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    posted a message on Request "jaina" Master Skin.

    I'm in france,

    so it's not a big deal.

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    posted a message on Request "jaina" Master Skin.

    <<reply 2718936>

    On the contrary,

    I join because, I needed to exract asset. and the tools where behind the inscription wall. and it turned out that they where not good anought for the unconventional use I had in mind. I dropped out.

    Now the the tools (mainly yours) are mature enought. (there are fantastic).

    I never posted because I don't play starcraft, and will never mods. So I can't contribute. don't see the point in posting.

    Now finaly, I decided to bypass the problem, by asking someone who know. i could just have ask, without give the print away.

    Not reliable ? To give a print that will cost me probably 5 euro, then 5 for shipping. for a grand total of 10 euro ?

    Seem pretty cheap to have my very Jaina figurine. (and it's a gift for a friend, the crusader is for me ;))

    @Tya acrade. I don't know how to use M3 files sorry. The files need to be in Obj or Stl.

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    I know that this has been already requested. but I have a twist...

    I have no time nor the knowledge to extract myself the model.

    However what I have is THE 2 BEST desktop 3d printer available: a Formlab and an Atom 2.0.

    I want to have a figurine, what I need is the model to print with as much as possible detail, I know it's possible to transforme bump maps as geometry. best will be .obj or .Stl format

    so here is the deal:

    Provide me with a descent model with the default preview pose

    And I will send you a printed version for your trouble.

    PS : don't ask me to sell one I won't.

    PS: I also would like to have Joanna " basic skin" but with another pose than the preview one.

    thanks for your attention.

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