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    @gardenofaiur: Go

    Garden, i have a request. The image of mass nydus worms really strikes the core image of zerg for me. Mass units, swarming swarming, and what better than the nydus worm to add the element of surprise and breaching to enhance it? i'll try to describe a lil scene, but feel free to modify it as you like:

    - it would be awesome if u could do a lil thing with a big nydus worm reeling it's head high out of the ground in the foreground (but with its head/mouth still visible - it's not looking straight up into the sky)

    - the position of the viewer/camera is about the same as the infestor picture - near ground level slightly angled above horizontal.

    - there are many more nydus worms in the background, some already spewing units, some just unburrowing like the foreground worm. You will see a mass wave-hoard of zerg coming from the nydus worms in the background.

    - the terrain is hilly (not flat), with the background at lower altitude. This will allow more depth, and fit more zerg units so it feels like an innumerable hoard.

    - so the hoard will feel like it really is a wave (of zerg, instead of water) b/c that hoard will be advancing in a sort of line with zerglings and banelings at the forefront. the foreground is just on the highest point of the hill.

    i hope i was clear enough to at least convey the image.

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    In TD maps, efficiency of a tower boils down to how much damage it dealt in a wave.
    My idea is to have a something like a kill counter, except it would be a "damage dealt counter" and a "number of times fired counter". What's so great about this? This information allows a player to measure efficiency of your maze/setup/individual tower placements.

    SC2 editor should be able to handle this right? In BW we were stuck with kill counters just b/c that's all we had. (In fact, i don't think it was even possible to remove it). But with SC2, there's no reason to limit ourselves to kill count when what really matters in TD for each tower is damage dealt. WE CAN DO IT!

    Just throwing the idea out there (since i'm not that great at coding yet) that a measurement for efficiency of a tower per round might be cool.

    one way:
    - Each tower can have a display above their heads (or in their info when selected)
    - Trigger Resets these values to 0 when a new round starts. So u could measure it for each round independently.
    - Extra Special Feature: Displays the sum of total damage dealt of all towers in a wave in the leader board.
    Can also display an alternate version, one that takes into account overshooting and lost damage. (i.e. a seige tank [50attack] attacking a zergling [35hp] is 15 lost damage, which would not be counted in this version of the sum value)

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    I wanted to suggest one thing, but then there was no Feedback/Suggestion section. so i'll start off by suggesting creating that.

    what i wanted to suggest originally was to have a profile area where we can type out stuff. it doesn't have to be over the top, but even a basic 500 character text area would be friggin sweet.

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    regardless of how the balance turns out (it can always be fixed and remodeled and adjusted), it's so nice to see that DOTA on SC2 is taking a new direction and not just importing and recreating the existing one. bold enough to alter something like str agi int to something else. "deadily" awesome.

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    Thor is 2 attacks, and the animation is as such. I was thinking there could be like a half broken thor, that got it's arm ripped off by an ultralisk, and it would be shooting with one arm and the other arm would have wires and sparks coming out of his shoulder. I'm sure the # of attacks is easily modifiable in the data editor, but would such a concept require a new model/actor/3d art?

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    I created 5 buttons, but 4 of them stay, but 1 continually disappears. what is the reason for this? The editor doesnt tell me why.

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    1. Have the option to be notified on the site, rather than through email. I want to keep track of if ppl respond to a thread/project, but i don't want it to spam up my email. Just like how there is a # of PM's next to your name at the top right, have one for replies, or posts on threads you are following, or just one conglomerate called "notifications"
    2. When u log in, have it return you to the page you were viewing, in the logged in state, instead of taking you to your profile page.
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