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    posted a message on Need People With Good SC2 Art Skills for Diplo Map

    I mainly need someone who can help create a good looking landscape for a diplo map I will be working on. No knowledge about triggers or anything like that is needed just the ability to make a map look good and play well.

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    posted a message on [WIP]World War 2 - The War to End All Wars

    Do you plan on having some sort of shared vision. I think you need to at least show the buildings through the fog of war so you can have some idea were people are and how big they are. If you think about it people do not have the time in a war situation to be spying around other nations and being able to build 50 barracks you should be able to see. Even having no fog of war works as well as demonstrated in Diplo or War, World Diplo, and many others.

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