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    I'm Eclipse, a german space-engineer student doing his bachelorthesis at a german Institute for Rocket Propulsions.
    I hope I got your attention now becouse I'm looking for a companion who is good in arcade maps and would like to to team up for the 10000$ RTC 2017 contest (Announcement by Blizzard)

    Since 2015 I'm creating 1on1 melee maps. It hasn't been a long period of time but I quickly understood how to create solid, fun and balanced maps. I tested them with good players like TLO or DIMAGA and other GMs and high masters and consistently improved my maps and got a lot of postive feedback from them. I will also submit my maps for the next Team Liquid Map Contest
    Unfortunately in the year 2015 my mapping skills were not developed enough to acomplish to have my map in the top 15 of the last Team Liquid Map Contest but it has been a while since then and I will promise that I wont disappoint you. I will have enough time to spare between my studies. So if you want to work togheter with an under the radar but talented map maker, I'm your choice!


    My Maps:


    I'm looking for someone who is experienced with scripting in the programming language inside the Galaxy Editor. Like creating triggers with locations. Let the Ai build units and move them around the map. create new buildable structures and units.  I know there are more and even greater things you can do with the editor. If you think you are experienced enough to compete with the best arcade mapmakers and show an example of your work we could immediately start and try to work togheter and manifest our own genius Co-Op Mission.


    Gl & Hf,


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