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    @Terhonator: Well, is there a way to check to see if the map exists? If so, then it might be possible to set it up as a local thing then maybe, just to make tournaments a little easier to set up... O-o I don't know... XD It'd be amazing if you could load a map off of b.net.

    O_O I wonder if you can use a non-local path.

    I found http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/starcraft-ii-editor-help-zone-647/cant-load-next-map-cause-cant-log-165512/ while looking on the web showing the Game - Set the next map to "Maps\Level2.SC2Map" trigger. I wonder if you can change the Maps\Level2.SC2Map part into a URL for non-local maps that can be updated... Only thing is I think the bank variables are only stored locally and are textmode based, so they are easy to edit.

    That'd be pretty cool to be able to do, and would probably be pretty easy to implement. I'd just have to make a configuration tool or something to modify the map pool. Maybe add special restrictions or something... O-o I don't know XD.

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    Ok, let me state what I mean. Say I have made a map, and I want a different map to load after the map has been beaten. Kind of like a campaign that would go from the hyperion into the level, and from that level back into the hyperion. In this situation, there is only two levels, hyperion and actual game level.

    Pretty much, I have the idea of doing a tournament style map. As many possible players (12 isn't it?) in a bracket based ladder system. You would have the main map that randomly places players, let's them vote on the map pool, and then sends them all to the corresponding maps playing the randomly selected player. The players would then battle, and get sent back to the "lobby" map and wait for the different players to finish. (would be extremely cool to be able to watch the different players matches if you finished early too)

    The only way I can think to do this would be to make a massive map with several maps in it, and just force people to stay within the bounds of the specified maps. Problem is, they'd have to be really tiny maps to fit enough for 12 people to play on. Thus, it'd be amazing to be able to load levels like that.

    Any ideas? Pretty basic idea is a bracket tournament map. Kind of like the obs maps, but full tournament.

    Also, lastly, is there any way to save variables to the b.net servers, so you can keep stats without letting them be changed? (This would also help with the loading different maps and such.)

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    Yeah... I suppose it's not the best 2v2 map. I was mainly thinking of the 1v1/ffa aspects. As for the chokes, They are not as narrow as you may think. This is a 256x256 map, and is huge, so the chokes probably aren't as small as you think.

    If you want to check out the current version, I have uploaded a, what I'm going to beta, version of the map. Just search for 'DesertBeta5942532' when making a map.

    As for visually appealing, I'll work on that after I find out if it's balanced enough. I would say this map is fairly balanced all in all, but I haven't done much testing really. I'd love to see someone that's better then bronze/silver play on it, because at that level it's pretty much a macrofest of who can get to 200 first.

    SO, if you do play on it and get a decent game, upload the reply for me will ya?

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    Thanks for the feedback!

    I see your concerns about the towers with siege tanks, but I don't really see much difference between towers on high ground like this and towers with vision blockers. Siege tanks can be put behind those vision blocking walls and do just as much damage. Either way though, I have taken that into account as well, I agree that the islands were a little out of place. I have done a quick path that also avoids the towers, for the siege tank concerns, as well as them being islands. I have blocked off the island with rocks, but I think I may put the rocks at the entrance area on each side (two rocks to attack, one rock to get to expo). This would allow for added time to destroy the rocks, as to not have hidden rushes go that way, but still allow some safety to the island like area.

    Anyway, Here is a new pic as it is currently: Desert2

    I also added rocks at the golds that were already there, and I added the golds in the center. I didn't put rocks there are it's not a very safe base having 4 paths into it. Anyway, let me know what you think of the updates to it.

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    I wonder if it's possible via mod files... I don't know how the mod files work, but maybe there is a configuration file that will allow for different sizes. Maybe that mod file would allow the game engine to bypass the 256 limit.

    Just an idea I had.

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    So I stared work on a fairly large 2v2/ffa map. I think it looks good and fun, with plenty of chokes as well as open areas. The thing is, after you've worked on something for a while, you start to lose sight of the big picture. Anyway, this is the map in it's current incarnation, and I'd like to get some feedback before trying to pretty it up. Desert

    I just want to know if it looks fairly balanced to everyone else, and then I can get to work releasing it if it seems ok to everyone. (Note, it's hard to see, but there are vision blockers at the top of the ramps surrounding the Xel'Naga towers on the left and right side, but not on the top/bottom. I do intend on adding a few vision blockers throughout the map as well, but I want to make sure the terrain is ok first.)

    Thanks ahead of time!

    EDIT: Oh, and I'm thinking of adding another mineral patch on the top and bottom at the center of the map. Should I? I think this map needs a few more minerals.

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    @progammer: Go

    As far as dreamscene, my brother and I a while ago made a program that did the same thing but used any video format you had the codec for, and was compatible with XP as well as vista/7. O-o I don't know where the files are now... Pretty much, we used winspector to get the desktop handle, and then simply applied a full screen Windows Media Player control that replaced the default background. Only issue was it removed icon support for the desktop. Doesn't bother me personally as I always have desktop icons hidden anyway, but wouldn't work for some people.

    The idea of it being the full game was to be able to change the settings. Like what races, camera speed, and maybe even the different unit combinations. You can't do most of that if it's a video file. I can see the plus of the video one, for lower end systems, but that would also raise the file size dramatically. Right now it's only 22kb. A full fledged HD video is several hundred mb per minute, with good video compression. Without good video compression it can be gigs per minute. So, as you can see, it'd be much much larger of a file. (Tens of thousands of thousands times larger... litterally)

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    Erm... I think that may be because I used registry read/write to store the file path... bugger....

    Uhm... XD I don't think your account has administrative rights... I guess I should have thought of that... hmm....

    Well, it will work for people with administrative rights for now. I'll have to re-write it to just make a small configuration file I suppose.

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    Ok, only a semi-map. The basic idea was that before the release of Starcraft 2, there were videos showing epic large battles with seemingly endless number of units flowing into the battle. I decided that'd make a great screensaver. So, I made a little map, and tested it with zerg vs protoss.

    Right now it's simple, has ... I think it was 5 units on each side, and the battle stays relatively in the center. After I made the simple map, I wrote a simple VB.net application to launch the game as a screen saver. Now, it works! It will only work on windows though, being that I made it in vb.net, so the smaller number of mac users that may use starcraft 2, sorry.

    I should also mention that it was made in vb2008, so you not only have to have a full install of starcraft 2, but you also need the .net framework. Follow the simple install instructions and you're done. It's waiting approval when I made this post, but this should be the link when it's approved:


    Let me know what you think. I would like to add options, like different unit combos, different races, and maybe even have multiple battles going down different lanes of traffic with multiple different race combos in one massively epic battle. I also want to add a mute system option. These are with a later release, and only if I feel ambitious enough, and can figure out saving variables in game and so on and so forth. Support would be nice ^^.

    EDIT: Oh, yeah, video:

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    Ok, so I have this simple idea. Create a map that doesn't accept user input, and just have say zerglings and marines spawn off screen and set to attack move to the center of the map. A camera rotates slowly around the battle area. Simple screensaver. Then, simply have a program that runs in the background. On mouse move or keyboard input, close the starcraft 2 process that it launched.

    Sounds good in theory right? Have a semi-spiffy SC2 real time screen saver. Problem is, when I do the command to run the game with a specified map, I get a cannot load map error, yet if I go into the game and manually load the level it works fine. (Note, I haven't made the level for the screen saver yet. I figured I'd make sure it worked right.)

    Anyone have any idea why the command line won't work? Here is the command line I'm using. C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II>"starcraft ii.exe" -run "/slag central/slag central.sc2map"

    It'd just be kind of spiffy to have a real time, dynamic starcraft 2 screen saver. (Also, does anyone know if there is a command line to change volume levels?)

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    Hello everyone,

    I've always wanted a new type of dungeon keeper to come out, and being that it's kind of lost in the evilness that is ea, I doubt I will ever see it come to fruition. Either way though, I'd like to try my hand at remaking it in SC2. Pretty much I can see everything being possible with my current knowledge, except two things. One, digging and placing walls (one of the spells in DK2 if I recall was to put up a fake wall), and two, claiming land. The adding experience and such for training rooms, doing research, levels, etc, should be fairly easy I would think. Just the walls and claiming land would be the issue.

    Any ideas on either one? I've not messed with terrain modification at all, so this would be quite useful to know.

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    Well, I'm working on this map for my idea (below) and I'm wanting to know if anything looks wrong or congested. It's a 1v1, and not intended for massively long games, but is intended for some fun ones. Red lines are line of sight blockers, and blue things are ramps. http://calibermengsk.com/starcraft/maps/SC2-Advanced.png

    So I had this idea a while ago, why not benefit from the levels for individual units? Why not make it where all units have a health regen (really slow) and make it to where you get to heal faster with a higher level? Or attacks stronger based on kills?

    Effectively this would be a massive realtime RPG. Could create an interesting element to a standard game. Just an idea.

    Let me know what you guys think. I'm gonna work on the map as a 1v1 anyway, but I'd still like to know if you like the idea of the RPG stuff.

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    I have an idea, and may be hard to do, but I think I'm going to try it... if I can figure out how to do what I want. There was a game a long time ago called dungeon keeper (and dungeon keeper 2 as well) where each unit had it's own level and stats. You could only sort of tell your units what to do, and not precisely control them in battle. I propose to make a "Advanced" starcraft. You know those "titles" given to units after so many kills? Why not make that into a leveling system where you get 1 more attack per level, and if your marine that's got 20 kills has been healed 17 times, why not make his health higher? Pretty much it'd be an RPG with much larger number of people in your party.

    Besides the rpg like stats, and few extra upgrades, it'd play the exact same as standard starcraft 2. Anyway, here are the notes I made on it:


    Starcraft Advanced Battle


    • Attack strength based on kills
    • Health based on heal (20 hp heal = +1 max hp)
    • Custom hero unit (Bring unit from match to match with stats intact)


    • Sheild battery, heals sheilds just like SC1 Has the following 2 upgrades
    • shields replenish in pylon field in or out of battle Possible Name: Advanced Shield Regeneration (upgrade)
    • Regen health slowly when sheild charged in pylon field Possible Name: Void Regeneration (upgrade after above upgrade)


    • Faster regen on health (upgrade)


    • Non-mech units heal slowly (around zerg regen speed) (upgrade)

    Possible Features

    • Training Pit for leveling to a certain point only so many units in training pits
    • Hero builder map or something to make custom units
    • Unit builder map for custom made units (IE: Warzone 2100) Maybe in game, maybe not. Depends on demand
    • Leveling with units out of training pit to continue past the limit (Attack your own units. Go to far, and they kill each other)


    LET ME KNOW if you like or dislike the idea. If a lot of people think it's a good idea, it's worth making otherwise, it may not be worth the effort. I'm going to go ahead and start on it to see if I can figure any of it out anyway. Heck, :P Give some name suggestions for the upgrades. I'd really like to do the hero unit that follows you from level to level.

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    Finished my newest level. It's a 2v2 I call Scarred Confine. Let me know what you guys think!

    (Click to enlarge)

    A 2v2 Melee and Free For All map. This map contains many expansions including a shared one in the middle of the top and bottom of the map. There should be plenty of space and minerals on this map for any of the races.

    Here are some more screen shots:

    Get it at SC2Mapster or from on the blizzard servers.

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    Sorry bringing up such an old post, but I've noticed that this map is showing up really high in the popularity of the US blizzard server if you click the join game and filter it to melee and 1v1. Is that just on my pc? (It's in the top 10 if you don't count blizzard maps, It was on the third show more for me when I last checked.)

    I'd really like to know if it is actually getting that much popularity, or if it's just showing that way to me for some reason. Has anyone that's reading this played it? Did you have fun with it? Do you have any replays you'd like to share, cause I'd really like to see some if they were even semi-good games. ^_^

    O-o Sorry again for brining up the old post. I'm just excited that people may actually be liking my map.

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