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    Hello gents & ladies,

    If you're excited of that beatufill old game Dark Omen, you can visit the biggest DO community there http://forum.dark-omen.org

    I'm an active member of this society, but pretty lazy. I see tonns of creative and superior maps over this site, and here goes my idea: why not to try recreate DO at SC2? I know there is enough members who can make this even alone; hovewer we as community could help with scripts/models/arts but we're not familiar with SC2 Editor and so forth.

    full topic is there: http://forum.dark-omen.org/omg-wartbed/inspiration-how-about-making-sc2-darkomen-mika-grend-other-modders-t764.0.html

    The only problem is to implement Warhammer rules there (dice rolls) since Starcraft is an instant damage and there is no misses at all, as well as implement unit stats. Its a very big problem and big job, but since it have thousands of implemented features * posisbilities i think it could be betetr for the game. See DoTA success, from standard WC3 Map Eitor, and SC Editor is WAY better. You can totally change of the interface & some mechanics of the game ciomparing to SC2

    Update: dice rolls could be somehow converted to % of miss chances, and we all know that WC3 have "miss chance" working perfectly well. Stats its a diffirient story, but jsut like as WC3 Starcraft2 will support heroes and WC3 heroes had soem stats. Morale and flank atatcks its another story to implement, also canon ball projective not easy to implement (cause if it fires on logner distance, you actually can shoot over your regiment just NEAR the canon; it depends of the landscape though). But all of this its a very intresting job of finds of uncommon and genious solutions for modders.

    Also i could be wrong actually, and maybe its too difficuilt to re-made Dark Omen to SC2 module but please consider it as a variant, i believe it could save tonns of work for WARTBED (including script language, map editor). The only problem i see its solution how to make it a campaing, but we could just focus on the multiplayer aspects more

    current list of problems i personally find not easy to fix via Sc2 Mape Editor (even though im absolutely have no clue about it, just common sense of the game SC2 and WC3). But i believe it could be done!

    • - landscape mechanics - uphill /lowhill ? no info
    • - morale checks. calculation of morale is a question, result of morale lose could be solved, Examples at Dota/Hon where you cant controll your hero. HoN example:Mmaiken ultimate. (sorry for you unfamiliar with HoN (Heroes of the Newerth) - round based system. partly could be solved with number/speed of attacks, just like at DO
    • - archers & artillery: miss chance: partly could be sovled with miss chance, another way to make units shoot non targeted projectives. Examples: Devouer hook from WC3 Dota. question for landscape mechanics for artillery shots
    • - banners for users & a better interface. you could change interface, including atatck/move controls. Examples: SC2mapster maps. Hard job: to make banners of the units be visible all of the time, even if you dont see regiment.
    • - regiment with hero: no idea if you can make a regiment with diffirient stats for diffirient members. but it possibly could be done.
    • - mana pool. not a problem at all. random generator every 20 seconds.
    • - items: i havent seen items at SC2 yet, i see Dota game at the game lsit so i think its already solved, examples: WC3
    • - charge effects: it will be harder, no idea how to fix yet.
    • - making armies. its sovled, example: Unit Tester maop fro mSc2 mapster, pretty simple itnerface for buing units pre-game. could be improved for sure.
    • - saving armies after battle. pretty hard job, no idea yet. if get solved, open ups solo campaings
    • - scaling up the view; zoom in, zoom out. already solved, example: BattleCraft Sc2 map.
    • - changing controls for the units/ interface. could be chanegd at SC2 main option partly. not a big issue
    • - unit formations: row numbers & effect of it, square formations, etc.
    • - different speed on different terran. i think it solvable.
    • - decrease LAG of using 1000-1500 models at the same time at one screen. this one seems the toughest for me

    below some insipring pics from original DO






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    goddamit i tried everything but it doesnt works for me see print screen ( i even deleted US folder

    http://i50.tinypic.com/98vklu.jpg could some1 help me with localizing this map for EU (and perhars upload it by huimself to EU?)


    map is awesome, but i cant play non localized, and current latest version at EU server is 1.1 (at least popular one)

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