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    I'd put my money on Talandar as we've already got a Terran commander: Nova, and i know that they dont necessarily release them in a race order to keep the same number of commanders, but surely they have enough purifier assets to work with a purifier based commander.

    About there not being any units left for old zerg commanders like the overmind i'm sure they can keep coming up with abilites and reskins for the same units, one of the things i was thinking about a while back was the possibility of the Overmind using basically Zerg "Merc" units, like the devouring one, hunter killers and even the yggdrassil, but who really knows.

    Also from the few responses that i've heard none seem to reference the fact that those characters died in the first place.}

    I for one just hope that at some point there are enough assets from all commanders to build up sc1 entirely with blizzard models, even if some still want to use their old crappy models...

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    hello i maked a race map a year ago but i abandoned it because i dont know how to make the move triggers whit W A S D and the camera move at the time i stop the unit it attacks the other racers and in some times it crossed the walls at the other side and getted stucked on the terrain of the other side and the map has a lot of bugs actually the original map of starcraft 1 was moving a vulture and the vulture has gas when the gas go 0 the vulture explodes but in the original map has a gas stations (beacons) that the vulture gets gas and can continue in my map i have all the terrain but the triggers dont works i need to create the gas system the movement and all the camera i fixed the wall crossing in the map but when i use the wasd movement the vulture crosses the walls and has another bug whit the bridges i placed bridges to cross at the lap end in the original map you need to step into a beacon and the vulture teleports to the other side but i placed some bridges to get the other side but when i go to the bridge i can cross below them and i get stucked if you can help post comments solving the different bugs i have in the map i will upload a version of solo terrain for see what i got later im going to edit this post

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    i want terran red and terran red loading please

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