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    Arrrrgh this is kinda driving me nuts. I was able to play my custom map vs. 7 (Blizzard) AIs FFA online using this multiplayer map injector but for some reason it will *NOT* work with custom AI files! I am using the patch-13 compatible method of replacing the Base.SC2Data file under Mods\LibertyMulti.SC2Mod as outlined here.

    I have already tested loading the AIs on Blizzard's maps online so I know that works. I have also tested offline loading of my custom map along with the custom AIs using SC2Allin1 launcher and that works fine but I cannot save replays and see the AIs build orders, etc. I am using WinXP Pro 32bit and as stated, the map injector works perfectly when the original Base.SC2Data is intact and playing with my custom map, but not with custom Base.SC2Data.

    Is there any way to help me troubleshoot this? Thanks for the great tool and I hope we can get it working for my purpose :)

    Edit: By the way the error I am getting is "Unable to open map" this shows up about halfway through attempting to load the game (3-5 seconds). NO MAP LOADING SCREEN appears except for the black background and green bar (*not* map bg and blue multiplayer loading bar) regardless of using proper Blizzard map or not. When using Blizz map and MapCraft usually this shows properly.

    Then when it crashes, the b.net interface disappears and I only see the planet and battlecruiser floating around. It still moves and music plays but the only thing I can see on my whole screen is the small green "friends man" bar and the little speaker indicator floating right where they would be above the actions panel as when in a game. I can click this and see my friends list and that's it. Then when I try to restore the map with MapCraft I get "An unknown swapping error has occurred". :(

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