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    @rrowland: Go

    off-topic: yo rrowland i played your sniper game with you haha. :D


    can i play single player in that map malu? I just want to test it out without lag.

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    Yo guys I have a starcraft map archive put up online. it contains aroung 568 maps.

    Link Removed: http://www.mediafire.com/scmaps

    Ive uploaded it months ago and it has served around 700+ downloads which i think is pretty good.

    So check it out guys.


    There is a search folder function so you could search for your map.

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    wait, so an inno3D gts250 isnt good enoguh?

    ok im sticking with phenom then

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    Guys im making a new rig. My budget is around 300 dollars this is what i came up with

    AMD Phenom 555 x2 3.2 ghz inno3D GTS250 2gb ram kingston

    and an ASUS P5KPL motherboard.

    Is that all right?

    or should i just get an athlon x4 at 2.6 ghz since thats around 10.4 ghz?

    I just want to play starcraft 2 and possibly diablo III

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