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    posted a message on Map Stealing

    Yea same thing happened to me.  I dont mind, he made my made the most popular custom on bnet!
    But in all seriously, it sucks that I'm not able to update the map now.  I'm sure the beta shut down on the 31st will help solve this.

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    posted a message on New playable Godzilla map

    Point trigger that destroys everything monsters walk next to... hmm well Godzilla attacks from range, so maybe not for him.  That's actually a pretty good idea though, because I do have an overlord monster that pukes creep.  I haven't figured how to make being on creep hurt units, but I can just use this ability instead.  I don't really know how I can attach regions or points to randomly spawned monsters though.  That will be the hardest part.

    As for shaky camera.  I was thinking about doing this + a monster roar every time a monster spawned, but I think that would just get stale very fast.  It's meant to be a multiplayer game, and things like shaking the camera and loud trigger sounds are best for single player stuff.  Doesn't mean I won't, but 10 roars + 10 shaking the camera x3 players per game just strikes me as overkill.  

    If you haven't played it yet, don't worry, I'm working on another huge update anyways.  But if you have any feedback I'd like to hear it.  As a preview for what's in store...  and there's more than this too.  I'm actually done most of this, I just need to add those monsters at the bottom and the extra game modes, and this will probably be the last major revision before multiplayer officially goes live.  I think with that current method of playing multiplayer, the map is actually functional for 3 ppl, but I don't know cause I haven't tested that at all.  :P

    Building death time reduce to 30 to allow rebuilding on terrain after 30 seconds
    Dropship can no longer create vehicles or air units
    Mammoth transport added; mammoth can create vehicles
    ATC added; ATC can create air units, can call in air strikes that damage and stun monsters
    Dropship, Mammoth transport, ATC can build missile turrets(low cost, high damage, low health, low monster attack priority)
    Dropship can build bunkers(basically a medium building)
    Rebalanced starting energy levels as well as reinforcement energy levels
    Changed commands for zooming and panning
    Added hotkeys for all abilities
    Type   -zoom    to change camera to tactical mode.
    Type   -zoom2    to change camera to stragetic mode.
    Type   -dropship   to pan camera to the dropship.
    Type   -mammoth   to pan camera to the mammoth transport.
    Type   -atc   to pan camera to the ATC.
    Leaderboard is online!
    Tracks how many player units, player buildings, and computer monsters are killed!

    Add fry guy monster
    Point Defense Drone(Hyper UFO, warps around)
    Colossus(Martian War Machine)
    Broodlord(fire bombs)
    Baneling(toxic spew)
    Broodling(Ripper claws)
    Immortal(Giant machine)
    Infestor(aoe attack)

    Add option for double monsters on random and endless mode

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    posted a message on New playable Godzilla map

    New version, new /bump

    V1.24 changelog
    Modified some monster health bars to be more visible
    Added ultraling, empress, ufo, bad year blimp, mech-taran, desecrator, and grub monsters
    Changed roachasaurus to ground movement
    Double energy cost for infantry
    Double amount of units deployed per use for infantry
    Fixed the shift exploit that created free units(You can blame MikaelHepp for that lol)
    Fixed some tooltips and unit names
    Banshee redesign
    Start with 0 energy
    Max energy capped to 50
    Ranged increased, damage increase to 30
    Added stealth detection to several monsters (Mecha-Tarantuan, Godzilla, Bad Year Blimp)

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    posted a message on create unit in random region

    EDIT:  Nevermind, I managed to figure it out, and it was as simple as I hoped.
    If anyone else is curious though, PM and I'll send you my test map.

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    posted a message on create unit in random region

    Quote from grum:

    Did this example map for someone else.

    Each second a zealot gets spawned into one of the 3 regions. Done using a Region array combined with Random Integer.

    I'm glad to see that choosing random regions is fairly simple, would it be possible to see an example of also placing a random unit?
    There's a map on this site that does place a random unit, but I really think it's a lot more complicated than it needs to be.

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    posted a message on New playable Godzilla map

    New version, new /bump
    Pretty big update, check it out and leave feedback plz!

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    posted a message on New playable Godzilla map
    Quote from vjeux: Go

    Where do we download it?

    I posted it on this site.

    First major update is live:

    v1.1 Enabled all technologies for terran units, including: stim packs, cloak, siege mode, and hunter seeker missiles. Disabled battlecruiser yamato weapon Added Roachasaurus.......

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    posted a message on New playable Godzilla map

    Taken from the description...

    I'm content enough with this game to finally issue a release version. It's still incredibly rough, is missing tons of text and tooltips and information, et cetera, but it's fully functional for basic gameplay purposes!

    Some screenshot previews, of course:
    Godzilla checking out the sights
    Godzilla is angry!
    Infantry inside a super skyscaper(forum doesn't let me spell it correctly) return fire

    Defend the city from monster attack.
    Use your dropship to deploy squads.
    All city buildings are garrisonable, larger building are generally more durable/can contain more troops.
    Protect the Capitol building(nexus) from being destroyed.

    Looking for comments/suggestions/critiques.  It still needs a lot of work to have good replay value, and I'm hoping there's enough interest in this map/theme that it's worth putting more time and effort into.  By the way if anyone wants to help or contribute let me know and we'll talk.

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