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  • published the article Trial of Zeal

    UPDATE: Map Night/Day is being revived - Map Night is over for this week, but join again next Friday!

    Trial of Zeal by Zolstice

    Following the footsteps of the hero arena genre, Trial of Zeal is best described as a gladiator arena, pitting team versus team duels minus the leveling or item building. In addition, most projectiles in the game can be dodged or blocked through the use of obstacles, adding a new skill twist to this genre.

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  • published the article Power Grab

    Update: The second wave of beta invites has been sent out! Check your email and accounts! It is also said that community give aways will start as early as next week, which means Mapster should hopefully be getting its fansite keys soon(TM)!

    Update: Blizzard recently made some major changes to the Heart of the Swarm beta. Carriers are back, warhounds are out, and much more! You can read the full changelog here!

    Power Grab by Cototh

    Power Grab is a strategy game based on securing an economy and bolstering your forces. Vespene Geysers are scattered across the map which you can capture to gain income and unlock technology and units. With several unlockable units and abilities you can decide just how exactly you want to crush your opponent, be it teleporting infantry or mechanized war machines.

    Power Grab still has a macro side to it, though it is not to the complexity of most typical RTS games. There are Vespene Geysers scattered across the map, which you can build on to gain vespene. Mineral Depots must also be constructed to gain resources. The map is relatively strait forward with symmetrical engagement locations, and a few directions to approach from in most of them.

    Check out the thread here!

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  • published the article TitanoMachia

    For those of you wanting learn more about Heart of the Swarm, Day9 released a Terran vs Protoss Battle Report with Rob Simpson on Monday's Daily!

    Also worth mentioning is the Call for Tutorials Blizzard put up on the official forums. If you'd like your tutorial to be highlighted on the forums (reposting is not necessary) just reply to this thread with a link to your tutorial!

    TitanoMachia by Team T-Mach

    The game features two custom game modes: one where two teams battle for territorial dominance of the map by occupying and defending designated territories and another where multiple teams struggle to capture and defend strategic “nodal points” dispersed among the region.

    TitanoMachia is different than others in the MOBA genre in that the heroes (or Titans) harness and control the powers of the elements. This mechanic creates a fresh and original style of gameplay that is completely unlike any MOBA to date. In addition to that, the victory-objectives are different than your typical linear “attack and defend” method of play—battle in the Tartaros Arena is totally non-linear, requiring keen strategy and adaptability in order to achieve victory. As well, TitanoMachia does away with the traditional “item’s-based” system and introduces a completely original augmentation-system to alter your Titan’s statistics (and more!)—details on this system will be unveiled at a later date.

    If you enjoy intense, strategic team-based PvP combat that evolves across the course of a battle—constantly demanding more of you and your skills—then TitanoMachia is the perfect game for you. Be sure to check out their recruitment post as they are looking for a few more team members. In addition, feel free to follow their Developers Blog for further updates.

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  • published the article Rise of Legends

    Notice: It was suggested todays Map Night could be held on the Arcade server - Give your opinion in the thread! This would be an opportunity for the NA guys to join in as well, and for all of us to get more ratings and reviews for our maps on the beta server! Check the event box to see the time remaining until the start of Map Night!

    Rise of Legends by Zolden

    Rise of Nations was an RTS game that takes a lot of concepts from games like civilization, age of empires, and command and conquer. Rise of Legends is based off this game. Players can conquer territory on the map and then use it to build armies and cities, or attack and capture neutral cities instead. You can read more in the project thread here.

    Also, for those who are interested, Vivendi(Activision-Blizzard's parent company) is considering selling its 61% ownership of the firm. You can read more in the thread here.

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  • published the article Adventures of Goku Firebat Again!

    Community Project by You!

    We're hosting another community project here on Mapster, this time around we're going to make an entire new/playable/balanced race! We're calling all data editors, artists, and creative thinkers together, so feel free to join in the fun because we can't do it without you! ;)

    In addition, Sixen is going to be doing a Path of Exile Closed Beta Key giveaway on DiabloFans within the next day or so!

    Adventures of Goku Firebat by zenx1

    We saw the first two chapters quite some time ago, and zenx is back with three all new chapters (the last is in his thread). Doesn't seem to me like a full map project that people can download and play, just more like a movie/cinematic type thing for your enjoyment, :).

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  • published the article EU Map Night
    The EU Map Night is going on right now! Feel free to join us! Chat Channel: Sc2mapster.

    As stated in the EU Map Night thread, the event will be streamed! Feel free to check it out below, or go join in on the fun. If you wish to login to their Ventrilo Server, may as well:

    Watch live video from SC2Mapster Map Nights on >
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