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    posted a message on NASA-Inspired Map Series: Lunar Harvest
    Quote from mnadeau1992: Go

    AND as you are on a moon, I HIGHLY suggest you to have a day/night cycle which influence gameplay. As the temperature of a moon is incredibly cold at night and hot at days, water deposite could be inomperable at night. Unit could also be slower at night and have decreased sight+weapon range.

    The moon is tidally locked with the earth, which means that the same side is always facing the earth, which means that it takes a whole rotation around the earth for a lunar "day" to occur IE. "Days" on the moon are a month long.

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    posted a message on Move unit only once ability. (Deploy)

    @Hookah604: Go

    Try setting its movement speed to 0

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    posted a message on FleetMod - Fast Paced Fleet Conversion

    Something that I've been working on the past few days, planning things out and such, did some actual work and thought i'd make a thread and get some feedback.

    Basically, It's another Space/Fleet Mod, but unlike most I've seen, i'm going to try and make it so games are the length of a standard Starcraft game (10-20mins), not hour + games. I'll try and make it simple enough to learn, but have some depth to strategies and such.

    But the most important thing - I'm going to try and document/tutorialise/upload to the asset section as much of the Data Editor Elements as i can, for the sake of contributing knowledge so people can adapt things in different ways. The data editor is really amazing, a lot of current mods do thing like "IMA MAKE A GRENADE WITH EXPLOSIONS THAT LOOK LIKE A HEART", but the Data Editor has ALOT more potential than flashy spell effects, and I want to try to learn and showcase as much as i can.

    Anyway, here are the mod details.

    Planning for 2-3 Races, only 1 has been fleshed out in any sort of detail at all, and is what i'll focus on for the moment.

    The Map currently is simple enough, it's a solar system, no planets, just asteroids and a central star, later on Planets and an actual astronomically correct randomly generated map will be in the cards, but now I'm focusing on the data side of things.


    Setting Wise, is probably going to be 200ish years in the future, Humanity has expanded all over the Sol System, and have discovered a way to fairly easily, but expensively, travel FTL style to a nearby solar system deemed to be rich in natural resources. Corrupt Governments run by Corporations, Rival Planets (Terra (Earth) vs Mars, ala Total Recall), or something, and of coarse Space Rebels and other junk like that. Pretty much a mashup of alot of non-alien based scifi.

    The first race that I'm working on is the United Terra Mining Corporation, or UTMC. They are your typical space tycoon evil corporation ala Wayland Yutani in Alien(s) or the whole Human Contingent in Avatar. They went the sector for it's natural resources, have almost unlimited pull over the entire Earth Military due to their dominance of resources in the Sol System, and they're looking to maintain this stranglehold.

    Primary Resource: Minerals (May be changed, but yeah) UTMC is a for profit based organisation in the most extreme sense, they have no quarms with abandoning a colony/detachment if it means a loss of profits, conversely, it means they will do anything to keep a proftiable operation running. Minerals aren't used to "build" ships as much, but are sent back to our solar system to be sold for profit, the more you send back, the more firepower the UTMC command will be willing to send to aid you.

    "Structures" (All Structures can move, as it's in space, but this usually means bigger ships, not combat orientated).

    "Boomtown" Class ALC (Administration and Logistics Command) Vessel - ALC for Short. Center of UTMC activity in the sector, your "Town Hall", Hatchery Like, all Ships are "Requisitioned" from the ALC, Special Racial Abilities will also be used from this structure. Can move, but is slow, has some limited defense capabilities that protect it from raids from smaller ships, but won't stand up against a direct assault alone.

    FTL Beacon Acts as a Beacon for Requisitioned UTMC Ships to drop out of FTL in the system. Think Warp Gate + Pylons. Also provides "Supply", as the Beacons allow the UTMC to maintain a stronger presence in the system. Beacons + ALC will basically Merge the Hatchery and the Warp Gate, you'll have a limited amount of Requisition on your ALC, and you'll be able to spend it to FTL in Ships anywhere where you have a Beacon.

    "Nostromo" Class Mining Ship

    Think A Carrier. That Shoots SCVs instead of Interceptors. That mine Asteroids. And bring the Minerals back to the Carrier. This is basically your "Harvester" unit, all you need to do if find an area rich in resources (asteroids), plant the mining ship there, and work will commence. The ship itself has some defenses, but the Mining Drones can stray pretty far from the ship (20 Game Range) before leashing back, so raids on Drones will be possible and encouraged :D

    I've actually already implemented this in game, it works almost exactly how i want it to, and I'm going to post up a Tutorial on how i did it, not because its a common request, more that I think it shows an interesting combination of how Units/Effects/Abilties and Actors can combined to make something unique.

    Mining Ship

    "Static" Defence Haven't thought of a name, but this will be a Spine Crawler type structure that is able to pack and up and move to another location, and then redeploy. They'll have some fairly decent weaponry, including a Railgun for targetting Larger Ships, and Standard Turrets for targetting smaller ships. They'll be expensive, but will be able to hold down a position fairly well. Will be useful for defending mining ships, and even setting them up in asteroid rich areas you expect your opponent to mine from, to decimate their drones or even take down their Mining Ships.


    The exact ships themselves havn't been fleshed out, but they'll follow the following pattern (Space Navy!).

    Tier 1 CAP - Combat Air Patrol, will be a squad of small fighters, useful for raids, can be upgraded with some abilities to target larger ships. Think Zerglings in space! Corvette - Small Warship, makes up the main bulk of your force. Your Marine of the Sky, Destroyer - Slightly Larger, Destroyers will be effective against larger ships.

    Tier 2 Cruiser - Specialist Utility Craft, used for Defense and solo operations, but they can be used in a larger battles. (Think Ghost, Sentry) Battlecruiser - Fast, Hard Hitting addition to a Fleet. Think of a Marauder Battleship - Big, Tanky, Hard Hitting Ship, does a lot of damage, but will need support. (Think Siege Tank or Colossus)

    Tier 3 Carrier - Has a large contingent of fighters that it is able to deploy to a battle, will share upgrades with the T1 CAP, think well, a Carrier :D Dreadnaught - Ultimate Battleship, decimates other larger ships, weak to fighters, think Immortal.

    Tier 4 Something mega huge, maybe a superweapon. If you get this, you've pretty much won.


    Space Fleet Mod, Fast Pasted, PewPew, Most/All Data Editor Elements will try to be documented and shared so people can learn. Outline of one race. Will try and have a demo out by Mid December, yay :D

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    posted a message on [Video/Map] Haunted Temple, the most intense hide and seek game ever made NOW LIVE!

    @Bounty_98: Go

    Is it published on the SEA server by any chance?

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    posted a message on Units don't die/take damage in water/lava

    @Torrak: Go

    Open up the campaign map and take a look. You can do this by going Open > Campaign, where you'll find a list of all the Campaign maps. You can look and see how it works :)

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    posted a message on Can you beat the Very Hard AI 1vs1? Show me!

    @progammer: Go

    I VR rushed a Zerg Very hard opponent on Lost Temple, just walled/cannoned my ramp with 3-4 cannons and spammed void rays. Zerg didn't tech past roaches so it was an easy win.

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    posted a message on [Contest] Wallpaper - Final Vote

    @Ardnived: Go

    if you click on the name of the author in the poll it'll link to a high res version.

    Also, my name is Pkol not Pkel :P

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    posted a message on [Contest] Wallpaper - Vote 2/3

    whens 3/3?

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    posted a message on Request - Ice Tileset

    I've had this page bookmarked for a while, someone datamined bunch of tilesets.

    You can see they'll (hopefully) be a full ice/snow tileset called Nifliem on release :)

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    posted a message on Baneling Explode Ability

    I haven't tested this, but go into the Baneling - Suicide (Unit Damage) effect, go to the Search Filters field, and turn "Self" to Excluded

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    posted a message on [Contest] Wallpaper

    My Submission, about an hour's worth of work.

    Inspired by

    Attached is the map, the wallpaper, and a shot of the wallpaper in use :D

    EDIT: Found another cool angle on the same map. Are multiple submissions aloud?

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    posted a message on FINAL Version D E A D C R A F T Ep 1

    Terrain Work was awesome, The Camera was ok, but the controls seemed a little weird. A couple of spelling errors kind of ruined the immersion, but overall, very very well done :D Keep at it!

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    posted a message on [Bug, CAbilLearn] ID Pattern??

    @xhatix: Go

    Can second this bug and provide an example if needed. Had me stuck for a good while until Hati told me about this bug.

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    posted a message on Regions in Arrays

    I'm trying to do something similar, had no luck yet though :(

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