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    posted a message on How to use the Spear of Adun in Multiplayer Maps?

    Open the Allied Commander mod from blizzard. I think it contains everything you need :)

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    Hey Chris,

    was hard to me to login, cause was inactive long time, but finally got it xD

    To calculate the Current APM you would do a similar action:

    int counter++ for every action.
    Current APM : Counter * 60;

    After a second, you would wipe the complete counter to 0.

    But that could lead to some high leaps inside the value.

    So want you could also do is:

    Event: User does something


    and another trigger would calculate the current APM simply by Counter * 60.

    Best regards

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    posted a message on WoW Model-Pack Requests

    It would be nice, if someone can extract me; Algalon the Observer, Collapsing Star, Living Constellation, Dark Matter All are from the Algalon the Observer Fight from Ulduar. And, if it possible, maybe the complete Spellanimations from : Ascend to the Heavens, Cosmic Smash, Big Bang, Black Hole, Arcane Barrage And from the Intro-Sequence(if its a m3 Data)

    Thank you :)

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    posted a message on Starcraft II Dependencies error

    Yeah but its Not an Solution with the reloading of THe dependencies...

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    posted a message on Starcraft II Dependencies error

    Hmm its interesting :) I thought I'm the only one with this problem :) If I have an map, which uses 2 or more battle.net dependencies, it always loads the 1.(after logging in), but the 2. can't be loaded :( And yeah, a mod with Battle.net AND ALSO Local Files, I don't get it too^^

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    nice work guy :) at first i thought: it is a map from a final fantasy game :) but yeah :) nice^^

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    @Moooyaah: Go

    i know what you mean with the selection system :)

    but actually its not so easy to implement the system you mean :)

    I hope with the release of sc2 new functions will be implemented, so I can make it much easier und better :)

    I also will think about your idea of the grouping system :)

    ty for your support!

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    @PigsEatBacon: Go

    hmm its a good idea with the tutorial, 'cause i think its very hard to understand it without have a tutorial :) also I will maybe create a leaderboard and hmm your difficulty(i think you mean for the AI right?)

    @SquarelyCircle: Go

    i will release a version as soon as possible :) I will tell you in this thread, if i have done it :)

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    yeah its like the flashgame civilizations wars :)

    Quote from progammer: Go

    @God_Deathwing: Go

    Look exactly like a flash game ( possibly with the same name) on amorgames :D . Anyway, good work. The huge overhead camera zoom out feels kind of odd though. How about scaling down unit instead and put the cam slightly angled ?

    its actually possible to rotate the camera by holding the right mouse button down, maybe i will create a zoom in/out function, too :)

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    posted a message on Civilization Wars

    Hey guys,

    I want to present you my new map project:
    Civilization Wars

    Civilization Wars is a fast thinking game.
    In this game you have atleast one starting building, with mostly 100 Units.
    Each time you give the building an order to send out troops, to a other building, it will send the half(if it have 100, 50 will remain and 50 will attack)
    The game has 3 different buildingtypes:

    “Building” – A Building produces troops as long it is under the command of a player and it has not reached the buildings maximum amount

    “Wellspring” – A Wellspring makes units, which has been sent, faster(speed * 2) and it produces energy, the amount of produced energy depends on the amount of units inside the wellspring

    “Tower” – A Tower shoots on every unit of your enemy, within the towers range. 1 Shot = 1 Kill, the speed of the tower depends on the amount of units inside the tower. Also a tower makes units, which has been sent, stronger(attack*2) and the defense of defending units(defense *2)

    Every buildingtyp has 5 sizes(tiny=1,small=2,normal=3,large=4,giant=5).
    the size is responsible for the maximum amount inside the building/wellspring/tower.
    For buildings/wellsprings counts the following formula:

    20 * Size

    For towers:

    10 * Size

    You can choose between 3 different civilizations (Zerg, Terran, Protoss)
    Each civilization is different in his attributes, the attributes are:
    -attack(how many damage a unit makes)
    -defense(how many damage a building with a unit blocks)
    -speed(how many movementspeed the units have)
    -agility(how fast units will spawn inside buildings)
    -starting energy(selfexplaining^^)

    Also you have 10 unique abilities.
    Some of them are damaging abilites, some are supporting abilities(each ability has 15 seconds cooldown)
    2 examples:
    Shock Wave – Kills 5 units of enemy troops around one of your buildings, within a radius of 2
    Protection – Creates an magical shield around one of your buildings. It absorbs 10 units. A building can only have 1 shield.

    The map is splitted into 25 battlegrounds, each battleground reprents 1 game(or one match of a eventually tournament mode^^)
    You can play this map:
    FFA – 1on1
    FFA – 1on1on1
    FFA – 1on1on1on1
    Team – 2on2
    (all are supporting AI! If you look the video – in the whole video was fighted against AI!)

    What I must to do now?
    -Complete the battlegrounds (actually only 5 of 25 battlegrounds are available)
    -Integration of the leveling system(you can increase your civilizations attributes or the effect of abilities) COMPLETED
    -Integration of maybe a tournament mode or something else^^)

    Now, here you can take a little look:
    Embed Removed: http://www.youtube.com/v/pZvpKfx7W5k&hl=de_DE&fs=1&color1=0x5d1719&color2=0xcd311b&border=1

    If you want to give me some hints to improve it or ideas, etc. write it!
    And : Do you love the map idea or not? XD


    P.S.: At the 1.7.2010 I will join the army, so the time i can spend on this project will be less then yet, but I grant you all, that with the release of sc2 this map would be completed^^

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    posted a message on Outpost Cerberus

    Outpost Cerberus

    Outpost Cerberus is an outpost-defense map, where you can select between a shooter mode and a normal game mode. You can select one of 4 classes and you can have over 50 talents, which you can improve to get ultimate zerg…äh bugcrusher!

    The Plot:
    During the bloody conflict between the United Citizens’ Federation and the bugs it was succeeded, by the 52. infantry battalion, to build a Outpost against the bugs on the planet Shenthu. The aim of this mission was clear. It should be found and destroyed the planetary defensive measures of the bugs, so the federal fleet can start a bombing and rescue operation. But General Ernest O Keefe disregarded the Outpost. He took the half of the battalion and started the offensive. After 12 days every contact to General Ernest O Keefe and his mens was lost. Now the bugs are planning an invasion of Outpost Cerberus… The struggle for survival has began.


    ->a funny map for up to 6 players

    ->4 attributes and many special abilities

    ->a inventory and equipment system for weapons, armors, granades, et cetera

    ->to take control of vehicles , which are based on your heroes lvl,attributes

    ->quests to improve the outposts defense or to manipulate the bugs

    ->a selection between a shooter based mode and the normal sc2 mode

    ->3 epic talenttrees with above 50 talents

    ->and much much more

    Embed Removed: http://www.youtube.com/v/QepBe6uIvoI&hl=de_DE&fs=1&

    Actually i have some problems, cause my graphics card is yeah…death and so i cant really work on it and the 2nd problem is, that – i have seen it at the first beta phase – the using of WASD,etc. makes the game online unplayable….

    So I can’t really work on it(its actually over 1 month ago, that i have worked on it .) but I will work on it , to finish it!

    and yeah i know, the interface is acutally not the best, its only for testing :)


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