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    posted a message on [Showcase] Hammer's Models

    Awesome work Hammer, I sent you a PM, was wondering if you had the chance to read it.

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    posted a message on Weaponless marine/specter

    Any one knows where i can find a weaponless marine and specter models?

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    posted a message on Counter-Strike Mod


    I made a top down view Counter-Strike mod that can be used to turn any map into a cs map, simply add the mod to your map's dependency, then place down the following units: bomb site A/B, Shop CT/T and you're good to go.

    I released an example map that uses the mod, it's called "Counter-Strike: Siberia", feel free to try it and leave some feedback.


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    posted a message on Selling upgraded towers how?

    @ElBushido: Go

    the easiest way is fix the cost of the towers accordingly and give them salvage.

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    posted a message on [SOLVED][Actors] SetScale Problems

    @Trinseno: Go

    For the buff scale use "Behavior.NameOfBehavior.On" setscale For the upgrade scale there are many ways to do this, the one you're following i have no experience with, i suggest to look at upgrades that do similar things in the game, for example take a look at the one that upgrades the missile turret to a stronger missile turret (in the campaign) or the one that upgrades the bunker

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    posted a message on Wanderer unit wander not
    Quote from XLIIVI: Go

    With wander behavior, attack acquire problem there is. If aggressive the wanderer is then wander not will he. Suppress attack, react not the unit should

    ok, if i understand you correctly, your problem is that when the wanderer finds a target it attacks it instead of keep wandering? You want to suppress its attack so that it always wanders and never attacks when it has that behavior? if that's what you want then in the wander behavior, go to modifications and then behavior and then there should be an option there to suppress attack

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    posted a message on (Solved) How to make weapon that hit units in its path?

    @Sherlia: Go

    Can you comment on the performance? Seeing that your method creates a large number of searches, does it make the game lag if there's like 10 different players and they're all firing with an AK or a shotgun at the same time? So for example say each player fired 10 bullets so you have 100 bullets flying around at the same time so we got 100 persistent effects moving with the bullets each of which is periodically creating its own search effect. Say that's all on the player's screen, so he's seeing the other players plus 100 bullets at the same time.

    Can you please test this and comment on the performance? I'm very interested in a realistic weapon's system.

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    posted a message on Wow minimap?

    @Zeoxy: Go

    Set Camera Bounds, set the minimap parameter to Do (this will resize your minimap to fit the camera bounds)

    You'll probably have to do this periodically or something, as you need it to update with your unit's movement.

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    posted a message on Any people who want to play Co-op Campaign Maps?

    @Mozared: Go

    My friend and I created a 5 players co-op map a while back, but it ain't a campaign, it's a dungeon very similar to an instance in wow. We were hoping that patch 1.2 would fix the popularity system once and for all...that didn't happen. Anyways it's on the first page of Co-op vs AI of the customs games "Dungeon - Guardians of Fire", if i may say so it's pretty polished.

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    posted a message on Volatile 1.2 popularity

    Better than what we had before, but still needs a lot of work

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    posted a message on Volatile 1.2 popularity
    Quote from Vexal: Go

    @OneTwoSC: Go

    How is it awesome? There's no way to tell how successful your map is by looking at a number from 1 - 20, which is all you see at a glance. It needs to be much more obvious than this if a map you make is successful. Else, you're basically doing a ton of work merely to insert the finished product into some database.

    There needs to be some evidence easily displayable to the public of the success of a map. In War3 / BW, success was obvious when the map lobbies in the game list were 50% or more your map.

    And, up until now, in SC2, you had a popularity meter.

    Now there is nothing. Your map just cycles up and down the list. There is nothing to show for the hard work. It's not like we're asking for money. Just recognition and proof that we designed the map correctly.

    It's a lot better than the old system that's for sure. If you're looking for recognition then i guess you'd have to wait for the marketplace or, see how many people give you feedback by posting on your map's thread on bnet or here.

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    posted a message on [Dungeon Wars] - Out of Beta, Video Included

    Nothing wrong with your map name... i don't know why so many are being rude and offensive, just let the guy do what he wants... seriously. Plus if you were really anticipating Hive keeper then you will NEVER confuse it with dungeon keeper since you are really anticipating it... how can you not know the name of the map you're anticipating.

    Second, just because it's called Dungeon Keeper it doesn't mean that it has to be like the dungeon keeper game.
    Oh, and i laughed so hard at this


    Well firstly Dungeon Keeper is a registered game/trademark you should probably change the name for that reason anyways.

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    posted a message on Xel'Naga Artifact

    Hi, I've recently started working on an old project of mine from beta times. It's a twisted Predators vs Prey kinda map. It's published on battle-net, I was looking for people to help me balance it, so if you'r interested hop on battle net and join the game, it's currently on the bottom of page2 or the top of page3. Also any feedback and suggestions are welcome.

    Description: 2 teams, Predators and Prey. The Predators are less than the Prey but they are more powerful or at least they start out that way. The game has a rich dynamic environment that can affect the gameplay.

    The Predator's objective is to stop the Prey from mining minerals and activating their artifact. Predators get money with time and from kills. The Prey's objective is to mine minerals to charge up their artifact. Prey get money only from mining. The artifact's charge increases when minerals are collected, and it decreases with each prey's death. The minerals are randomly spawned at various locations every game. There are 4 heroes to pick from on each team, each with about 4 purchasable abilities. There are many stats related upgrades that can be purchased (life, armor, attack, etc.)

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    posted a message on Letter to Blizzard about MVPs
    Quote from rrowland: Go

    I'm sure you realize this is a silly idea that they'll never go for.

    HEY YOU ! why didn't you bust their balls about the pop system in the custom map Q&A @ blizzcon? :P :P you went all the way there might as well voice the community's anger about the matter in a manly fashion :P

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    posted a message on Suggestions for Improving The Popularity System, discuss here!

    Regarding new maps, I'm actually thinking there needs to be a separate mechanism to support this, possibly separate from the server list. Kind of a "Whats New in Custom Maps" on the main page. Alternatively maybe a new column for Released Date/Updated Date in the server list, but there is only so much screen real estate to go around.

    Agreed, it would be best if they had their own section that includes a Release/Update Date column.

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