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    Damn you left IRC. I said this after you left (not a quote, just a message to you):

    [16:22] <+onetwo> make sure you edit your original post

    [16:22] <+onetwo> to include w/e quotes

    [16:22] <+onetwo> we reply with

    [16:23] <+onetwo> dont worry about bumping... ill be posting enough

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    Right now it seems like more mature gamers play PC... while newer players play console (as a main gaming system that is, because PC gamers do play console too)...

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    I assume most of us are 90's kids... so we grew up with similar games... I'd be interested to know what games everyone enjoyed and what they grew up on that got them to this point here: playing starcraft 2.

    Here's my memorable games in order of time (I probably forgot a lot):

    Super Nintendo: Mario Kart, Donkey Kong 1+, and other games which I forget now because I was stupid and sold this console years ago.

    Gameboy: Various crap and Pokemon red/blue.

    N64: Goldeneye, Banjo & Kazooie, Zelda, Perfect Dark, Mario Party/Kart/64 etc., I forget the rest because my sister left my N64 somewhere and forgot about it... sigh.

    Gamecube: Pikmin and some other game... I stopped buying consoles/console games after this... played Halo and various other stuff at friends houses but that was it lol. GG Nintendo.

    PC part 1: Diablo 2, Counter Strike, Team Fortress Classic, Starcraft, No One Lives Forever, Sims (everyone played the original).

    PC part 2: Warcraft 3/TFT + mapping, Dungeon Siege, Counter Strike: Source, Halflife 2, World of Warcraft + TBC,

    PC part 3: Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, Zombie Panic Source, and Starcraft 2 Beta.

    lol my console life was primarily Rareware, and PC primarly Blizz/Valve.

    Edit: omg i forgot unreal tournament, doom, red alert.

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    Can we all start kissing now? I'm tired of waiting :(

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    I couldn't think of any jokes here so I'm just leaving it as that. Darn I need to get some new material.

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    Lol that's a pretty serious tone!

    Anyway, added one more on top and edited mine to be a quote now. Will try and edit more to be quotes :D

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    Also, I updated it to have Helral now...

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    Repo > Purl.

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    I would pay to see this. Also has to be on green-screen with wild arab countrysides in the back.

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    posted a message on The people of SC2Mapster IRC!

    Hey everyone, having spent weeks in the IRC... I've decided to make this post. Should be good (especially) for anyone who has also been there. Hope you enjoy it you filthy clowns!! And sorry if I missed anyone; takes a while to gather a statement about someone :D I'll update in the future.

    Warning: Coarse Language

    Phaos - [19:10] <Phaos> I also explained last night, that if you ever work in a studio art/music/games/movies/tv you will know that the last couple of weeks are when you get your best work done because your pulling 16 hour shits and sleeping under the desks

    goomba - [01:06] <goomba_> i might hire a korean to make a platformer or something [01:06] <goomba_> and id feed him leet models

    ProzaicMuze - [04:08] <ProzaicMuze> Plus I still dont' get why the guy didnt' just immediately counter rape the woman

    HP-X|Arthas - [03:42] <+HP-X|Arthas> last lan i was at i cut the net [03:42] <+HP-X|Arthas> so the fags wouldnt go play wow [03:42] <+HP-X|Arthas> :p

    Fisker - [03:17] <Fisker> i provided proof you're wrong [03:17] <Fisker> you provided nothing [03:17] <Fisker> but calling me an idiot [03:17] <Fisker> herp [03:17] <Fisker> derp [03:17] <Fisker> hurrdurr [03:19] <Fisker> shut the fuck up and deal with it [03:19] == Fisker has changed nick to VictoriousFisker [03:19] <VictoriousFisker> sup guys

    Vjeux - [02:10] <@vjeux> I'm 100% sure the site would have 2 times more traffic is I was a girl :p

    BoltHead - [02:08] <BoltHead> Confucius Say: A penis has a hole in the end so men can be open minded.

    xXm0RpH3usXx - [16:17] <xXm0RpH3usXx> so now blow me onetwo

    Azoreo - [15:50] <Azoreo> OH MY GOD I HATE MY WIFE. She's making me leave the house. [15:50] <Azoreo> Insufferable woman.

    nicoli_s - [15:11] <@nicoli_s> sometimes they talk hours on end about whos gayer than the other and how much weed they smoke :P

    crazyfingers - [23:14] <crazyfingers> haha, arab money huh?

    Helral - [16:01] <Helral> we adjust or we kill blizzard.... hmmm....

    Sixen - This guy is soooo sixy.. and he gets arab money.

    Triceron - [17:31] <Triceron> it just bukakke'd all over em, haha

    Reactorex - Jeremih - Reactorsex. Props to whoever gets this.

    Alpha_vst - [19:19] <Alpha_vst> i think i broke my editor [18:34] <Alpha_vst> FUCK THIS IM REDOING THIS TRIGGER :D [19:16] <Alpha_vst> i cant get this to work gah [19:51] <Alpha_vst> some how i have overwrittin the default settings [19:53] <Alpha_vst> I BROKE SOMETHING [20:18] <Alpha_vst> having sound issues now gah [21:28] <Alpha_vst> I JUST NEED TO GET THIS TO WORK [21:28] <Alpha_vst> shit fuck shit

    Atlos - I'm at a los with what to say about this guy

    Deuce - [21:43] <Deuce> then again, "there's _ porn" is always a true statement

    Dustin - For a moment when you join IRC you want to believe he's Dustin Browder, but you quickly erase this thought.

    Onetwo - [23:14] <+onetwo> yeah hes trying to bring in dubai money [23:14] <+onetwo> why do you think Sixen is having the >256x256 mapping contest [23:14] <+onetwo> dubai = bigger is better [23:14] <+onetwo> the mindset is here too

    Blayzin - See Martul

    Martul - See Razernok

    Razernok - Why does no one help him? Seriously.

    rrowland - Could probably build an AI to make maps for him

    heysparky - [16:44] <heysparky> requirements, btw, are the bomb [16:44] <heysparky> do you kids say that anymore these days?

    Repo - This bot was actually in the movie Repomen. Look behind Jude Law at 1:12:44.

    mosaicpao - In my head I pronounce your name as mosaicpoo. I just can't help it!

    Tehwildcard - [14:56] <Tehwildcard> Screw making games "so everyone can play"

    TheLaughingMan - Name reminds me of the WoW server "Laughing Skull". I don't know why.

    Pandepic - [22:41] <Pandepic> is martul a known troll or something?

    MavercK - Ths guy s truly an epc Maverck. Better than Tom Cruse.

    ekcolnovkol - wth is this name!?!?!?!!!!!!!

    Hati - Loves the Hoff.

    Skizot - This guy is Skiz-hot. Ah that was bad.

    Bifuu - [20:19] <+Bifuu> If i could do a song with T-pain id be down with w/e

    buu - Haven't really seen this guy talk... but I keep thinking of him as a mangled Bifuu.

    fatal5101 - He once removed the last "1" from his name. You'd probably remember that day as 9/11.

    RickA - Kind of like South Park's "Jimmah"!

    JCup - This cup size actually doesn't exist.

    exxor - [15:11] <exxor> I want to build a gateway and have it morph to a gateway straight away

    Spoofed - [15:05] <Spoofed> I wish something like staredit would come out soon

    slightlyrandom - [15:30] <slightlyrandom> She has morphed to a stage beyond sexual lust and need

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    He doesn't have a trigger buying the items from what I can tell.

    And I don't think there is a solution to this atm... I assume you used the Train ability type to sell items?

    You know though, (if my memory is correct) in Warcraft 3 you could buy items when your inventory was full and they would just go to the ground too...

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    posted a message on AC130k - The Temple

    It appears you have the same issue that I did with my semi-WoW map... You can either set far clip really far away and see the sky... or do as we did... set the far clip close to prevent lag; but then you get that ugly black wall in the distance :(

    Tried using fog.. but: fog is not view-based, it's just oriented for top-down viewing; Doesn't go over far-clip..

    You found any solutions to this malu05?

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    posted a message on ignore terrain height(help me!)

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    You could make it a flying unit in secret and just make his height to 0... so it LOOKS like it's on the ground all the time...

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