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    posted a message on why 1.4.2 balance changes do not apply in Map editor?

    hi guys

    if you open any official BLizzard map, and try it from with in the map editor, and lets say you have made a Player change and you are Protoss, you will notice during the game that the 1.4.2 (even thought its properly installed) balance changes do not apply!!!

    for example the tos upgrade shield is still 200/200 and not 150/150 as it should be!

    have you noticed that? isnt this a bug? nobody reported on the official forums?

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    posted a message on Starcraft 2 Campaign map Contest! (submit now your project)


    if you read the tips, would be nice to have in the description some storyline that the campaign is based on! ;-) presentation matters!

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    posted a message on Starcraft 2 Campaign map Contest! (submit now your project)

    @OutsiderXE: Go

    thats where the contest takes place where the prices will be given.simple :)

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    posted a message on Starcraft 2 Campaign map Contest! (submit now your project)

    @Wacclian321: Go

    plz read the rules in our main page, you can submit up to 3 independent maps! :) x3 times more chances to win!

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    posted a message on Starcraft 2 Campaign map Contest! (submit now your project)

    @DuckyTheDuck: Go

    bring it on man :-)

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    posted a message on Starcraft 2 Campaign map Contest! (submit now your project)

    @DuckyTheDuck: Go

    campaign means we want maps that will be single player, campaign storyline "driven" like maps! not any not related to the StarCraft Universe maps like Warcraft 3 map in sc2 engine!

    rules i think are quite clear on that! no spamming accross multi files!

    for example!

    you can make a nice story line that during the Mission X of the WOL there was a secret parallel mission going on that had to do with "mysterious 4 years" between BroodWar and WoL! so in single Campaign map to give the player some tasks to complete, a nice cinematic intro if you can, and cool objectives and triggers that will make the mission cool to play!!!

    never forget we pay a lot of attention also to the layout of the map the way you combine the different doddads and elements play with the light and the terran to creat really nice looking maps that you spend happy hours in it! :)

    we want to give the feeling of a campaign, but in a single map, even thought will not be spread across many map files! ;-) making it full campaign and not a single file will need a LOT of weeks and less creators will take part ;-)

    maybe in the future we will make a contest on that or the other ideas we had for just inGame Cinematic contest ;-)

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    posted a message on Starcraft 2 Campaign map Contest! (submit now your project)

    thanks for your interest guys, and let me answer some of your questions: ;-)

    1)dont worry about the 14 days that are left, we may move back a little bit the dead line if we get more cool submitions!

    2)nibbits its not a "rival" site is a similar site community and since i know very well both Administrators i was allowed to talk about this! its a nice and very creative competition should, and its not "fair" to not be spread it arround. Also as you mentioned Mapster is one of the biggest if not the biggest currently live map creating communities, so we would love to see some of this amazing map of yours, and let your work been seen by more players arround!

    3)about the map style, if your map will be a first person, an RPG, and RTS (prefaired), we dont have any rules against it! so you are free to make your own gamestyle, as long as it stays between the other guide-rules!

    4)this is a GLOBAL contest not a EU only! we only want your language used in it to be in enlish for obvious reasons :P

    5)SC2Allin1 is my Launcher Tool, that allows any liggal or not player, to play ofline any Custom Meele, or Use Map Settings without the need of MapEditor or InternetConnection so this will helps more players to have access and enjoy Your maps!

    6)maps Must not be publish to, should be able to start from the players desktop right away, with double clicking the map file, or using the Sc2allin1 tool as i said above!

    7)i would love if you have any more questions to post them in the Official link i gave you in the first page or that nothing will be skipped and the guys "above" me can give you more details! ;-)

    i really look farward to see all your creations!

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    posted a message on Starcraft 2 Campaign map Contest! (submit now your project)

    Welcome to a long requested new contest on Nibbits for September 2011, with several Steam games to win. So get the dust off your Starcraft 2 map editors and get creative!


    • Maximum of 3 entries per contestant.
    • Map must be Campaign type, so single player
    • It cannot use any custom textures unless these are loaded from the map file itself. (i.e.: no seperate mods)
    • Design must be original, and created by the contestant.
    • Entries must be submitted no later than September 30th (when our clock expires).
    • It must be in the Starcraft 2 universe, so no cross-game entries like Warcraft 3
    • Story must be told and if applicable, spoken in English (subtitles mandatory if custom sound is used)
    • Must be a single-map campaign, so no big story over multiple maps
    • Cinematic scenes must not be longer then 2 minutes total
    • The map must be able to be launched with offline tools like sc2allin1 or the map editor without any special file installation (like Mods in the mod directory etc), so a single file
    • Stolen work will mean disqualification of all your entries
    • The map must have a clear description when uploading it, presentation counts!
    • You will need a working Steam account in order to receive your prize

    n.b. The above rules are in some cases guidelines. If for example you need an extra minute of cinematics to make your story and entry better, please do. We have to set some boundaries, don't be afraid to sway a bit off these if it improves your map.


    Maps will be judged by the community, but ultimately the decision will be made by the site staff. We will post all submissions on October 1st where everyone can review the entries and comment on them, and the winners will be chosen by October 20th. Your map will be judged based on the following criteria:

    • Map Design (10 points max)
    • Cinematics (10 points max)
    • Storyline (10 points max)
    • Gameplay (10 points max)
    • Originality (10 points max)

    So you can earn a maximum of 50 points on your entry

    read all the details and check the Prizes HERE!

    QUESTIONS? plz post them here:

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    posted a message on Heart of the Swarm Preview

    can you remind us when exactly is your trip? date? and how many days do you have to keep it Secret :( ??

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    posted a message on Advanced Galaxy "Scripter" needed to join our SC2ALLin1 project and earn some $$

    c one guys 100$ to the person that will join us and complete the task. arent there any available skilled galaxy scripters left out there? :(

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    posted a message on Gathering your Editor feedback & suggestions

    this Bank Bug must be fixed:

    this is a wish list from a friend:

    If you are from Blizzard and reading this, take note! I want "snow", no not white sand, but "snow" - horizontal and falling. Also I want to be able to sculpture an horizontal on a vertical, even if limited.

    I want bridge effects, sculpture and doodads that function correctly, over and underpasses.

    I want to see more animals.

    I want to see "commanders", special single units, that may represent the player.

    I want a "flood" or "paint all" function for water.

    I want an X and Y physical read out numerically.

    I want a "merge all" paint function, to finalize layers.

    I want an "auto blend" function for paints.

    I want a "remember last map state and settings".

    I want units to use ramps properly.

    Now I may add to this list, but I will end on this last wish list note - I want a better AI. The AI is awful. It doesn't use all the units, nor all the unit functions, and I would mark it as a B-, say 60%. No "intelligence" in the AI, so add it Blizzard!

    Oh and, I hate the constant "on line" requirements. I bought the game, but can see why others choose not to. You treat customers poorly.//

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    posted a message on critical bug in sp banks

    when you start a single player game and you load once a bank file then use the galaxy function to delete it from the cache and try to ReOpen it again later (with or without preload doesnt matter) the bank file is EMPTY and cant be used! you have to restart the game!

    hope 1.3.3 or 1.3.x will fix that bug

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    posted a message on Osama Bin Laden
    Quote from iSaintx: Go

    He was killed about 2hrs ago.

    Heck Yeah!

    lol if you buy what ever they "serve" you..... fine!

    the images sawn on TVs are the worst photoshop i have ever seen.- computer game guys should be more smart, finding that out from the beggining.

    and stop saying all it takes its a tape from him etc etc BL is dead dint happend though now nor this is his image.- everything is a diversion dont buy it! BL WAS dead a long time ago, dont worry a new "master evil boss" will be manufactured once again from those needed to make wars and sell weapons. unfortunalty :(

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