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    Hey again folks, and welcome to already the fourth edition of the Bi-Weekly Testing Thread!

    As per an initiative from JayBorino and me, we've set up the Bi-Weekly Testing Thread, or BWTT, with the purpose of testing specific maps made by community members. What does this mean? Simple: editors in need of feedback suggest their own maps (either via PM to me or JayBorino, or by posting it in the intro thread), and we'll pick one that will be used for the BWTT.

    Within the BWTT, we don't discriminate, and as such this week we've picked a fairly unknown mapper's project and thrown it up for testing. R0binicus' newly released "Stranded on Krydon Renewed" map is a co-op survival experience that forces players to work together to defend and overcome an attacking Zerg force. A simple concept, but in a completely up-to-date rendition. You can find the map on the Arcade in all regions under the same name.

    For the next two weeks, see if you can take the time to host this map, team up with a few buddies, and post your detailed feedback here. What did you like, what did you not like? What could be improved, and possibly: how?

    This thread will stay up for two weeks, until tuesday, June 14, at which point I'll upload thread #5. Up until that point, all suggestions for maps that require testing are welcome - please put them in the general thread found here.

    Good luck and have fun to all!

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