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    posted a message on Blizz Contest - 79 Entries got through

    Congrats to all! and thank you for making awesome games for the arcade!

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    I decided to reboot one of my older map back from SC2:WOL beta which was broken after SC2 went live. So here it is, The Intersection Reboot.
    Old Link: http://www.sc2mapster.com/maps/intersection/

    The Intersection is a single player third person action RPG that lets you play as one of the most fearsome Hydralisk. You are to follow the Queen's command and secure a breeding area for the swarm. However this area is the busiest trading route between major Terran cities, and it is highly guarded.

    Complete objectives given by the Queen.

    Map Link:
    starcraft://map/1/236617 (NA)
    starcraft://map/2/164812 (EU)
    starcraft://map/3/84112 (KR/TW)
    starcraft://map/6/21844 (SEA)

    Old Video:


    W,A,S,D or Z,Q,S,D: Move
    Left Click: Melee
    Right Click: Range
    Space: Sprint/Dodge
    Tab: Open objective and information panel
    ESC: Pause, Resume

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    posted a message on Secret Steak Society

    v4.0 has been released:

    Butcher's Blood Thirst Lighting


    1. Hack Mechanic - hack enemy player's HQ for cash!
    2. New Data Grid shop (+0.5% amount hacked) replacing old Gymoo (+0.25 move speed).
    3. HQ has new model.
    4. HQ now has hero icon.
    5. Upgrade UI added above minimap to keep track of upgrades.
    6. Character and HQ now added to control group by default.
    7. Five second invulnerable buff after resurrection.

    1. Move speed has been increase to 3.5 from 2.5 with the removal of speed upgrade.
    2. Out of combat now provides +1 bonus move speed.

    1. Updated How To Play screenshot to reflect new shop.

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    posted a message on Secret Steak Society

    v3.0 has been released

    Skin selection UI. Earn steaks at the end of the game!


    1. Added mechanize cow skins to the game.

    • You can unlock cow skins with Steaks.
    • You can earn Steak(s) by staying till the end of game.

    2. Skin seletion UI at the start of the game.
    3. Bank added to the game to store unlocks.
    4. Added ping to bounty target.
    5. Added passive income increment every 8 minutes to increase the pacing of the game.
    6. Taming a pet now announces a message to every players.
    7. A mini-game for ending. Winner plays as Butcher!

    1. Optimized bounty target triggers.
    2. Minor terrain tweaks.

    1. Peak event chances to happen increases for every fails.

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    posted a message on Secret Steak Society

    Hey, thanks for checking this out. If you did get a chance to try it out in game, I hope you had fun :)

    v2.0 has just been released after a bunch of play testing over the past 2 days. Some notable new additions:
    + Bounty Target: Richest player will be marked as a bounty target and has cash penalty upon death.
    + Bounty Hunters: Computer controlled assassins that put pressure on the bounty target.
    + Pets
    + New Cow Maniacs: No longer spawns infinitely, but instead have a cap which you can upgrade at the Cowtist Refuge.
    + New HQ: Reinforces Cow Maniacs instantly with the new Cow Maniac changes to make HQ relocation more useful.
    + Tutorials: Yay!

    Screenie of the Day 1. Green was surrounded and killed as he was the bounty target.

    1. Shops are now label as Shop.
    2. Steak Palace is label as Tributes.
    3. Cloning post is label as Clone Post.
    4. Tutorial: Basics, Shops, Tributes.
    5. Game ending warning.
    6. Shops now show what upgrade you purchased.
    7. Spending cash now plays sound.
    1. Recruitment: Recruit gang by right-clicking on them. Gang member cost 5 bucks.
    2. HQ: Reinforce Cow Maniac instantly when one dies.
    3. Cow Maniacs has a max population cap and can be upgraded at Cowtist Refuge.
    4. Cowtist refuge now increase the max number of Cow Maniacs you can have at any given time.
    1. Event alert sound volume has been increased to 250% from 200%.
    2. Butcher increment shield per payment has been reduced from 50 to 30.
    3. Reputation now provides passive income (+1 cash for every 1% reputation) instead of bonus cash every 5 seconds. 
    4. Cow Fanatics now stand idle near buildings.
    1. Removed a debug message when pet is following someone.
    2. Bounty hunters no longer trigger ally alert sound.
    3. Bounty hunters no longer treats Butcher as enemy.
    4. Player and Computer color are now fixed.
    5. Butcher's event annoucement target has been fixed.
    6. Civilians that are in the peak event will not get stuck anymore.

    For other older patch notes, visit http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/12675108374

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    posted a message on Secret Steak Society

    Hello there, thanks for stopping by!

    This is a map I created for fun over the course of 5 days and it is currently participating the Rock the Cabinet arcade contest. The game is still in its early stages, any feedbacks and/or suggestions are more than welcome. If you have a replay of a game session, please do post it here as it will greatly help me improve on the game.

    Secret Steak Society (SSS) is an action arcade game that focuses on Cows and Gangs.

    + First to obtain 30,000 cash

    Players Required
    4 (FFA)

    Map Link
    starcraft://map/1/235282 (NA).
    starcraft://map/2/164210 (EU).
    starcraft://map/3/83726 (KR & TW).
    starcraft://map/6/21730 (SEA).

    Average Game Length
    15 minutes

    Every 10 years, four of the best Cows carefully selected by The Butcher will be release from the Steak Palace to compete against each other. The competition will make the Cows more tender and juicier while allowing one of the Cow to earn its freedom while the others become steaks on plates.

    + Cows - Moooo
    + Gangs - ( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐□-□ (⌐□_□)
    + Cash - $$$
    + A Living City - Everything is moving...
    + Conflicting Events - Events that bring every players together to fight for their lives, for cash...
    + Universal Shop Pricing - Buy early, or pay more later for the same amount of upgrade
    + Bounty - Highest cash+reputation player will get marked as a bounty target. Bounty target will lose cash and reputation when killed.

    Core Game Loop
    1. Kill Civilians
    2. Loot Cash
    3. Purchase Upgrade
    4. Recruit Gang Members
    5. Do Events
    6. Repeat

    Color="LimeGreen"]How to Play[/color]

    0. Entire Map View

    1. Skin selection HUD. Earn steak(s) at the end of the game!

    2. User Interface

    3. Player killing a bunch of civilians that are gathering around a Steak Office

    4. Player capturing a house to relocate Headquaters. Headquaters spawn additional gang members to reinforce your gang.

    5. Butcher Event. Butcher hunts the player who paid the least every 2 minutes. Remember to pay your tribute to the Steak Palace.

    6. Players trying to pay tribute but ended up fighting each other.

    7. A player is ressurecting himself at a Cloning Post

    8. Purchasing an upgrade from the Milk Factory. It is always a good idea to purchase early as the price goes up when a player purchases it.

    9. Cows... Mooo.. Kill Moo Moo Cows for milk. Milk heals you!

    10. 2 gangs at war fighting over a treasure shuttle that carries tons of cash!

    11. Green was surrounded and killed... He was the bounty target.

    P.S. If you read all the way here. Thank you!

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    posted a message on (Solved) Periodic Buff and Disable

    Thanks for confirmation!

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    posted a message on (Solved) Periodic Buff and Disable

    Is there a way to reset the periodic timer back from the start when a buff is disabled? Right now it continues from where it was paused.

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    posted a message on Change owner of behavior (SOLVED)

    Ah right, sorry I totally miss that one out. Glad you figured it out :)

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    posted a message on Change owner of behavior (SOLVED)

    You could just give the "scared" buff a duration, i just left it there untouch. You can replace "scared" buff with any buff you want.

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    posted a message on Building Ability and Turnable Flag

    I am not sure how to set the raw data but the arc of the ability has been set to 360. My current work around that i just figured out is to add a buff to the building that surpress turning.

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    posted a message on Search area validator

    Do you mean the enumerate area validator?

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    posted a message on Change owner of behavior (SOLVED)

    Not sure if this is the correct way but...

    The enemy unit should have a buff that has a validator (remove) that detects it doesn't have a buff. When it does, the buff will be removed, and the final effect on the buff will be applying another buff on itself.

    Here is a map showing how I did it. Once again I am not sure if this is the correct way, there might be another easier way which I don't know of.

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    posted a message on Building Ability and Turnable Flag

    Sorry to create 2 different topics in such a short time. But this is a different issue I encounter.

    Here is my problem: 1. I made my custom buildings "turnable" so that I can set their facing angle in the editor. 2. WIth "turnable" flag turn on, the building fails to auto cast ability (just stuck at grey/casting) and will never execute the ability. (Ability arc: 360) 3. With "turnable" flag off, the building is able to auto cast the ability just fine.

    Is there a way to set building facing angle and still letting it auto cast? Is there a workaround for this?

    Attach is the test map I used. On default if you run it it will be working. But it will stop working when "Turnable" flag is checked under Unit > Barracks > Flag. I want it to be turnable because I want to change the facing angle of the barracks.

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    posted a message on Search area validator

    I know this has been posted many times but I can't find a concrete answer in the threads I searched. So here is my question...

    Does search area (effect) validator take in unit type (validator)? In another words, search area doesn't return target unit before applying the effect?

    Because I can't seem to make a search that looks for 1 unit type.

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