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    Quote from Gurrgel: Go

    @s3rius: Go

    Yeah, I know it probably won't make too much of a difference, just figured I should mention it, since Valve apparently failed to trademark the usual spelling of DotA :)

    Whats your point? I don't think capitalization matters.

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    Try dating a few other people first if you do get back with her. My first girlfriend and I were on and off and we never really did much really except for have sex. I don't really ever try to get back with her anymore though, even though she was my first "love" I suppose.

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    posted a message on Left 2 Die will be deleted @ 11:00AM on Friday

    it has been brought to our attention that the Survivors vs. Swarm map that you previously published has been recently renamed to Left 2 Die

    Dude, just quit bitching already. Rename it back to Survivors vs Swarm, your map wasn't that good anyways honestly. I don't want to sound like a dick, but it was just the same thing over and over again and it didn't really have much reason for me to replay it. Just the same thing.

    Cooincidentally, I saw Survivors vs Swarm and I didn't even know that was the same map. I saw Left 2 Die AFTER the announcement.

    P.s. you're a dick for treating that GM like shit for no REAL reason at all. he works for the company, he doesn't control their actions. so if you end up getting banned for a d-bag email, i doubt anybody will really care because you had it coming.

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    Hey all, I'm working on an AoS right now; and I want to start a discussion about hero balance and the stats and how they'll affect the game and how you might feel about the mechanics right now. Stats will be obtained from levelling, and from items. Making items more crucial to your survivability than most current AoS games available on Battle.Net right now. The system is to make classes more unique and benefit your team differently.

    Attack-based heroes have an average amount of health and damage. (+30 HP/vitality, +1 damage/attack)
    Magic-based heroes will have a lower amount of health compared to Attack-based heroes, but deal slightly more damage. (+20 HP/vitality, +2 damage/attack)
    Defense-based heroes will have a higher amount of health and be more oriented for defense as opposed to offense. Good meat shield for groups. (+40 HP/vitality, +1 damage/attack, only 1 offensive ability)

    Attack/Magic-based Heroes get - 2 Offensive Abilities, 1 Passive, 1 Ultimate
    Defense-based Heroes get - 1 Offensive ability, 1 Defensive Ability, 1 Passive, and 1 Ultimate

    • Attack - Increases attack/ability damage by 1. Increases energy by 5. (Attack/Tank classes only)
    • Magic - Increases attack/ability damage by 2. Increases energy by 10. Decreases health by 10. Decreases armor by 0.25(Magic classes only)
    • Speed - Increases attack speed by 0.01. Increases movement speed by 0.02. (All classes)
    • Vitality - Increases health by 30. Increases armor by 0.50. (All classes except Tank Classes)
    • Defense - Increases health by 40. Increases armor by 0.75. (Tank Classes Only)

    In addition to the stat increase, abilities will be buffed based on the amount of stats a hero will have, for example: A hero's spell will have a base damage of 150 damage, and their Magic stat is at 23(+20 items), they will deal 236 damage instead of the normal base damage.

    Some abilities will also benefit one another, like maybe your hero will have critical strike (with a 2x multiplier), if your spell deals 225 damage, and your attack stat is at 43(+52 items), you will deal 320 damage. If your critical strike goes off for your ability, you will deal 640 damage to the target enemy.

    The question for this thread though is...do you think stats like these will contribute to balance, or do you think they would take away? Considering if most heroes had abilities that dealt the same amount of damage, but each contributed to the team in one way or another.

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    Quote from Farmrush: Go

    I'm in the list view... lol :(

    My data editor doesn't lag...lol, and i'm using a 4 year old laptop.

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    posted a message on [AoS] Clash on the Taledon Stone

    About - Map is currently in: Development.
    Clash on the Taledon Stone is an AoS (Aeon of Strife) map. Players must defend and push their enemies back for additional resources and benefits. Any team that claims the center point for over 45 minutes (in total) or defeats the other team's base wins.

    The Argus Stone, a powerful Xel'Naga artifact known for it's immense power has been located in the ruins of Taledon. The Terran Dominion and Kizrath's Protoss battle eachother to claim the powerful Argus Stone.

    • Defeat opposing team's base or Hold center temple for over 45 minutes (in total; to hold the center temple you must have control of each team's side of the middle lane.

    Each team has 3 bases, the main base, a resource collection base, and a Unit Training Facility. Resource Collection bases increase's your team's income. If you take control of an opposing team's resource collection base, your income is increased. Unit Training Facilities provide world-wide buffs (stackable) to soldiers on the map, and you are able to change unit compositions for your entire team (to allow for soldier countering to allow easier pushing).

    • Attack - Increases hero damage by 1. Increases hero energy by 5. Attack increases attack-based spells by 1 damage. (Attack is for attack/defense-based heroes.)
    • Vitality - Increases hero health by 20. (All heroes except Defense-based heroes).
    • Defense - Increases hero health by 25. Increases hero armor by 0.25 (Defense is for defense-based heroes).
    • Magic - Increases hero damage by 1. Increases hero energy by 20. Magic increases magic-based spells by 1 damage. (Magic is for magic-based heroes).
    • Speed - Increases hero attack speed and movement speed. (Speed is for all heroes).

    Each team has unique heroes that players can choose. I will show more hero information later, but I will start with the first Protoss hero.
    Each hero possesses 2 offensive abilities, 1 passive ability, 1 ultimate ability, and stat bonus abilities.

    Attack | Vitality | Speed

    (Offense) Charge-Bash - The Elite Templar charges and bashes (stuns) a target unit, dealing damage.
    Rank 1 - 75 damage + attack
    Rank 2 - 150 damage + attack
    Rank 3 - 225 damage + attack
    Rank 4 - 300 damage + attack

    (Offense) Ambush - The Elite Templar cloaks himself temporarily allowing you to deal ambush damage to your enemy. If he is attacked this ability is cancelled.
    Rank 1 - 150 damage + attack
    Rank 2 - 225 damage + attack
    Rank 3 - 300 damage + attack
    Rank 4 - 375 damage + attack

    (Passive) Critical Strike - The Elite Templar has a chance to critical strike with any of his attacks or abilities, dealing extra damage upon strike.
    Rank 1 - 10% critical strike chance, 1.5x damage
    Rank 2 - 11% critical strike chance, 2.0x damage
    Rank 3 - 12% critical strike chance, 2.5x damage
    Rank 4 - 14% critical strike chance, 3.0x damage

    (Ultimate) Psi Infused Blades - The Elite Templar infuses his blades with psi making his weapon charge up with every hit he deals, gaining 20 attack. Lasts 20 seconds.
    Rank 1 - 20 Attack
    Rank 2 - 25 Attack
    Rank 3 - 30 Attack
    Rank 4 - 35 Attack

    If you have any hero suggestions, comments, or feedback please reply. This game is in development.

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    Quote from RodrigoAlves: Go

    @Shawn91210: Go

    There's more than 1000 words that need to be replaced, and I will do it all by hand. I just hope Blizzard doesn't ban the map again because of a word like "black" (racist word).

    Black will likely be viewed at as the color, not the racial slur. "Black" is actually not really a bannable word either, because it depends how it's used.

    What you REALLY need to do is get rid of slur words that you won't understand and everyone else won't. Also, the best thing to do is remove all of the extreme words you don't know the meanings of and just add new words to replace them.

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    Yup...Boredom produces.


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    posted a message on *~[]---Official blizzcon play by play---[]~*

    You guys have a hard time getting to Anaheim? Psh its not that far away. I go to Hollywood for shits and giggles with friends.

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    Quote from Magi66: Go

    @progammer: Go

    Minecraft can go to 30million x 30 million x 128 blocks. Not deep at all, but very wide (with each block being 1 cubic meter, it's bigger then the surface area of the Earth). Note that if you actually built something anywhere close to that, it might not be playable.

    While I've never played minecraft, I did come across a cool, rather large construction someone did make:

    Minecraft can go deeper. I've seen maps that are 1024 deep.

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    Quote from Mozared: Go

    Do those different types of road actually looks different though, Fimbus?

    Yeah they do. Mar Sara is the regular two-way road. Korhal is the four-laned road. The rail is self explanatory. I don't really recall the Meinhoff road.

    Quote from voodude2008: Go

    Might just be the Mar Sara road, but man is it ugggly! Any tips to make roads look more realistic/appealing? Best road type iyo?

    The roads are a nice addition to the game, but they are whatever you make out of it. You have to make them look better yourself. Try placing them by a cliff-side, with foliage on the side.

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    It's fun. Haha, I bought it awhile ago when it was selling like 30-40 a day. Now it's like what...12,000 a day?

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    posted a message on The Guess Why Your Username is What it is Game

    What he said

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    Quote from drummerboy1151: Go

    @Blackveiled: Go

    wanted to try, but was no where to be seen in the first 5 or so pages of maps.

    Tried new maps too

    Go to Create Game and search it. Invite friends.

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    posted a message on Click Wars Tournament

    Patch Notes v1.26
    • Units no longer have shields.
    • Fixed a few bugs in the map.

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