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    Hey Galois1! I made a reply in response to PhuckQ's post on your collaborative release of Snipers remake for SC2. Check there and look at my reply. I was wondering if you and PhuckQ would like to work together to help make Snipers evolve even MORE!

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    I'm still new to the whole idea of creating a map with ANY map editor as stated in my previous post.

    I'm stuck on trying to create a working "respawn" trigger for my map, keep getting an error saying something about being "out of bounds." Basically there are 2 teams...and I need to somehow make it so Player 1,2,3,4 spawn at 1 of 4 different spots and Player 5,6,7,8 spawn at 1 of 4 different spots but not the same 4 spots as the first team. I can create a timer window in the UI and I have a timer that starts when any unit dies...however...the "respawning" itself makes the error occur. Everything works up until the last line of code. Any suggestions? Much appreciated! Epi

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    posted a message on Help needed with re-creation of "Snipers" map from SC1

    Alright...so I desperately need help with some of...well...a lot of the triggering involved with a map I've created that is supposed to be an accurate representation of the original SC map "Snipers." I've created the map so far...and all that is left to do is...ALL the triggers.

    I have had NO experience with map editors period. This will be my FIRST map ever and if there are people out there who are more experienced with triggers I would greatly appreciate the help. I've asked a few of my friends who are somewhat more "computer savvy" because they are computer engineers, but the SC2 map editor is still something foreign to them as well.

    If anyone would like to dedicate some time to helping me create this map...I'd be thankful and add your name in the credits as well! Basically the trigger projects include:

    1. Respawning w/ a timer 2. Picking Up/Capturing Flag 3. Scoreboard

    Anyone that is interested...please send an email to [email protected] for further information. If you have "Skype" then add me "Dirrtyrice." Thanks again!

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