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    WarCraft III had the World Editor Unlimited. Do we have anything for Sc2? I tried to make an azeroth map, but 65536 cells just flat out isn't enough. You can screw with scale, sure, but you're making HUGE sacrifices if you do that. Such as attention to detail.

    Anyone have anything?

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    posted a message on [Tutorial] How to create custom resource icons and descriptions

    Hi everybody! After a lot of online searching I was unable to find a proper guide on how to modify the resource icons used in your map. It's actually insanely easy!

    To change the icon, simply open the data editor:

    Data editor image

    Open a new tab to the Game UI Data, then type in "icon" in the search bar:

    Game UI data image

    Then edit the paths to your image!

    Game paths

    If you want to edit the description of the resources, open the Text Editor (button just to the right of the Data Editor icon - it's a giant A).

    Type in UI/Resource in the search bar, and edit to your heart's delight!

    Any text in the location "UI/ResourceName#" is what will show up when you hover over the resource icon in-game.

    Happy modding!

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    posted a message on [Blender] How to create an animated coin model for Starcraft 2 with Blender
    Quote from Cacho56: Go

    You have to set the material layers in the right panel, where all the .m3 options are.

    You also have to import the texture in the map, the texture and the model are different things.

    I would show you, but I don't have blender in this pc.

    Do you have skype?

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    posted a message on [Blender] How to create an animated coin model for Starcraft 2 with Blender

    Hey! I created a model in Blender (took about 30 hours) but I'm still kinda new to the program.

    I applied the texture to the model by unwraping the model and moving around various parts in the UV/Image Editor screen, and the model looks fine when I switch the view port to "Texture", however in Render it's completely white (from the lights) and after being imported to Sc2 Editor it's completely black.

    When I export the model with your exporter, no texture goes with it. Just the model.

    How do I apply what I've done in the UV/Image Editor screen to the texture on the model?

    What am I doing wrong? :S

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    posted a message on The Texture Shop (request icons and textures)

    I have access to a full range of Star Trek models in which I plan to use in a map I am trying to develop, however they have NO textures (the textures are lost when the materials are swapped in 3ds Max).

    My request: A full range of textures for various models.

    This undertaking is MASSIVE and would require a fair bit of work, but if you're interested please EMAIL me at

    [email protected]

    I'm a massive Star Trek fan and I want to create a series of games, including galactic conquest and solo 'quest'-type play, almost mimicking STO.

    I have a system in mind that could easily implement MMO-type gameplay into a StarCraft 2 map.

    If you're interested.. hit me up.

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    Wait.. I actually searched for this map on the popularity system. Did you de-publish it? >.>

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    Easy fix.

    Event -> Every 0.01 seconds of game time

    Condition ->

    Action -> Clear all messages

    Though it may create a small bit of lag. Not sure.

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    I'm creating a world domination map, similar to The Alternate Future in WC3.

    I have created a custom unit, named City, and the idea is to attack cities to claim them.

    I've been searching for hours and cannot create a trigger that will change the ownership of a 'City' once it's HP has reached a % or certain amount.

    I would hope to get a trigger that's very general and small, such as "Any unit is attacked" "Comparison: Unit is a City" "Hp reaches (%/amount)" "Change ownership of (Triggering Unit) to (Owner of (Attacking Unit))"

    Or something along that line.

    I've been having no success. Any help?

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