forums where I hung out being a young and annoying brat about... 8 years ago - or you might've seen me around on the World of Warcraft server EU-Moonglade, where I play my priest Bellu.

    Back during the Warcraft 3 times I was a fairly avid mapper, though I never actually managed to cook up something 'succesful'. The 'pinnacle' of my achievements are an Aeon of Strife (or DOTA, as it's known nowadays)-type map named Fight For Destiny, which was somewhere in between the original DOTA and the crappier AOS maps, and a fairly intensive race-mod that I never publicly released. The fact that my Fight For Destiny map was never succesful put me off from the whole 'mapping' scene a bit and basically caused me to specialize in terraining. From that point on I made a handful of terrains that were used for showcasing only, though I did work on one or two maps for various projects. Somehow, I managed to save a couple of the pictures I made:

    http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/4564/castlehall1.jpg This one is a castle hall I was working on. I never got past this initial bit, but it did show some promise, I reckon.

    http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/1933/mushroomcave.jpg Here's a really quick and random cave I did. Nothing too special.

    http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/6528/orcfort1.jpg Last but not least, the terrain I'm the most proud of - I reckon this Orc Fort is the best thing I've ever made for Warcraft 3.

    That said, Starcraft 2 has got me hyped to get back into the mapping scene, and my 'wish' right now is to, at some point, create a downright awesome 6-7 map 2-player co-op campaign that follows up on Blizzard's original Starcraft storyline. I've been thinking about setting out to gather a team for this, as I've figured that even though I do a decent job at triggering and editing, it is a hugely daunting task to start off with alone.

    That said, if you've stuck with me 'till here, I'll leave you with two pictures of (melee) maps I've done for Starcraft 2, just to get into it again. I hope to run across many of you on these forums and I hope to enjoy my stay and conversations with you lot.

    http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/8899/thermalcontact.jpg A top-down shot of my first Starcraft 2 map; Thermal Contact. It's an aggressively tuned 1v1 map on the volcanic Redstone tileset.

    http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/9146/coyotecanyon.jpg Aaand the best bit from my best Starcraft 2 map so far; Coyote Canyon. A 1v1 map on the Mar Sara tileset that is more defensively tuned.


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    @ralme360: Go



    The doodad....



    Thanks for the help!

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    First of all, hi! I'm new here - I used to be a pretty avid mapper in Warcraft 3, and have decided to pick up the skill again come Starcraft 2. I've got some grand plans revolving a multiplayer campaign for launch, but for now, I'm just doing a couple of simple melee maps to get the hang of it again.

    Which brings me to my question; how on earth do I place doodads on lower ground? This is a problem I've had earlier with a map but could then work around it. This time, I simply don't want to. I'm tired of having all my lower ground areas end in fog and wanted to create a canyon with destroyed buildings/objects in them, like you can see in several of Blizzard's melee-map (there's broken Protoss temple buildings in Lost Temple, I think).

    The problem is, I can't place half the stuff I want to place on those low bits of ground! And it's driving me nuts! I'm currently working on a Mar Sara tileset 1v1 map and want to add 'remnants' of a battle there - the destroyed bunker, battlecruiser, barracks, etc, doodads. But they refuse to stick. Other objects, like the lame tunnel entrance, work perfectly fine. How do I fix this? I know it can be done, as I've seen it done in several Blizzard maps.

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