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    Hello there,

    i want to recreate a Zerebrat and give him some abilities to keep the swarm as one.

    So he will be more a passive unit lying in the sun the whole day, only for collecting some energy and showing off his power over a long distance while he is in his safe swarmcluster. I want to take Overlords have a very important role here, as they are his direct minions.

    The two abilities i currently working on are the "Swarm-Unit" and the "Presence of Will".

    First one: Swarm-Unit is an ability that should have a differnt energy cost depending on its target. It will work a little like the neuralparasit of the infestor, but there is no tendril and no channeling is needed. It can only target zerg units and only within a range of 10... but off any overlord. So it doesn't count where the Zerebrat be, cause Overlords are the key-unit. Also the brainwashed unit costs food for the player and the Zerebrat must have 75*foodcosts of the target as energy to be sucessful.

    So far my biggest problem here is the thing with the range of the overlords or the way how i can check if the target is in range of an overlord(controlled by you of course). I found nothing that was helpful so far. Maybe you know a solution, but i don't want to use some trigger! Maybe you also know how i can do that the range of this ability is shown ingame while i'm able to select a target. Hmmm... and okay i haven't tried anything about the food-thing yet, but soon i will. What above is biggest problem.

    Second: Presence of Will is a passiv ability that only adds 2 supply or food to each of your overlords. So each overlord gets 10 food. I tried to make an ability based on "effect - target" and choose overlords for the only possible target.... but somehow only the Zerebrat gets 2 additional supply and all overlords doesn't care about the ability... but maybe i can solve it by making it an upgrade and not an ability. Will try it soon.

    So, that's it for now. Doesn't seem to be much but it costs me some neurocytes... I have looked at the datatypes effect, checkfactors (it's Pr├╝ffaktoren in germany but i don't know how they named in english) and the behaviour. I didn't find a function that can "check" the distance between an Overlord and a target anywhere. And maybe i also want to add the Overseer as reference.

    I hope you aren't to busy and annoyed by the load of questions of people who aren't skilled mappers.

    Thanks a lot and have a nice day.

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    @vjeux: Go

    Do you know that there was somebody who had played Tetris with Supply Depots ingame ( without a mod )? Some people got to much time i think, but it's looking quite cool.

    Maybe there will be later also a mod to play Tetris with depots.


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